Zmey Kolbasnik is an AGK parodist. An 8-year old Zmey Kolbasnik started to make his first parody in August 2014 using Windows Live Movie Maker, being influenced by OfficerPoop247. I (Zmey himself) was only beggining to learn english, so the grammar ended up being poor. The 2nd episode was created the same month, but it was not good because it barely had subtitles, and stolen footage from OfficerPoop247.

The 3rd episode was created on late September/Early october 2014, and was inspired by OfficerPoop247 again. All of them had grammar mistakes. (e.g Start playing of the NFS Undeground 2!)

The 4th episode was influenced by a Grounded video ( i used to love them in 2014)

The 5th episode's development started in November 2014 and ended on December 2014. It was the first episode of my AGK series to be influenced by AGK82.

The final (yet) episode of the series was "AGK kills his dad".

He also mades the first AJK parody.

Cancelled episodes

AGK gets expelled (Inspired by Videoman1443)

AGK tries to catch the easter bunny (Inspired by MichaelsiCast)

AGK goes camping

AGK's Christmas Carol (inspired by PVMAGKVIDEOS and AGK82)

AGK runs away (Inspired by Atarster)

(Most of them had "animation" for AGK made in GoAnimate)

AGK and the New school 

AGK goes to Kazakhstan (inspired by Videoman1443)

AGK goes to Jail (inspired by Videoman1443)

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