1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistZertyTV is a YouTuber who is known for YouTube Poops, Sparta remixes, and more.

He started making AGK videos on January 15th, 2016. But he gave up and came back into AGK on October 12th.

He makes AGK videos at random times, so that means he doesn't work on AGK as much as he does on other animations and Sparta Remixes. For the moment, his AGK series is on hiatus becaise he is working on a movie called "Reimagined".



Episodes in italic means they are upcoming.

Episodes in bold they are being worked on.

  1. AGK plays Mario.exe
  2. AGK makes a Sparta Remix
  3. AGK meets Zerty
  4. AGK's Nightmare
  5. AGK VS Mario.exe
  6. AGK plays Super Mario World -  I HATE YOU
  7. AGK watches Hunter's World Gaming Part 1/3
  8. AGK watches Hunter's World Gaming Part 2/3
  9. AGK watches Hunter's World Gaming Part 3/3
  10. AGK retries at making a Sparta Remix
  11. AGK goes to 2007