“Roblox is Awesome & Everyday we Lit Y'all!!”
Steven the Dragon Slayer

Steven the Dragon Slayer is a Roblox Player & Upcoming AGK Maker who Makes Roblox Gaming & AGK Videos. 

He Started Making User Videos on the Way back When he Start his Channel.

He Started to Deleted User Videos on December 15, 2016.



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Steven the Dragon Slayer

*Cohen - One of Leopold's Best Friends.
  • Cloud Strife - Cohen's Favorite Video Game Character.
  • Pit - Friends with Leopold, Cohen. Audrey, Gabrielle, & Cloud Strife.
  • Zen - Cohen's Favorite Persona Q Character.


  • Mary Slikk - AGK's Mom.
  • Nick Wang - AGK's Neighbor.
  • Jake Randolf - One of Leopold's Friends.
  • Barry Slikk - AGK's Grandpa.
  • Flowey.exe - The demonic flower.
  • Cassie the Fox - One of Leopold & Audrey's Friends.
  • Litten - One of Cohen's Favorite Fire-Type Pokemon.
  • Taymaster - One of Cohen's Favorite Murder Creator on Roblox.
  • Sephiroth - One of Leopold's Antagonists.
  • Jade the Rabbit - One of Leopold & Jake's Friends.
  • Cammie
  • Guest 1337 - The Retarded Guest Hacker.
  • Adolf Hitler - Leopold's Worst Enemy.
  • Harlow Broflovski - The Annoying 14 year old Restroom Brusher.


  • Haruko Haruhara - One of Cohen's Favorite Fooly Cooly Character
  • Jessi Slaughter - The Retarded Internet Girl
  • Gene Leonhardt - Jessi Slaughter's Angry Dad
  • Matt
  • Inez
  • Jackie
  • Hacker
  • Barret Wallace


Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes in progress are in bold.
Season 1
  1. AGK Plays Undertale
  2. AGK Goes to Cohen's House
  3. AGK & Cohen VS Barret Wallace
  4. AGK Meets Jake Randolf
  5. AGK Goes to
  6. AGK VS. Jimmy Woodall
  7. AGK Goes on YouTube at School
  8. AGK Watches MLG Videos
  9. AGK Watches Greatest Freakout Ever
  10. AGK's Grandpa
  11. AGK's Babysitter Part 1/2
  12. AGK's Babysitter Part 2/2 (A.K.A. AGK vs. Cammie)
  13. AGK and Prank messages
  14. AGK Meets Kyle Broflovski
  15. AGK Watches Bad & Boujee

More AGK Episodes Coming Soon...


Comparison to Atarster

Atarster Steven the Dragon Slayer
AGK had Pranked his Family in Episode 45. AGK gets Prank Messages from his email.
The Antagonists are Mundus & Arthur.exe. The Antagonists are Flowey.exe, Hitler, Guest 1337, & Sephiroth.
AGK's Grandpa apologized. AGK's Grandpa apologized.
AGK has Never Seen Greatest Freakout Ever. AGK has Seen Greatest Freakout Ever.
AGK had never Played Cat Mario. AGK has Played Cat Mario.
AGK has Watched TV Shows including Ren & Stimpy. AGK has Watched TV Shows including South Park, & Future Diary.
AGK Meets Tailsko & Emerald. AGK Meets Carly.
AGK Has Never Fight Stephen. AGK Fights Stephen Because Jade & Leopold are Freaked out & Scared.
AGK has Never Seen MLG Videos. AGK has Seen MLG Videos.
AGK has Never Seen it. Fransses forgots her homework before getting suspended from school.
AGK has Never got Rickroll'd or Avrilroll'd. AGK has got Avrilroll'd for Getting Prank Messages.

Personal Facts


  • Steven the Dragon Slayer is a fan of FLCL, Blood on The Dance Floor, Devil May Cry, Roblox, Future Diary, South Park, Final Fantasy, Garren Lagann, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts, Undertale, Pokemon, & Persona 4.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer absolutely loves and is a huge fan of Cyberchase.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer is also a fan of Shin Megami Tensei such as Persona, & Devil Survivor.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer's favorite character from other AGK series is Leopold Slikk & Jake Randolf.
  • His favorite video game characters are Cloud Strife, Pit, Dante, Sora & Pikachu.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer likes nice people because they respect to him.
  • He likes to listen South Park theme song & Magnolia by Playboi Carti.
  • his favorite cartoon/anime characters are Kenny McCormick, Yukiteru Amano, Haruko Haruhara, Naota Nandaba, Matt, Inez, Rainbow Dash, & Kamina.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer Likes the Other AGK Makers are, Atarster, & PrinceStickFigure.
  • His Characters are Made in Paint.NET.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer likes Hip Hop Music Becaust It's a Trap!!! xDDD


  • Steven the Dragon Slayer Hates User Videos & UTTP So Much, Because These User Videos Suck.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer does not like Rude Users that who Makes Videos out of Good Users.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer often does not like The Nutshack because this show has inappropriate words.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer often hates GoAnimate.
  • Steven the Dragon Slayer does not like to go on Roblox when it's hacked.

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