Wolfram von Bielefeld

Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld is the youngest son of the former Demon Queen, Cecilie von Spitzweg. He is the only one of the previous queen's three sons who inherited her emerald green eyes, blonde hair and a striking resemblance to her. It's also mentioned that he closely resembles The Original King. Celi says he inherited his selfishness from his father, but he can be very manly and reliable. His handsome appearance is so influential, that dying people in the hospital had miraculous recoveries after laying eyes on him. Wolfram possesses fire magic (a trait from his mother's side of the family), as well as being adept with a sword. He is one of the leading practitioners of fire magic in Shin Makoku. He is the half-brother of Conrad and Gwendal.

Appearance in Angry German Kid Series

Pauladrian360's Angry German kid Series

Wolfram appears in Episode "Leopold in Elysium". He was brainwashed by Satan(Devil Bores) but was saved by Leopold, Captain PS, Ratchet and Megaman Volnutt.


  • Like Kyo Kara Maoh, Wolfram also possessed fire magic.
  • The Dark Wolfram (without his oxygen) was never used.


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