Leopold Slikk

Johnny Fort Spieler



After Johnny turns Barney into Viacom BND of Doom antic monster, he arrives at Johnny's garage and scares both Leopold and Johnny. Then, Barney drops Leopold's HP into 500 and Johnny finishes him by joining Leopold into Overdrive combination attack.

Barney turns into his default form and crying about his strongest form that Johnny gives after being damaged by Overdrive attack. So, Leopold wants Johnny destroy Barney by Spiel-Exploder and when the dynamite wants to explode, Leopold asks if Johnny's house being fully destroyed but he says the dynamite he has to use is small-potential power.

After Barney's death by Spiel-Exploder, Leopold and Johnny are getting their EXP and go to watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Programs Used

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Pro

Wondershare Filmora ver 8.x

Music Used

Darkness of the Unknown (2.5 HD ver.)

Wishing upon Chaos Emeralds

Journey through the Decade

Try Everything


  • This is the last episode that Adrenaline21 has colored background for the objects and characters he inputs.

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