Leopold Slikk

Johnny Fort Spieler



After Barney's HP turns into 95000, Leopold and Johnny are trying to prevent Barney from them until the HP drops into 0.

In the midst of this episode, Barney turns himself into Fake Johnny Fort Spieler and the form just easily destroyed by Leopold's rampage.

When reach into the end of this episode, Barney tries to hug Leopold and Johnny but failed due to they escape first in garage before him and gets jumpscared from the terrace by Johnny's Viacom BND of Doom antic prank (as shown in the 1st episode) then he turns into Viacom BND of Doom that triggers his anger to Leopold and Johnny.

Programs Used

Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Pro

Wondershare Filmora ver 8.x

Music Used

Zero Space (Both 1 and 2)


  • This is the 1st episode that Adrenaline21 uses custom thumbnail when his videos uploaded into YouTube.

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