This is the list of AGK's classmates.

Angela Atias- Angela isn't Leopold's friend, 'cause he stole her 35 dollars.

Ariel Baum- Leopold thinks Ariel is beautiful. But, unfortunately, she doesn't love him.

Zenob Baverelomenazet- Indian boy, who loves Ariel.

Mary Beverly- Leopold ate her sausage eggs in school canteen, when she was in the class.

Harold Ce- Very gat guy. Leopold wrote about Harold he is fat idiot, who is 160 cm tall and weights 280 kg. His real height is 172 cm and weights 130(!) kg.

Gerald Davidson- Gerald beated up Leopold, when he ate Gerald's spaghetti.

Amy Dost- Amy is Leopold's only love. Only thing it's known(except name and surname) is her date of birth (June 30, 1998).

Terry Eggman- Terry hates Mr. Sukmadik, like Leopold. And his voice is the same as Leopold's, but is a little bit deeper.

Marie-Pierre Gregoris- She is lesbian- and that's the only thing it's known.

Manic Hedgehog- Brother of Sonic and Sonia.

Sonic Hedgehog- Brother of Manic and Sonia.

Sonia Hedgehog- Sister of Manic and Sonic. When she made Leopold angry, he said "Go and f*** your brothers!"

Hermann Igel- Hermann is Leopold's friend, but not the best friend.

Jon Johnny- Leopold nearly beated him, but he didn't.

Andrea Masla- Andrea is Leopold's friend. She never had a boyfriend, only Manic, but he didn't love her.

Jerry Ramm*- Jerry was Leopold's enemy.

Jake Randolf- Leopold's best friend and only best friend.

Allyn Rucz- Everybody (except Eve and Veronica) thinks Allyn is a gorilla, 'cause she never was a good girl. Her zodiac sign is Aries (She was born April 14, 1997)

Eve Ulla- Eve is Allyn's and Veronica's friend.

Veronica Williams- Veronica is the friend of Allyn and Eve.

Felicie Zradlova*-This czech student was killed, when Leopold was angry on PC.

  • Jerry Ramm and Felicie Zradlova were killed.

Allyn Rucz.


Veronica with Allyn.

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Ariel (left) with Eve (right).