“I wish this meme was actually more creative and original.”
“I despise people who act with poor atitude towards me.”

UsefulAGKHelper (mostly known as UsefulVideos) is an AGK Maker since 29 January 2016.

He wanted to start his own AGK Series by inspiring some of his Favorite AGK Makers: Atarster, PVMAGKVIDEOS, AGKandvideomaker2000, AngryGermanKid82 etc. But he also is trying to make original stuff good as possible.


Useful's first Youtube Channel

On September 2015, Useful created his first Youtube Channel but he didn't make AGK yet at that time. He started to be an AGK Fan on October 2015 when he decided to watch some AGK parodists like Atarster, Ivan187, Red Bloony, AGKandvideomaker2000,AGK82 and more other parodists.

Inspiration & making his own Series.

He decided to inspire his favorite parodists by trying to make his own series. He decided to make AGK Videos since 29 January 2016 by using Windows Live Movie Maker but his videos were basic and unoriginal because he didn't had any idea about originality.

Camtasia Studio 8

Useful decided to switch from WLMM to Camtasia Studio 8 but not completely because he used WLMM for the credits only, some of his episodes had terrible animation because he didn't know how to animate before.

Sony Vegas Pro 10

Since he made Episode 47 of his series, he switched from Camtasia to Vegas Pro due to too many crashes nonstop but he wasn't used to Vegas Pro due to the different interface, different options, tools, and mostly due to Pan/Crop with he didn't even know how to use it before.

Sony Vegas Pro 11

Useful decided to switch from Vegas 11 to Vegas 10 due to the trial expiration and bugs. He decided to use a keygen(Key Generator) known as Digital Insanity in order to get rid of the trial period. But he wasn't used to Vegas 11 due to the different features that weren't existed on Vegas 10.

Vegas Improvements thanks to AGK Remixes and Sparta Remixes

Here are the improvements how Useful learned how to use Sony Vegas, he started to make Sparta Remixes on May (some of them that were uploaded on his first channel got removed to his account getting closed). Useful first wanted to make AGK Remixes like those Classic 2008 AGK Remixes. He made his first remix and it turned pretty good but the timming was kinda bad.

Adobe Photoshop

He learned how to use adobe Photoshop but he wasn't use to it because of the features being different and complicated compared to ms.paint.

End of Useful's First Channel

26 June 2016 (The date when Useful closed his channel and he created his second channel [This one] at the same day). When Useful made Episode 67, he decided to close his channel due to conflictions with his family.

The Return of his AGK Series

Useful returned to AGK at the same day he closed his first channel.

Useful uploaded episode 1 of his Series and it got very popular than he would though.

He is really happy that his episodes are now getting popular compared to before with just 100 views.

The Big Hiatus

Since October 2016, Useful didn't made any episode yet due to working on another video projects and mor.

The Episodes

The Angry German Kid Parody Series

# Episode Title Release Date Episode Length Watch
1 AGK & Leonard babysits Leorich
2 AGK & Leonard babysits Leorich (Second Sequel)
3 AGK & Leonard babysits Leorich (Third Sequel)

The Angry German Kid Rebooted Series

Minor Friends

  1. The Angry German Kid XD
  2. Cyberpod Mark 2
  3. Bluenewton (Bored Rabbit)
  4. Namtan Ticha (Ticha190)
  5. Kiddo
  6. TheRadioActive


  • Useful is the probably the only AGK Maker from this community who made huge mistakes that actually weren't on purpose.
  • Useful is mostly active in this Wiki for some time periods, he makes good contributions just like KurwaAntics.
  • He sometimes likes to remake others' content.
  • Useful is a another AGK Maker who has a long hiatus. (Similar to Ivan187,Kiddo and Red Bloony and AGKandvideomaker2000)
  • Useful's first channel was closed on the same month like Ivan187.


en-6 This user is able to contribute with a professional level of English.

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