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UsefulVideos, known as UsefulAGKHelper or Alexcata2003, is an AGK Maker since 29 January 2016.

He wanted to start his own AGK Series by inspiring some of his Favorite AGK Makers: Atarster, PVMAGKVIDEOS, AGKandvideomaker2000, Ivan187, AGK82 etc.


  • Leopold Slikk - The main protagonist
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's brother
  • Leorich Slikk - Leopold's little brother
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's mother
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's father
  • Barry Slikk - Leopold's Grandpa
  • Ms. Cherry - Leopold's teacher
  • Mr. Trash - Leopold's principal
  • Ronald - One of Leopold's Friends
  • Jake - Leopold's best friend
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Mugman
  • Principal Diknoz
  • Sailor Moon
  • Ratchet
  • Dante
  • Kate
  • Ren
  • Stimpy
  • Angry German Kid.exe
  • Dark Leopold
  • Sonic.exe
  • Noah - Atarster's Mascot (Maybe)


  1. AGK & Leonard babysits Leorich (Part 1)
  2. AGK & Leonard babysits Leorich (Part 2)
  3. AGK & Leonard babysits Leorich (Part 3)


  1. UsefulVideos needs to take a break from AGK for private reasons.


  1. MilesTheCreator (The Angry German Kid XD)
  2. Cyberpod Mark 2
  3. Bluenewton (Bored Rabbit)
  4. Namtan Ticha (Ticha190)
  5. Kiddo
  6. TheRadioActive

and more nice people...

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