Unreal Tournament is a game that Leopold likes. It was the game used in the Angry German Kid video that Leopold yelled and cried at. He likes UT4, UT3, UT99 Unreal Tournaments. Leopold is good at the game but when AGK was made, he was kinda bad. At the beginning of every episode of every AGK series, Leopold plays Unreal Tournament.

Mispronunciations for Multilingual Speech Engines

  • Lernout and Hauspie Portuguese: Oonreahl Touhohnamentchee
  • Lernout and Hauspie Dutch: Unreahl Tournohment
  • Lernout and Hauspie French: Aanreahl Tournahmon
  • Lernout and Hauspie German: Oonrayahl Tournahment
  • Lernout and Hauspie Italian: Oonreahl Tournahment
  • Lernout and Hauspie Spanish: Oonrayahl Tournahment
  • Lernout and Hauspie Poland: Anrial Turnament

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