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The unique Ideas refers to a new list of unknown original and unique ideas (like new scenes, character's new behavior style,). These new unique ideas make AGK parodies more entertaining and enjoyable, and most users would think that you are an original parodist. Making your own ideas or remaking an old idea with better, different plots and storyline leads to originality. Using/copying the same things from ideas such as plots and storylines, leads to unoriginality.

People should to use their creativity to make parodies about what AGK is going to do, such as playing underrated games, watching new videos, going to new places, or fighting with new enemies.

There are new situations that didn't happened to Leopold yet but these new actions, scenes, ideas and storylines are logical and make sense, these ideas are considered unique.

  • Purple means that the following idea is completely unique, never used before and it's fine for parodists to use as long as it's not getting unoriginal.
  • Brown means that the following idea was used to be unique and original but it got unoriginal.


You are NOT forced nor obligated to use these unique ideas, these ideas are just recommendation tips in order to avoid unoriginality, you can ignore those ideas but it doesn't make AGK good as it supposed to be. Let's remember, using different, ideas, plots, scenes and storylines leads to originality.

List of Unique Ideas

With that being said, here is a list of many unknown but unique ideas that weren't used in AGK parodies.

Different behavior style

  1. Leopold sometimes will think carefully before doing a wrong action.
  2. Leopold complains about I Hate Everything.
  3. Leopold acts like a total Unreal Tournament fanboy
  4. Leopold is smart on how to use the computer

Unique school ideas

  1. Leopold finds out that someone stole his school bag for stupid reasons.
  2. Leopold wants steals a schoolmate's school bag.
  3. Leopold goes against a school rule that affects him or the entire school

Underrated games

  1. Leopold plays Chicken Invaders 1,2,3,4 or 5.
  2. Leopold plays an underrated game (Something like Einhander, Tomba (Or Tombi in europe), DJ boy, etc)

Unoriginal ideas (with different style, plots/scenes)

  1. Leopold and Jake are going to Mc Donald's to order some hamburgers and some lemon juice. After they are ordered their food and juices, Leopold and Jake are gonna start to talk about their food is tasty and about their other conversation.
  2. If Leopold doesn't get the food he wants in a restaurant, he will understand that there is no food on the restaurant and he will try to order something else that is on the restaurant.
  3. Leopold fights someone but instead of an RPG styled battle, another style resembling a videogame or a more energetic and intense fight.

New technical uses

  1. Making AGK Parodies in 2K or 4K quality.
  2. Make your own music for your own AGK Intro. (Use FL Studio to do that)
  3. Leopold speaks English but not German.
  4. The use of random sound effects to reflect reactions, situations and (Cartoony) violence.
  5. Episodes with a (less) simple or more complex plot be longer of 6 or 10 minutes (This helps to expand the story even further)
  6. The inclusion of a storyline that could take up 2 or 3 episodes or an entire season/volume.
  7. Using 3D track motion to make 3d backgrounds in Sony Vegas for AGK Episodes. (This looks really cool but it's pretty hard to do it)

Other unique stuff

  1. Leopold's computer speakers got broken.
  2. Leopold is trying to watch some TV but he can't watch on silence because of the Loud Music playing from Leonard's PC.
  3. Leopold doing something wrong like blowing his school or beating someone...only that Karma bites him one way or another (Meaning he doesn't get away with his awful behaviour or crime and his punishment is small or bigger)
  4. The exageration of certain elements that can be found on episodes (Stories, Jokes and Cliches)
  5. Some episodes can focus on other characters.
  6. Some characters have backstories
  7. The series has a storyline in it. (This one makes the series more interesting)
  8. Leopold goes to something for either summer or winter vacation with his family.
  9. Leopold goes World Tour with his crew.

Have unique ideas which aren't on the list above? Leave a suggestion below in the comments, or edit this page.