Here are the resources for making your AGK parodies.

Video Editors

Top professional (Excerpt; Source)
# Name Platform Link
1 Adobe Premiere Pro Windows, Mac
2 Final Cut Pro X Mac
3 Media Composer Windows, Mac
4 Director Suite Windows
5 Vegas Pro Windows
Top consumer-level (Excerpt; Source)
# Name Platform Link
1 CyberLink PowerDirector Windows
2 MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Windows
3 Corel VideoStudio Pro Windows
4 Adobe Premiere Elements Windows, Mac
5 Pinnacle Studio Windows, iOS
Top Linux
# Name Link
1 OpenShot
2 KDEnlive
3 Pitivi

Virtual Machines

# Name Platform Free Link
1 VirtualBox Windows, Mac, Linux Yes
2 VMWare player Windows Yes
3 Parallels Mac No
4 VMWare Workstation Windows No


Angry German Kid

Downfall Parodies


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