These are face expressions and sprites used by some AGK parodists like Atarster, Strongproblems, BradTheCoolGuy, TheAGKGenerations2000, AGKMisadventures, xX_JessicatheMLGfan_Xx and UsefuAGKHelper. You can use these sprites for your series, too. Feel free to use them.

Editing Rules:

  1. The people who don't know how to edit correctly, do not mess up this page ever again. (unless if you want to update/change the design).
  2. You are NOT allowed to replace/remove owner's content from this page.(unless if you try to fix the content)
  3. You are ONLY allowed to remake the content with another identical one that has better quality/details or it's remastered.

Breaking one or all these rules may result to be blocked (Grounded) for 2/3 days.

Eyes Expressions:

Old Eyes Expressions

New Eyes Expressions


Old Eyebrow Expressions

New Eyebrow Expressions


Old Mouth Expressions

New Mouth Expressions

Eye Pupils:

Old Pupils

New Pupils

No good face expressions around here? Try to make your own face expressions and upload them here.

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