“Greetings to all you angels out there, my name's Travrinity.”
―Travrinity's intro
“We live in a world where we don't understand the consequences of pride and greed. We steal man's idea and re-design it as our own. Being original made man more successful than others. Without this, we enter a war on creation.”
―Travrinity on originality

Traver Adam Vincent, known as  (Born on March 31 2000) is a gaming channel and upcoming AGK parodist who mainly focuses on horror, indie, Role playing, shooting, and other types of video games. In the future, he'll think of doing AGK parodies once he truly masters the skill of making anime.


Slikk Family

  • Leopold Andreas Slikk - A 15 year old teenage boy. He is the main protagonist in the series
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's 53 year old hard working father. He abuses his son for certain reasons.
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's 51 year old mother. She uses a voice translating device because her voice sounded like a chipmunk.
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's 10 year old younger brother. Leonard is usually nice to Leopold, but sometimes gets him and himself in trouble.
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's 18 year old older brother.


  • Jakub Jarosław Randolf - Mostly known as Jake. He is a 15 year old gunsmith and one of Leopold's best friends.
  • Ronald Ramirez - A 17 year old dominican who acts like Leopold.
  • Kaeru Otoko - A 24 year old adult who moved from Japan to live in Leopold's city. He is mostly calm when around others. He is another friend of Leopold.
  • Steve the Cat - 19 year old anthromorphic cat from PrinceStickFigure. He has been Traver's friend for a long time. He also has a girlfriend named Jade Hopper.
  • Jade the Rabbit - 18 year old anthromorphic bunny from PrinceStickfigure. She is Steve's fiancee.

Prower Family

  • Tailsko - A 15 year old female anthrofied version of Tails. She is Leopold's girlfriend.
  • Timothy Thompson - Tailsko's 48-year old hardworking father. He's less abusive than Harold and considers him as a good friend.
  • Rosemary Prower - Tailsko's 48-year old mother. She cares so much about Leopold being her daughter's boyfriend.
  • Felix Thompson - Tailsko's 8-year old brother
  • Tom Thompson - Tailsko's older genius brother who's smarter than his counterpart, Leonidas
  • Milo - Tailsko's 10-year old brother
  • Emerald Miyamoto - Tailsko's 17-year old sister
  • Vanessa Knoxx - Tailsko's 23-year old sister

The Downfall bunker

  • Adolf Hitler - A 56 year old former nazi and enemy of Leopold. He sometimes helps Leopold, but still remain as foes.
  • Hermann Fegelein - 38 year old master of antics, vice president of Germany, and Hitler's annoying rival
  • Alfred Jodl - 56 year old German commander who makes countless amounts of objections for no reason
  • Hans Krebs - 47 year old General of Infantry. His favorite dish is most likely seafood.
  • Wilhem Keitel - 62 year old serious German field marshal and chief of the Armed Forces' Supreme Command
  • Wilhelm Burgdorf - 50 year old drunk German Officer
  • Otto Günsche - 28 year old informer of Hitler. He is the youngest and tallest member of the Waffen SS
  • Joseph Goebbels - 48 year old doctor and Reich Minister of Propaganda

The Caro-Legion

  • Traver Adam Vincent - The director and protagonist of 's AGK series.
  • Alex Park - A 17 year old retired american AGK parodist. He is a soldier and friend of Traver.
  • Noah Riegel - A 19 year old american AGK parodist. He is one of Leopold and Traver's best friends.
  • Fabrice Laroche - 16 year old french AGK parodist. He is another friend of Leopold and assistant of Tailsko. He's also great buds with Traver.
  • Calvin Ponleu - A talking red balloon with abnormal strength. He along with others are the assistants.
  • Namtan Ticha - Young Jewish martial arts expert fighting alongside the team
  • Connor Marini - 16 year old Catalan who has voiced the most common characters (news anchors, managers, etc.)
  • Hanz Fukui - Asian German spy working to gather information on any suspicious cases from neo-nazis
  • Shoji Kurimatsu - A scientist/security agent who works on research of life and takes full responsibility on protecting the tower without any major concern

School Faculty

  • Principal Winckel - A confident 49 year old principal of MUHSD. He sometimes suspend students for silly reasons.
  • Mr. Diknoz - Instead of principal, he is an English teacher.
  • Ms. Sukscox - 39 year old History teacher
  • Mr. Richard - 35 year old Science teacher
  • Mr. Takahashi - 42 year old Math teacher

Other characters


Main antagonists

  • Darkiplier - The main antagonist of the storyline

Minor antagonists


Note: Episodes with W.I.P. are being worked in progress. Episodes with green text are completed.
Season 1
# Title Description Watch
1 AGK - The Beginning The first episode of the series

The episode starts off with narrating and introducing the characters involved throughout the series

There are many voice actors I will not reveal for this one

2 AGK and the new student A foreign student moved into Leopold's country. Will he make friends with him?

Thanks to Conchobar for voicing Kaeru

3 AGK meets Traver I join in the series!

While AGK goes on a walk, he stumbles across a Youtuber named

4 AGK vs Corrupted Rabbit Leopold hears a roar from the backyard and fights mad purple bunnies and a giant monster rabbit

Inspired by British Chap

5 AGK takes the stupid quiz Leopold takes a special and quite strange test that determines his IQ. Will he pass?

Inspired by several Slikkers

6 AGK's report card Leopold got a couple of good grades but notices something bad on his math grade. What did he get?
7 AGK and Jake go downtown After one hard day at school, Leopold and his friend walk down the streets of his city and do some things
8 Traver visits Alex's house A fortress has been built

Traver goes to see his friend Alex to discuss how they can make a living on Earth

9 AGK plays Sonic.exe While surfing the web, Leopold finds a game on Gamejolt titled "Sonic.exe". Watch as he craps himself.
10 AGK's nightmare After playing that horror game, Leopold gets a nightmare and fights the demonic hedgehog, Sonic.exe

Thanks to David Near for voicing Sonic.exe

11 AGK and the bully At lunch, Leopold accidentally spilled his food on the school bully and has to fight him

Voice needed for the bully

12 Taekwondo lessons Go get em, Trav!

Traver goes to a Martial Arts class to learn many skills and techniques of Korea's art of fighting: Taekwondo

13 AGK's lottery Leopold buys a crap load of lottery tickets. Will he achieve the gold?

Inspired by Atarster

Thanks to WoodenHornets for voicing the store clerk

14 AGK celebrates Jake's birthday Jake invites his friend, Leopold, to go with him and his family to an amusement park.
15 What does my life want for me?! AGK vs Jake

After witnessing the event, Jake skips out of school for one day and stays at his home with no family. Leopold asks him to hangout nearby a lake to chat until Jake provokes him.

16 AGK meets Fabrice The best french fry has been ordered

Leopold goes out for a walk and got into an accident. When he woke up, he met a guy named Fabrice Laroche, Traver's most humble bud.

17 Traver trains with AGK One day, Traver takes Leopold out to the wilderness where they begin their training on fighting
19 Kaeru vs his father In order to complete his Kendo training, Kaeru must sword fight with his father
19.5. The treehouse group for boys The boys work on building a tree house in the back yard of Jake's house for meetings. Aren't they too old for that?
20 AGK meets Tailsko 1/3 Introducing a female fox and first episode to have parts

Leopold meets a female variation of Tails and introduces themselves and their family. Let us see how well this will be planned

21 AGK meets Tailsko 2/3 Leopold gets ready for the concert with Tailsko
22 AGK meets Tailsko 3/3 After the concert, Leopold feels heartbroken when he couldn't become Tailsko's boyfriend since they are not the same species
23 AGK vs Fabrice A shocking secret has been revealed!

Leopold fights Fabrice over stealing his one chance to get back with Tailsko. Shit starts to get real when Fabrice goes insane.

24 AGK's babysitter Harold calls a babysitter to watch over Leopold. And that person is former nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler

Inspired by British Chap

Thanks to EpicLloyd for voicing Hitler

25 Fabrice joins the Caro-legion Another member joins the team!

Fabrice decides to join Traver's team so they can work together

26 AGK meets Tilsim The miraculous mage of Turkish delight!

Leopold meets a young spell caster named Tilsim Tuzun, who prefers to go by Opal or somewhat, I don't care.

Voice needed for Tilsim

27 AGK watches over Tailsko's siblings Tailsko asks his boyfriend to watch over Milo and Felix while she and others go to a concert
28 AGK saves Tailsko While Leopold was watching over his girlfriend's siblings, the news turned on to reveal the concert Tailsko was at in flames surrounding the whole building. Leopold leaves to go save her!
29 AGK sees a different universe While on the computer, Leopold gets a strange voice message from an anonymous user who almost sounds like Fabrice. He is given four links of episodes almost similar to this universe.
30 Traver & Fabrice go to a movie theatre Traver takes his friend to a movie theatre where they have the fanciest things they ever had
31 AGK goes to Dairy Queen Leopold heads out on his bike to Dairy Queen. He realized that he ordered his food on the drive-thru. Will he be able to get his order?

Thanks to Conchobar for voicing the employee

32 AGK and the thunderstorm While playing on the computer, a thunderstorm approached and the power has been cut. Can Leopold withstand lack of internet?

Inspired by British Chap

33 AGK watches Game Grumps Leopold finds a channel called Game Grumps on Youtube and watches a couple of their videos

Inspired by AGK82

34 AGK gets revenge on his dad After getting beaten up for watching a video with cussing, Leopold decides to film his father at work and edit it

Inspired by AGK82

35 AGK and the Kaburi Egg Factory While in the store, Leopold finds an unusual candy called Kaburi and he tried it out for himself. But when he shows it to Traver, they discover the dark truth.
36 AGK plays Sally.exe Leopold has decided that he should play another exe game to handle his fear. Let's find out what happens

Inspired by British Chap

37 Tilsim visits Fabrice's house Tilsim goes over to Fabrice's house to chat, play games, and offer him spells, dark spells
38 AGK's dad returns Leopold's father got out of prison and needs to find a safe place to hide. Let's see how that goes

Inspired by AGK82, Mitch Soh, and British Chap

39 Jerry Khor arrives to Germany A Malaysian person comes to Mannheim to see Traver
40 Fabrice has a bad dream At night in the tower, Fabrice receives a nightmare about his worst fears. It's up for Traver and the rest to enter inside Fabrice's dreams to find out what's going on.
41 AGK gets a detention During a test, Leopold cheats off some answers without getting caught. After the test, the teacher got suspicious of his answers and viewed the camera to see what happened.
42 AGK gets tortured by Ran Ran Ru After getting in trouble, Leopold was forced to watch an hour long loop of Ran Ran Ru. Can he resist the power of it?

Inspired by Tank202100 and British Chap

43 AGK vs his dad again Leopold has to fight his father a second time after stealing his wallet to kill Japanese McDonald

Inspired by British Chap

44 AGK meets Connor Marini Leopold meets AGK voice actor Connor Marini and hangs out with him along with Traver
45 AGK gets suspended from school Leopold needs to do a pixel art portrait on his computer during class, but instead he plays video games and masturbates. What will happen next?
45.5 Harold takes AGK to work During suspension, Leopold's father takes him to work so he can watch over him

Inspired by British Chap

46 AGK vs Stephen Quire Leopold wants to get revenge on who told on him. He sends troll messages to Stephen and goes over to his house to kick his ass

Inspired by AGK82 & British Chap

Voice required for Stephen

47 AGK gets stuck in the old bathroom Leopold has to go to the bathroom but were out of order so he goes to the ones built in the 60s. Can he survive?

Inspired by British Chap and UsefulVideos

48 AGK goes to KFC Leopold walks to KFC to get some food. Inside, he meets his old nemesis, Hitler.

Inspired by British Chap

49 AGK plays MARIO Leopold stays at home to clean the attic where he discovers a cursed Super Mario Bros cartridge

Inspired by TheAGKMisadventures, British Chap, and Atarster

50 AGK vs Darkiplier 1/3 Leopold meets a deadly foe capable of bringing collateral pain

Inspired by TheAGKMisadventures, British Chap, and Atarster

Thanks to Markiplier for voicing Darkiplier

51 AGK vs Darkiplier 2/3 Leopold heals from his wounds after that hard battle with the entity and works with his team to build the most powerful weapon to stop him
52 AGK vs Darkiplier 3/3 Face off!

Leopold fights again with Dark using his new abilities

53 AGK meets Steve After one hard battle, Leopold meets a guy with cat ears who enrolled in his school. Traver meets him until a giant jellyfish stabs Steve.

Voice needed for Jade. Thanks to PrinceStickFigure for voicing Steve the Cat.

54 AGK's Grandfather Leopold's grandpa visits his house and hides from him. Will he survive?

Inspired by British Chap and Atarster

55 AGK's birthday Today is Leopold's birthday but his parents can't take him anywhere, so Traver decides to cheer him up by doing stuff together
56 AGK gets kidnapped While making his way back home, two thugs drove and stopped next to Leopold and take him hostage
57 AGK's dream Leopold goes to bed and enters into a dream. Let's see what is happening inside his mind.
58 Noah's dark secret The lab of suffering lives

There is a secret and well hidden place inside Noah's bedroom. The lab where he tries to find a cure for a lethal disease that may bring destruction to all of mankind.

59 AGK and the wrath of the cats At home, Leopold watches videos when all of a sudden he gets kidnapped by an army of talking cats

Inspired by Tank202100

Voice required for the LOL cats

60 AGK and the mystery of Long John Still at the LOL internment, Leopold needs to find a ghost pirate named Long John in order to find the LOL cats' leader

Inspired by Tank202100

Voices needed for Long John, Attic Cat, and Basement Cat

61 AGK's finals (Math and History) 1/3 Today is Leopold's 2nd semester finals test (I don't know what they call it in Germany). His first ones are on mathematics and history
62 AGK's finals (English and Science) 2/3 A day has been passed and now Leopold must take the essay in his most hardest classes: English and Science
63 AGK's finals (French and IT) 3/3 For the last tests, Leopold is going against his easiest classes: French and IT. Noah and Alex graduate.
64 AGK plays Pokemon Death Version 1 & 2 Leopold goes on Gamejolt again and sees two games developed by the same creator, which seemed interesting. Let's watch his reaction
65 AGK goes to a shooting gallery Leopold, Jake, Tailsko, and Alex head over to a building where they can shoot all their guns!
66 AGK & The Tornado Leopold returns to Germany and heard news that a hurricane will occur. Can Leopold survive from the tornado?

Inspired by Atarster

67 AGK & Ayu Kitamura At school, Leopold comes face to face with a new student who is different from the rest. Traver tells him about the girl she saw, saying that she is an angel created by his team using 22nd century technology.

Voice needed for Ayu

68 AGK lost in Space 1/3 Leopold gets abducted by a Galagan Commander and lands in space. He will have to make his way out of the galaxy and into his planet

Inspired by British Chap

69 AGK lost in Space 2/3 Leopold unites with his friends to get back to Earth, but they have a dangerous mission to do before that
70 AGK lost in Space 3/3 The team faces off with a giant crystal monster
71 AGK plays Galaga After returning to home, Leopold plays a retro game called Galaga

Inspired by British Chap

72 Jake tries to make a laser rifle Finishing things off

Jake continues his work but needs Noah's help to make the bright laser shoot once that can kill

73 Noah's birthday Today is Noah's birthday and he and his friends are going to have the best time of their life

Thanks to Emmy Cakes for voicing Sailor Moon

74 AGK watches his dad's MLP DVDs Leopold strangely watches his dad's My Little Pony DVDs for no reason and gets caught

Inspired by British Chap

75 Harold takes AGK to Bronycon A jolly Harold takes his son to an MLP convention. How will Leopold feel?

Inspired by British Chap

76 AGK stays late at school The principal has told Leopold that his father is stuck in traffic and he needs to stay at school

Inspired by AGKandVideoMaker2000

77 AGK has a lockdown drill Leopold's school goes into a lockdown. Does Leopold have the patience for this?
78 AGK goes to hell Hitler used his pencil of doom on Leopold which kills him

Inspired by British Chap and AGKandVideoMaker2000

79 AGK gets a virus While Leopold downloads an emulator, his computer catches a virus. Will he be able to fix it?


80 AGK goes to the cyber cafe After his computer broke, Leopold drives to Cyber Cafe to hang out with his friends and download some files on his flash drive

Inspired by AGKandVideoMaker2000

81 AGK gets a new computer Leopold applies a job so he could earn enough money to buy a new PC. Will he succeed?
82 AGK goes to Qlimax Jump to tha Beat!

Traver takes Leopold to an enormous indoor rave called Qlimax

83 AGK watches Shuffle and Jumpstyle After going to that rave, Leopold watches Shuffle and Jumpstyle videos starting from Pae & Sarah to Patrick Jumpen
84 AGK tries to make Hardstyle Leopold begins to take an interest in this new genre of music and attempts to compose his own music 
85 AGK vs Dumdum At the park, Leopold sees a strange finger shaped figure bullying a student and tells him to stop. How will Leopold defeat this monstrosity?

Inspired by TheCrazinessCat

Thanks to TheCrazinessCat for voicing DumDum

86 AGK uses a Coke Freestyle Machine Leopold goes to a freestyle drink dispensing machine but segregates angry germans from using it. Can someone help him with this?

Inspired by AGKandVideoMaker2000

87 AGK & Traver take a trip to California Traver takes Leopold to his home state where he meets his friends

Featuring BroCo5 and LittleGameBoy5

88 AGK does drugs Never do drugs kids

At school, a teenage drug dealer tells Leopold to do some drugs but refuses and then the druggy calls him a coward which causes a problem to Leopold's will to decide

Inspired by AGKandVideoMaker2000

Voice needed for the drug dealing student

89 AGK meets the Annoying Orange Leopold goes into the kitchen to eat an orange. When he tried to peel it, he heard it talk.

Inspired by British Chap

Thanks to DaneBoe for voicing Orange

90 AGK vs Kaeru To test out his skill, Kaeru challenges AGK to a duel
91 Tailsko's birthday Leopold celebrates Tailsko's birthday until a strange person in black crashes the party
92 AGK gets pranked by his family Leopold turns on the computer when all of a sudden, he gets a BSOD when it was actually fake that his father just did, so he decides to get revenge. How will that work out?
93 AGK vs Ronald McDonald While Leopold was at McDonalds, an irate Ronald McDonald attacks him

Inspired by RackaRacka

Thanks to RackaRacka for voicing Ronald McDonald

94 AGK gets constipation At school, Leopold randomly gets a severe case of constipation. Will he ever shit again?

Inspired by several Slikkers

95 AGK celebrates Leonard's birthday Leopold and his family head over to an astounding arcade and restaurant for Leonard's birthday. While Leopold was on his own, a hooded figure passes him by and warned him about the apocalypse.
96 The End Is Near Get ready to see death!

Preparations are being made to survive the apocalypse as Leopold sends warnings around, Hitler investigating if the Mayan Calendar predicted the end of the world, and Traver's team viewing space to see a giant alien spaceship approaching their way

97 AGK gets traveled in time 1/3 A world underground

While Leopold keeps spreading rumors of the apocalypse, he sees a faint, glowing light under the bushes and gets sucked in. He has traveled through time to the 23rd century where all life lives underneath the earth in an environmental so clean and green.

98 AGK gets traveled in time 2/3 Welcome to the true future!

Leopold goes back in time again and lands in the 3000s. In a city with beautiful sci-fi styled buildings and technology never seen before.

99 AGK gets traveled in time 3/3 The Global Conflict

Leopold landed in 2028 during war where two alliances (NURA and PREA) fight for their survival to win the war

Featuring Markiplier and JackSepticEye

Voice needed for C.H.A.D.

100 Angry German Kid's 2012 1/4 It is here!

The apocalypse has arrived like 1:24. Leopold, his family, and his friends need to escape Germany to survive. Leopold escapes by plane, Jake and others escape by ship, and Traver and his crew escape by car.

Inspired by British Chap and many disaster movies

101 Angry German Kid's 2012 2/4 Leopold is now at Kazakhstan where a volcanoes erupts. Meanwhile, Traver and his group are at Poland and escapes from a giant tornado. Then at Jake's group, they are on their way to Russia where a storm approaches
102 Angry German Kid's 2012 3/4 Everyone has now made it to China. And now they have to face against aliens.
103 Angry German Kid's 2012 4/4 Leopold and his friends are now inside the alienship and must kill the queen
Season 2
# Title Description Watch
104 AGK & friends move to a new school Re-building civilization

After surviving the apocalypse, the principal announces to the students, teachers, and faculty memebers that they will be moving to a new school in Berlin, the capital city of Germany

106 AGK & Jake hang out at the park Leopold and Jake heads over to the park to chat
107 AGK vs a stickman As Leopold walked to the park again, he gets attacked by a rogue stickman

Inspired by AGKandVideoMaker2000

Voice needed for the stickman

108 AGK vs Jeff the Killer Leopold got kidnapped after defeating the stickman. When he woke up, he finds himself locked in a cage and is met by a white-faced kid, known as Jeff the Killer

Inspired by AGKandVideoMaker2000

Thanks to MBK for voicing Jeffrey Keaton

109 AGK gets diarrhea Leopold gets sick and feels a rumble in his tummy. Can he handle diarrhea?
110 AGK and the student counselor Leopold gets sent to the student counselor where he has to do stuff that determines his academic career. How well can he learn?
111 AGK and friends go to the beach As they were having fun at the beach, an earthquake occurs and they fight an army of Mirelurks
112 Calvin & Newton play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Calvin plays a game where he has to disarm a time bomb with the help of his friend on the phone
113 AGK, ADK, and AJK visits the woods Leopold, Ronald, and Kaeru do a stupid idea and climb over a gate where they enter a very dangerous forest, which is home to the Slender Man

Thanks to David Near for voicing Slender

114 AGK vs his great grandfather As Harold left work, he meets, most likely alive, his grandfather and gets kidnapped. Can Leopold save his father from this 19th century fart?

Inspired by Atarster

115 AGK's father gets stuck in traffic Harold is once again stuck in traffic on his way to work. Can he make it in on time?

Inspired by SkilesTV

116 AGK babysits his brothers 1/3 Leopold's parents go out on their wedding anniversary while Leopold has to watch over his siblings. Can he handle being alone with his snobbish brothers?

Inspired by AGK82 and British Chap

117 AGK babysits his brothers 2/3 Leopold runs away from the house to distract his brothers. Outside, Leonard is faced with two strange androids. Who are they and what is their mission?

Voice needed for T-800

118 AGK babysits his brothers 3/3 Leopold visits Traver's house while the robots tried finding him
119 AGK adopts a kitten Leopold finds a stray kitten in a dumpster and takes it home
120 AGK gets kidnapped On the news, something brutal killed a victim in the alley. At night, Leopold gets kidnapped and is met with Slendy's proxies.

Thanks to David Near for voicing Hoody, Masky, and Toby, and to WoodenHornets for voicing The Observer

121 AGK goes to Jake's birthday party + AGK vs Barney 2 Fight with the purple monster in reality

Leopold goes to Dave & Busters for Jake's birthday. Later on, an enemy from before crashes all the fun

122 Lock n Load with AGK 1/5 Hoo-rah! In this five part episode, we will be demonstrating the weapons wielded by these characters. First up, Jake Randolf.

Inspired by R Lee Ermey

123 Lock n Load with AGK 2/5 Was that good for you? This time, we are heading to the east. Kaeru is our next contestant!
124 Lock n Load with AGK 3/5 Want military action? You got it! Alex, show them what you are made of!
125 Lock n Load with AGK 4/5 You want to see me do some shooting? Okay.
126 Lock n Load with AGK 5/5 For this last one, we are putting Leopold in this. And yeah, this will be the shortest part ever by using only one gun of his.
127 The Search for Tailsko 1/4 We gotta rescue her!

Hitler takes Leopold's girlfriend away to a castle where he will kill her. It is up to Leopold and his friends to save her.

128 The Search for Tailsko 2/4 They finally made it to the castle, but they encounter the enemies from the three best Slikkers

Thanks to DrApocalypse for voicing Ben

129 The Search for Tailsko 3/4 Leopold is trapped inside darkness with his alter-ego, Dark Leopold. Can he get out of there alive?

Voice needed for Dark Leopold

130 The Search for Tailsko 4/4 Time to end this!

After getting out of there, Leopold fights with the spirit that possessed Fabrice. After that, Tailsko fights Hitler.

131 AGK's Friday Movie Night Movie time!

Traver invites everyone to his house where they will watch their favorite movies

132 AGK plays Angry German Kid Video Games On the computer, Leopold plays video games that inspire him, like AGK RPG and two more since there isn't that much
133 AGK gets abducted by aliens While Leopold was sleeping, he gets abducted out of home by a UFO

Inspired by British Chap

134 AGK goes camping Leopold and his family go out to a camping site. Can Leopold handle this?
135 AGK accidentally crashes his father's car Since Leopold has his learner's permit, he drives Harold's car but gets into a car crah. How will his father react?

Inspired by Atarster

136 AGK goes to the dentist Harold takes his son to the dentist, but Leopold has dental anxiety. Will he handle his fear?

Inspired by WukeyWukey and more

137 AGK watches Max and Ruby 0004 Leopold finds a strange DVD case on the front porch of a kid's show and gives it to Leonard. What he did not notice was that it's a lost episode creepypasta.
138 The Reconstruction of Nikola Tesla's Death Ray Noah works on a weapon that Nikola Tesla made during WW2 for his school project. Will he have the right blueprints for this?
139 AGK and friends go to Liberty Island Traver takes Leopold and others on plane to a small tourist island next to New York where the Statue of Liberty was given. While they were there, a giant gorilla known as King Kong tries to destroy it. Can Leopold defeat it?
140 AGK meets Piss Cakehole Mary leaves Leopold with a babysitter who is an evil TF2 Freak. Can Leopold fight it or get carved?

Inspired by GiltheRavor and JT90

141 AGK makes a Youtube video Leopold wants to make a video on Youtube to get some subs, so he gets a GoPro and starts filming shit
142 AGK vs Potato Brimley The most annoying autistic diabetic little girl

A new student arrives in Germany and starts bugging Leopold during class. Can Leopold resist her annoyance?

Inspired by DrApocalypse

Thanks to TheDrApocalypse for voicing Potato and Wilford Brimley

143 AGK's Titanic Leopold and Tailsko go to New York on a giant ship. What they should known is that this can sink and kill everyone. Can they both survive?

Inspired by Titanic

144 Alex goes to war Alex flies to Afghanistan where he fights an army of ISIS terrorists
145 AGK takes the Stupid Quiz again Leopold does another go at the Stupid Quix. Will he pass just like the other one?
146 AGK's ultimate training Leopold was given a notice about the four Caro-Legion members that they want to battle him in the Caro-Tower to show how strong he has gotten. Leopold's friends help him get stronger and faster in order to win.
147 Finale 1/4 (AGK vs Fabrice) The Master of Shadows

Leopold goes alone and faces against his first opponent, Fabrice

148 Finale 2/4 (AGK vs Noah) The Noble Genius

After gaining first victory, Leopold heads on to the second one

149 Finale 3/4 (AGK vs Alex) The Military Wizard

Leopold has defeated another member and proceeds to the third, who has never been defeated

150 Finale 4/4 (AGK vs Traver) The Leader of all

Leopold has finally defeated the trio and goes up against their leader, me!

Season 3
# Title Description Watch
151 The Return We are back!

After grand victory against the Caro-Legion, Leopold joins the crew and does a lot of quests and missions. The last one is the most dangerous of all.

152 AGK & Fabrice go to NigloLand Leopold graduates from the team and can leave. Fabrice takes Leopold to a French amusement park he enjoys.
153 Kaeru goes to Seoul Kaeru's Korean cousin invites him to his home town in South Korea. But when Leopold and Jake jump aboard, a friendship can sometimes break off.
154 Calvin & Newton play Touhou Red Bloony and Bluenewton play another video game they believe is awesome
155 AGK vs Nuna After school, Leopold meets DumDum who has a stronger brother. Can Leopold defeat this hulky thumbtot?

Thanks to TheCrazinessCat for voicing Nuna

156 AGK's Prom Night Tonight is the time Leopold goes to Homecoming with Tailsko, but she finds a more handsome boy. Will Leopold ever have Tailsko's dance?
157 The Prequel of how Traver and his friends ended up on Earth because of a huge planet, in which we can't describe, just got blown to pieces by some dumbass that no one even wants to talk about This is one long ass title for an episode!

A curious Leopold has heard many theories about Traver's origins and goes to his place to discover the truth

158 Tilsim's final magic exam At the Berlin Academy of Magic (BAM), Tilsim has to conduct a powerful potion and defeat the master in order to graduate. Will she succeed?
159 AGK's Jackass The boys try to make their own Jackass movie by doing stupid stunts

Inspired by Jackass

160 Leonard and Leonidas go to Scam's Leopold's brothers go to a strange shop full of sellouts

Inspired by BlueNewton

161 The Return to Outer Space 1/2 Leopold, Jake & Trav go back to space to collect more moonstones but on the way, they encounter four strange pillars next to a black crater
162 The Return to Outer Space 2/2 After defeating those pillars, they face against a giant alien, known as the Moon Lord

  • AGK visits Planet Tamagotchi 2/4</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 165

  • AGK visits Planet Tamagotchi 3/4</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 166

  • AGK visits Planet Tamagotchi 4/4</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 167

  • Kaeru forges the Muramasa</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 168

  • AGK & Friends go to Japan 1/3</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 169

  • AGK & Friends go to Japan 2/3</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 170

  • AGK & Friends go to Japan 3/3</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 171

  • The recreation of Maurice Ward's Starlite</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • 172 AGK & Friends go on a ship Leopold and others go on a cruise only to realize later at night where the ship malfunctioned and exploded. Did any of them survive? Will they escape the ship?
    173 AGK & Friends get stranded on an island 1/2 Where are we?

    After the ship got destroyed, Leopold and friends find themselves on a deserted island. How long will it take for them to escape?


    AGK & Friends get stranded on an island 2/2

    Leopold has finally built a raft, but Calvin had an excellent idea to carry this into the air that will hold all of the team. While floating above the clouds, they face a giant bird from OFF.

    Voice needed for Japhet

    175 Jerry and Noah make Power Armor As Noah and Jerry were researching marine life underwater, they discover a suit of armor. What are they going to do with it?
    176 AGK watches Marble Hornets Leopold watches some videos about the Slender Man and his proxies on a channel called Marble Hornets
    177 Traver plays Sonic the Hedgehog While thinking about the time he played Sonic the Hedgehog during his childhood, Traver goes back to when he loved the game
    178 Jerry vs The Wonder Pets (Voices required for Linny, Ming-Ming, and Tuck)
    179 AGK and Tailsko in a nightmare world
    180 AGK vs Wizeman (Voice required for Wizeman the Wicked)
    181 Fabrice watches anime
    182 Traver, Noah, and Fabrice go to Los Angelas (Voices required for Mark, Matthias, Wade, Jesse, and the Game Grumps)
    183 Calvin & Newton play Eversion
    184 Fabrice and Traver play Amnesia Traver and his frenchy friend play a horror game together to get their pants scared
    185 AGK tries many soft drinks Leopold buys every foreign soda and drinks them at home while reading fan comments and questions
    186 Ronald goes to Taco Bell Leopold, Leonard, and Leonidas head to Gamescam's
    187 Traver vs Alex At morningtime, Alex teases the leader over being so aggressive to him and Noah and gets stabbed and quits the team, along with Noah, Fabrice, and the assistants
    188 Aftermath All alone, Traver films himself about his team permanently leaving him and walks around inside the tower how things went downhill
    189 AGK's Field Trip
    190 AGK receives Prank Messages As Leopold checked his AOL account, he received numerous messages that begin to bother him

    Inspired by AGK82 and C13

    191 Apology Traver, now all poor, went to Alex's house to apologize. How will this turn out?
    192 The Investigation of '87 Leopold, Jake, Traver, and others investigate Fazbear's Fright to find out what's been haunting everyone who's entered inside

    Thanks to AGKRM for voicing the employee and David Near for voicing SpringTrap

    193 AGK's Talent Show Test your limit

    Today is the annual Talent Show and Leopold needs to show off something that he can do

    194 AGK watches Angry German Kid: Lost Episode Leopold comes across a fake video made up in order to scare him
    196 closer Somewhere in the mountains, a skinny apparition and it's team found a way how to destroy mankind. What plan do they have and what are they going to do?
    197 The Grand Finale 1/4 Traver and the rest of everyone finds out something is wrong with the skies and travel to Mt. Höllestein to see what's causing this
    198 The Grand Finale 2/4 While Traver's group explored the cave, they find an entrance and are met with Fabrice's fake mother
    199 The Grand Finale 3/4 After defeating Anna, Leopold and team enter inside a realm with pitch blackness around and face off against the Slender Man
    200 The Grand Finale 4/4 The final battle for mankind!

    After Hitler and Slendy got pushed into the fiery pit, they become three entities in one body: Demon Hitler. Can Leopold and his friends defeat this monstrosity?


    1. From the Skies to the Earth!
    2. A New Start
    3. Society Adaptation
    4. Change In Self
    5. Cannibalism
    6. Self-Defense!
    7. Travelling to Places
    8. Moving Out
    9. Training Begins!
    10. Time to Fight Crime!

    Special Episodes

    1. Angry German Kid The Movie 
    2. The Film
    3. AGK saves Christmas
    4. AGK Musical Special
    5. The Film: The Dark Times
    6. AGK: Lost Episode
    7. The Film: Cave of Knowledge
    8. AGK's childhood
    9. The Film: Trapped in PSF's World

    Comparison to Real Life

    Real Life AGK World
    Traver uses a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Traver uses a normal smartphone
    Traver doesn't own a car yet Traver owns an electric car
    Traver is a normal human being Traver is a Youtubian
    Traver lives with his family Traver lives in his own house
    Traver lives in America Traver went to Germany and stayed there
    Traver doesn't use any weapons Traver uses a sword and guns
    Traver still goes to school Traver educated himself by reading books

    Comparison to AGK makers

    AGK82 C13 Atarster AGKRM2001 Prince SF
    AGK receives prank messages from his phone AGK receives prank messages from his inbox AGK receives prank messages from his inbox AGK in this channel hasn't been pranked (except in episode 45) AGK in this channel hasn't been pranked AGK in this channel hasn't been pranked
    The robots in AGK82 are Sukscox and Diknoz The robots in C13 are the Wolfenstein Guard Robots ? The robots in Atarster are Ren & Stimpy hypnotized inside SWAT bots The robots in AGKRM2001 are also SWATbots ?
    AGK82's AGK watched Suicide Mouse and freaked out C13's AGK watched it and freaked out 's AGK has not seen it Atarster's AGK has not seen it AGKRM2001's AGK watched it, got a stroke, needed hospitalization, and destroyed his brother's toys that had to do with Mickey Mouse PSF's AGK has not seen it
    AGK82 planned for AGK to play Cat Mario but instead made Hitler play it AGK has played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel
    AGK82 does not have a main assault theme C13's assault theme is Sonic Advance - Boss 's assault theme is Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Face it Atarster's assault theme is Super Ghouls n Ghosts - Castle of the Emperor AGKRM2001 has numerous assault themes PSF does not have a main assault theme
    AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel
    The main antagonists in AGK82 are Ms. Sukscox, Principal Diknoz, and Hitler The main antagonists in C13 are Barney and friends and Sonic.exe The main antagonists in are Darkiplier and Slender Man The main antagonists in Atarster are Mundus and Arthur.exe The main antagonists in AGKRM2001 are Akuma, Math Podcast, Vega, and Raynare The main antagonists in PrinceStickFigure are Shade and Zoey
    Sukscox and Diknoz want to kill Leopold after blowing up the school ? Darkiplier wants to kill Leopold and the whole world because he views the human race as weak Mundus and Arthur.exe want to kill Leopold just because they are evil Raynare wants to kill Leopold over a disability and his existence can screw up the Fallen Angels' plans Zoey wants to kill Leopold (plus Jade) after getting expelled
    AGK does not meet a girl of his type AGK meets Emily but has not been demonstrated AGK meets Tailsko AGK meets Tailsko and her sister AGK meets Tailsko and a lot of other girls AGK meets Katrina Kliss
    ? ? Leopold understands German since he is German ? AGK understands French ?
    AGK has not played the game AGK played it without going on a website or finding it AGK found it online and downloaded it to play AGK has not played the game AGK was given the game by his friend AGK has not played the game
    ? ? AGK meets Connor while he was walking ? AGK meets Connor on Google Hangouts ?
    ? Sonic.exe is voiced by LouisVSFrost Sonic.exe is voiced by David Near ? Sonic.exe is voiced by SheyGrell ?
    AGK82 has seven seasons C13 has ??? seasons has three long seasons Atarster has ??? seasons AGKRM2001 has fourteen seasons PSF has ??? seasons
    ? ? Madrice was created from an evil energy within Fabrice ? Madrice was created by Raynare to destroy Leopold ?
    AGK plays video games as episodes AGK plays video games as episodes ? AGK plays video games as episodes AGK plays video games as episodes AGK plays video games as episodes
    AGK's grandfather is absent AGK's grandfather got arrested AGK's grandfather apologized AGK's grandfather apologized AGK's grandfather apologized It is unknown when AGK's grandfather will make his debut
    AGK fails the stupid quiz AGK fails the stupid quiz AGK passes the stupid quiz Atarster did not plan to make an "AGK does the stupid quiz" episode AGKRM did not plan this episode (unless he adds it to one of his later seasons) PrinceStickFigure did not plan to make this episode
    AGK does not like the fact that people make videos out of him ? ? ? AGK does not mind users making parodies out of him ?
    ? ? If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Traver's best friend is Cameron If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Noah's best friends are Ratchet and Dante If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Tailsko's best friend is Melissa If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Steve's best friend is Logan
    ? Kaeru uses his own voice clips Kaeru is voiced by Connor and will be replaced with a different voice actor Kaeru uses his own voice clips Kaeru is voiced by Connor Kaeru uses his own voice clips
    ? ? Sailor Moon's real name is Serena Tsukino Sailor Moon just goes by her Sailor Scout name Sailor Moon's real name is Usagi Tsukino ?
    It is unknown who this person hates The worst Youtubers he hates are Nolan B, Jerry Khor, and OmegaMario89 The worst Youtubers he hates are Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, RiceGum, idubbbzTV, H3H3, and ShockMouths The worst Youtuber he hates is Nolan B. The worst Youtuber he hates is Math Podcast It is unknown who this person hates

    Personal Facts


    • Traver's most favorite generation of music is Hardstyle. He sometimes likes dubstep and trap a little.
    • He likes watching anime
    • He formerly used to dislike Trump before understanding what bad things Hillary has been doing during the presidential campaign (there are two members who don't like him)


    • He despises those who worship the devil or express hatred towards the bible
    • He hates surfing because he is afraid he could get injured or when a shark attacks, meaning he's thalassophobic
    • Dank memes (nazis, pepe the frog, non-anime, etc.). The only dank people he doesn't hate are James and Ticha.
    • The fact how he doesn't get many views in every video (the past on the other hand)
    • Overwatch due to the fact that it ripped off Battleborn after it was released. He doesn't blame the fans, but the creators of the game.
    • 4Chan and it's entire race of anonymous users
    • Strippers, hookers, prostitutes, adulterers, and girls who have sexual desires such as Zoie Burgher

    Other Facts

    • He has a scar on his head from way back when a seagull pecked him as a child
    • His sister told him that when he was young, he turned on the computer for the first time. He doesn't believe that.
    • He used to be a fan of Sonic before growing out of it
    • He always reads news about North Korea and their schemes every day
    • His most viewed video is Junkie. He came up with the video after buying a coke and KitKat he got from school.


    • Traver mostly refers to his internet friends by their real names from first to last, meaning that he's very formal.
    • Almost like Namtan Ticha, his series will be an anime
    • He has been mentioned in a video made by Super Planet Dolan:
    • He's trying his best to ignore AGK and focus more on lets plays, vlogs, and other videos he uploads. This has failed due to social circumstances.
    • He's known to be drawing manga concepts of AGK characters, such as Leopold, Fabrice, etc.
    • is the voice actor of Logan "The Deer" Underwood in PrinceStickFigure's series

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