“Greetings to all you angels out there, my name's Travrinity.”
―Travrinity's intro
“We live in a world where we don't understand the consequences of pride and greed. We steal man's idea and re-design it as our own. Being original made man more successful than others. Without this, we enter a war on creation.”
―Travrinity on originality

Traver Adam Vincent, known as  (Born on March 31 2000) is a gaming channel and upcoming AGK parodist who mainly focuses on horror, indie, Role playing, shooting, and other types of video games. In the future, he'll think of doing AGK parodies once he truly masters the skill of making anime.


Slikk Family

  • Leopold Andreas Slikk - An average teenage boy with good skill. He is the main protagonist through the series.
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's hard working father. He abuses his son for certain reasons.
  • Mary Slikk - Leopold's mother
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's younger brother. Leonard is usually nice to Leopold, but sometimes gets him and himself in trouble.
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's older brother.


  • Jakub Jarosław Randolf - Mostly known as Jake. He is a young, talented gunsmith and one of Leopold's best friends.
  • Ronald Ramirez - A dominican transfer student who favors German tradition
  • Kaeru Otoko - A 24 year old adult who moved from Japan to live in Leopold's city. He is mostly calm when around others. He is another friend of Leopold.
  • Steve the Cat - 19 year old anthromorphic cat from PrinceStickFigure. He has been Traver's friend for a long time. He also has a girlfriend named Jade Hopper.
  • Jade the Rabbit - 18 year old anthromorphic bunny from PrinceStickfigure. She is Steve's fiancee.

The Caro-Legion

  • Traver Adam Vincent - The director and protagonist of 's AGK series.
  • Alex Park - A retired american AGK parodist. He is a soldier and friend of Traver.
  • Noah Riegel - Another american AGK parodist. He is one of Leopold and Traver's best friends.
  • Fabrice Laroche - 16 year old french AGK parodist. He is another friend of Leopold and assistant of Tailsko. He's also great buds with Traver.
  • Namtan Ticha - Young Jewish martial arts expert fighting alongside the team
  • Connor Marini - Strong Catalan with superhuman strength
  • Hanz Fukui - Asian German spy working to gather information on any suspicious cases from neo-nazis
  • Shoji Kurimatsu - A scientist/security agent who works on research of life and takes full responsibility on protecting the tower without any major concern

School Faculty

  • Principal Winckel - Confident principal of Mannheim University Junior high. 
  • Mr. Diknoz - English teacher for MUJH.
  • Mr. Richard - Science teacher for MUJH
  • Mr. Takahashi - Asian math teacher for MUJH

Other characters



Note: Episodes with W.I.P. are being worked in progress. Episodes with green text are completed.
Season 1
# Title Description Watch
1 AGK - The Beginning The first episode of the series

The episode starts off with narrating and introducing the characters involved throughout the series

There are many voice actors I will not reveal for this one

2 AGK and the new student A foreign student moved into Leopold's country. Will he make friends with him?

Thanks to Conchobar for voicing Kaeru

3 AGK meets Traver I join in the series!

While AGK goes on a walk, he stumbles across a guy named Traver Vincent

4 AGK vs Corrupted Rabbit Leopold hears a roar from the backyard and fights mad purple bunnies and a giant monster rabbit

Inspired by British Chap

5 AGK takes an exam Leopold takes an exam that will depend on his success. Will he pass?

Inspired by several Slikkers

6 AGK vs Succubus A demon that takes the souls of men is responsible for the deaths of 11 men in their sleep
7 AGK and Jake go downtown After one hard day at school, Leopold and his friend walk down the streets of his city and do some things
8 Traver visits Alex's house A fortress has been built

Traver goes to see his friend Alex to discuss how they can make a living and prevent demon infestation

9 AGK plays Sonic.exe While surfing the web, Leopold finds a game on Gamejolt titled "Sonic.exe". Watch as he craps himself.
10 AGK's nightmare After playing that horror game, Leopold gets a nightmare and fights the demonic hedgehog, Sonic.exe

Thanks to David Near for voicing Sonic.exe

11 AGK and the bully At lunch, Leopold accidentally spilled his food on the school bully and has to fight him

Voice needed for the bully

12 Taekwondo lessons Go get em, boy!

Harold takes his son to learn how to defend himself instead of fighting with objects

13 AGK's lottery Leopold buys a crap load of lottery tickets. Will he achieve the gold?

Inspired by Atarster

Thanks to WoodenHornets for voicing the store clerk

14 AGK celebrates Jake's birthday Jake invites his friend, Leopold, to go with him and his family to an amusement park.
15 What does my life want for me?! AGK vs Jake

After witnessing the event, Jake skips out of school for one day and stays at his home with no family. Leopold asks him to hangout nearby a lake to chat until a water monster attacks.

16 AGK meets Fabrice The best french fry has been ordered

Leopold goes out for a walk and got into an accident. When he woke up, he met a guy named Fabrice Laroche, Traver's most humble bud.

17 Traver trains with AGK One day, Traver takes Leopold out to the wilderness where they begin their training on fighting
19 Kaeru vs his father In order to complete his Kendo training, Kaeru must sword fight with his father. Despite losing, his father keeps something passed on by many generations.
19.5. The treehouse group for boys The boys work on building a tree house in the back yard of Jake's house for meetings. Aren't they too old for that?
20 AGK goes on a date 1/3 Love at first sight

Leopold meets a girl he helped and believed to have a crush on her

21 AGK goes on a date 2/3 Leopold gets prepared for his date
22 AGK goes on a date 3/3 During their date, a demon crashes through and attacked the restaurant
23 First possession Snap out of it, Fab!

Fabrice was given a curse in his sleep. After school, he begins to be possessed by madness and the intention to kill.

24 The Anubian Jackal Traver tends to Fab until he's healed from the insanity. Meanwhile, Noah becomes a chiropractor.
25 Fabrice joins the Caro-legion Another member joins the team!

Fabrice decides to join Traver's team so they can work together

26 AGK meets Tilsim The miraculous mage of Turkish delight!

Leopold meets a young spell caster named Tilsim Tuzun. They began hanging out a lot until his girlfriend gets into a fight.

Voice needed for Tilsim

27 AGK meets Connor Marini Leopold meets AGK voice actor Connor Marini and hangs out with him along with Traver
28 The Israeli warrior A lone man stands at Trav's doorstep, demanding for a hand-to-hand fight
29 Jake moves into Leopold's home Unable to survive on his own, Jake decides to move to his friend's house until he moves to a foster home. At night, he begins to have nightmares about his parents.
30 Intoxicated blog After getting drunk at the pub, Leopold accidentally writes a post on Weeblog critical to his girlfriend. How will she react?
31 AGK meets Steve Leopold meets a guy with cat ears who enrolled in his school. Traver meets him until a giant jellyfish stabs Steve.

Voice needed for Jade. Thanks to PrinceStickFigure for voicing Steve the Cat.

32 Second possession Steve, still in a coma, suddenly wakes up after having a nightmare. 
33 Steve's training Trav invites Steve to the Caro-Legion, where he will train him to become strong
34 Sudden discovery
35 Let's find this man
36 It's you!
37 Time to end this!


  1. From the Skies to the Earth!
  2. A New Start
  3. Society Adaptation
  4. Change In Self
  5. Cannibalism
  6. Self-Defense!
  7. Travelling to Places
  8. Moving Out
  9. Training Begins!
  10. Time to Fight Crime!
  11. The girl with a special gift 

Comparison to Real Life

Real Life AGK World
Traver uses a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Traver uses a normal smartphone
Traver doesn't own a car yet Traver owns an electric car
Traver is a normal human being Traver is a Youtubian
Traver lives with his family Traver lives in his own house
Traver lives in America Traver went to Germany and stayed there
Traver doesn't use any weapons Traver uses a sword and guns
Traver still goes to school Traver educated himself by reading books

Comparison to AGK makers

AGK82 C13 Atarster AGKRM2001 Prince SF
AGK receives prank messages from his phone AGK receives prank messages from his inbox AGK receives prank messages from his inbox AGK in this channel hasn't been pranked (except in episode 45) AGK in this channel hasn't been pranked AGK in this channel hasn't been pranked
The robots in AGK82 are Sukscox and Diknoz The robots in C13 are the Wolfenstein Guard Robots ? The robots in Atarster are Ren & Stimpy hypnotized inside SWAT bots The robots in AGKRM2001 are also SWATbots ?
AGK82's AGK watched Suicide Mouse and freaked out C13's AGK watched it and freaked out 's AGK has not seen it Atarster's AGK has not seen it AGKRM2001's AGK watched it, got a stroke, needed hospitalization, and destroyed his brother's toys that had to do with Mickey Mouse PSF's AGK has not seen it
AGK82 planned for AGK to play Cat Mario but instead made Hitler play it AGK has played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel AGK has not played it in this channel
AGK82 does not have a main assault theme C13's assault theme is Sonic Advance - Boss 's assault theme is Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Face it Atarster's assault theme is Super Ghouls n Ghosts - Castle of the Emperor AGKRM2001 has numerous assault themes PSF does not have a main assault theme
AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel AGK has not fought Barney and his friends in this channel
The main antagonists in AGK82 are Ms. Sukscox, Principal Diknoz, and Hitler The main antagonists in C13 are Barney and friends and Sonic.exe The main antagonists in are Darkiplier and Slender Man The main antagonists in Atarster are Mundus and Arthur.exe The main antagonists in AGKRM2001 are Akuma, Math Podcast, Vega, and Raynare The main antagonists in PrinceStickFigure are Shade and Zoey
Sukscox and Diknoz want to kill Leopold after blowing up the school ? Darkiplier wants to kill Leopold and the whole world because he views the human race as weak Mundus and Arthur.exe want to kill Leopold just because they are evil Raynare wants to kill Leopold over a disability and his existence can screw up the Fallen Angels' plans Zoey wants to kill Leopold (plus Jade) after getting expelled
AGK does not meet a girl of his type AGK meets Emily but has not been demonstrated AGK meets Tailsko AGK meets Tailsko and her sister AGK meets Tailsko and a lot of other girls AGK meets Katrina Kliss
? ? Leopold understands German since he is German ? AGK understands French ?
AGK has not played the game AGK played it without going on a website or finding it AGK found it online and downloaded it to play AGK has not played the game AGK was given the game by his friend AGK has not played the game
? ? AGK meets Connor while he was walking ? AGK meets Connor on Google Hangouts ?
? Sonic.exe is voiced by LouisVSFrost Sonic.exe is voiced by David Near ? Sonic.exe is voiced by SheyGrell ?
AGK82 has seven seasons C13 has ??? seasons has three long seasons Atarster has ??? seasons AGKRM2001 has fourteen seasons PSF has ??? seasons
? ? Madrice was created from an evil energy within Fabrice ? Madrice was created by Raynare to destroy Leopold ?
AGK plays video games as episodes AGK plays video games as episodes ? AGK plays video games as episodes AGK plays video games as episodes AGK plays video games as episodes
AGK's grandfather is absent AGK's grandfather got arrested AGK's grandfather apologized AGK's grandfather apologized AGK's grandfather apologized It is unknown when AGK's grandfather will make his debut
AGK fails the stupid quiz AGK fails the stupid quiz AGK passes the stupid quiz Atarster did not plan to make an "AGK does the stupid quiz" episode AGKRM did not plan this episode (unless he adds it to one of his later seasons) PrinceStickFigure did not plan to make this episode
AGK does not like the fact that people make videos out of him ? ? ? AGK does not mind users making parodies out of him ?
? ? If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Traver's best friend is Cameron If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Noah's best friends are Ratchet and Dante If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Tailsko's best friend is Melissa If Leopold's best friend is Jake, then Steve's best friend is Logan
? Kaeru uses his own voice clips Kaeru is voiced by Connor and will be replaced with a different voice actor Kaeru uses his own voice clips Kaeru is voiced by Connor Kaeru uses his own voice clips
? ? Sailor Moon's real name is Serena Tsukino Sailor Moon just goes by her Sailor Scout name Sailor Moon's real name is Usagi Tsukino ?
It is unknown who this person hates The worst Youtubers he hates are Nolan B, Jerry Khor, and OmegaMario89 The worst Youtubers he hates are Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, RiceGum, idubbbzTV, H3H3, and ShockMouths The worst Youtuber he hates is Nolan B. The worst Youtuber he hates is Math Podcast It is unknown who this person hates

Personal Facts


  • Traver's most favorite generation of music is Hardstyle. He sometimes likes dubstep and trap a little.
  • He likes watching anime
  • He formerly used to dislike Trump before understanding what bad things Hillary has been doing during the presidential campaign (there are two members who don't like him)


  • He despises those who worship the devil or express hatred towards the bible
  • He hates surfing because he is afraid he could get injured or when a shark attacks, meaning he's thalassophobic
  • Dank memes (nazis, pepe the frog, non-anime, etc.). The only dank people he doesn't hate are James and Ticha.
  • The fact how he doesn't get many views in every video (the past on the other hand)
  • Overwatch due to the fact that it ripped off Battleborn after it was released. He doesn't blame the fans, but the creators of the game.
  • 4Chan and it's entire race of anonymous users
  • Strippers, hookers, prostitutes, adulterers, and girls who have sexual desires such as Zoie Burgher

Other Facts

  • He has a scar on his head from way back when a seagull pecked him as a child
  • His sister told him that when he was young, he turned on the computer for the first time. He doesn't believe that.
  • He used to be a fan of Sonic before growing out of it
  • He always reads news about North Korea and their schemes every day
  • His most viewed video is Junkie. He came up with the video after buying a coke and KitKat he got from school.


  • Traver mostly refers to his internet friends by their real names from first to last, meaning that he's very formal.
  • Almost like Namtan Ticha, his series will be an anime
  • He has been mentioned in a video made by Super Planet Dolan:
  • He's trying his best to ignore AGK and focus more on lets plays, vlogs, and other videos he uploads. This has failed due to social circumstances.
  • He's known to be drawing manga concepts of AGK characters, such as Leopold, Fabrice, etc.
  • is the voice actor of Logan "The Deer" Underwood in PrinceStickFigure's series
  • He sometimes gets help from Fabrice in making thumbnails

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