“Greetings to all you angels out there, my name's Travrinity.”
―Travrinity's intro
“We live in a world where we don't understand the consequences of pride and greed. We steal man's idea and re-design it as our own. Being original made man more successful than others. Without this, we enter a war on creation.”
―Travrinity on originality

Traver Adam Vincent, known as (Born on March 31 2000) is a gaming channel and future AGK parodist who mainly focuses on horror (mostly), indie, Role playing, shooting, and other types of video games. In the future, he'll think of doing AGK parodies once he truly masters the skill of making anime. As of now, he is not into this.


Slikk Family


  • Jakub Jarosław Randolf - Mostly known as Jake. He is a young, talented gunsmith and one of Leopold's best friends. Uses water as his Mystic Organ ability.
  • Ronald Ramirez - A dominican transfer student who favors German tradition. Uses fire as his Mystic Organ ability.
  • Kaeru Otoko - A 17 year old teen who moved from Japan to live in Leopold's city. 
  • Noah Riegel - The genius. Studied the ideology of the Mystic Organ.
  • Traver Vincent - Leopold's friend. Secondary main protagonist. Uses light as his Mystic Organ ability.
  • Connor Marini - 19 year old Catalan. Has superhuman strength from his Mystic Organ.
  • Fabrice Laroche - French man and Traver's good friend. Uses darkness as his Mystic Organ ability.
  • Steve the Cat - 18 year old human cat. Uses electricity as his Mystic Organ ability
  • Jade the Rabbit - 18 year old human bunny. She is Steve's fiancee. Uses wind as her Mystic Organ ability.


  • Kurotaka - A group of people carrying out terrorist attacks and assassinating important targets. There are five members of this organization: Cain, Axel, Scythe, Boulder and Rose.


Note: Episodes with W.I.P. are being worked in progress. Episodes with green text are completed.
Season 1
# Title Description Watch
1 Pilot The first episode of the series

The episode starts off with narrating and introducing the characters and something that will change Leopold's life

There are many voice actors I will not reveal for this one

2 Organ A foreign student moved into Leopold's country. Will he make friends with him? Meanwhile at night, Noah gets into an incident and wakes up in the hospital with surprising knowledge.

Voice actor required for Kaeru

3 Justice

While AGK goes on a walk, he stumbles across a guy with an unusual power

4 Corruption Jake and Ronald start acting strangely before unleashing magic from their Mystic Organ. Can Leopold get them to snap out of it?
5 Super genius Leopold goes to see Noah about the powers his friends have obtained
6 Gunslinger News have been announced about 12 people who have been killed in a science lab. Leopold goes out at night and is under attack by a man accused of the massacre.
7 Training
8 The man
9 Strength Leopold meets a man going by the name Connor and hangs out with him. When they both get attacked by a bear, the man fights it with incredible strength.
10 Serenity
11 Divine
12 Boulder
13 Greed Leopold buys a crap load of lottery tickets. Will he achieve the gold?

Inspired by Atarster

Voice needed for clerk

14 Tragedy Jake invites his friend, Leopold, to go with him and his family to an amusement park.
15 Scylla

After witnessing the event, Jake skips out of school for one day and stays at his home with no family. Leopold asks him to hangout nearby a lake to chat until a water monster attacks.

16 Darkness

Leopold goes out for a walk and got into an accident. When he woke up, he met a guy named Fabrice Laroche, Traver's most humble bud.

17 Rose One day, Traver takes Leopold out to the wilderness where they begin their training using their Mystic Organ powers. Traver then sees someone he recognizes.
18 Wind & Lightning

Two unusual students enroll in Leopold's school. Later, they were arrested after attacking four bullies with their own powers. Traver bailed them out so he can discuss about their powers.

Voice required for Jade. Thanks to PrinceStickFigure for voicing Steve.

19 Scythe
20 Date 1/3 Love at first sight

Leopold meets a girl he helped and believes to have a crush on her

21 Date 2/3 Leopold gets prepared for his date
22 Date 3/3 During their date, a group of burglars shoot up the place
23 First possession

Fabrice was given a curse in his sleep. After school, he begins to be possessed by madness and the intention to kill.

24 The Anubian Jackal Traver tends to Fab until he's healed from the insanity. Meanwhile, Noah becomes a chiropractor.
25 Light & Dark

Trave and Fabrice work on a new move together

26 Witch

Leopold meets a young spell caster named Tilsim Tuzun. Only to realize that she is both human and a monster.

Voice needed for Tilsim

27 Aqua 1/2 Leopold and others go to a water park. While there, they encounter a man known as Mizu who has the power to control water.
28 Aqua 2/2 As the fight continues, Mizu defeats everyone except for Jake. Can he manage to win?
32 Sins
33 Sister
34 Infiltration
35 Blade & Gun
36 Phoenix
37 Throne


  1. From the Skies to the Earth!
  2. A New Start
  3. Society Adaptation
  4. Change In Self
  5. Cannibalism
  6. Self-Defense!
  7. Travelling to Places
  8. Moving Out
  9. Training Begins!
  10. Time to Fight Crime!
  11. The girl with a special gift 

Voices of Travrinity

  • Logan the Deer (PrinceStickFigure)
  • William Afton/Dave Miller/Springtrap (AGK&R2001 and GBL)
  • Hoppus (GeneBernardinoLawl)

Personal Facts

What Traver Likes

  • Traver's most favorite generation of music is Hardstyle. He sometimes likes dubstep and trap a little.
  • He likes watching anime
  • Slendytubbies (He got addicted to it)
  • Youtube

What Traver Dislikes/Hates

  • He despises those who worship the devil or express hatred towards the bible
  • He hates surfing because he is afraid he could get injured or when a shark attacks, meaning he's thalassophobic
  • Dank memes (nazis, pepe the frog, non-anime, etc.).
  • The fact how he doesn't get many views in every video (the past on the other hand)
  • Overwatch 
  • 4Chan
  • Strippers, hookers, prostitutes, adulterers, and girls who have sexual desires such as Zoie Burgher
  • Kekistan

Other Facts

  • He has a scar on his head from way back when a seagull pecked him as a child
  • His sister told him that when he was young, he turned on the computer for the first time. He doesn't believe that.
  • He used to be a fan of Sonic before growing out of it
  • He always reads news about North Korea and their schemes every day
  • His most viewed video is the first lets play of Slendytubbies 3 Multiplayer


  • Traver mostly refers to his internet friends by their real names from first to last, meaning that he's very formal.
  • Like Ticha, his series will have an anime styled animation
  • He has been mentioned in a video made by Super Planet Dolan:
  • He's known to be drawing concepts of AGK characters, such as himself, Fabrice, etc.
  • Travrinity is the voice actor of Logan "The Deer" Underwood in PrinceStickFigure's series
  • He sometimes gets help from Fabrice in making thumbnails