This is the script for episode 8 written and created by Travrinity.

The characters in this film will be: Traver, Alex, and Noah

Minor characters: Leopold, Jack Nicholson, Cleveland Brown, and HowToBasic

The voice actors are:

  • Traver as himself
  • Alex as himself
  • Leopold as himself
  •  ??? as Jack Nicholson
  • Connor as Cleveland
  • Noah as himself
  • HowToBasic as himself

Here it is:

(Angry German Kid intro)

bell rings

Leopold: I'll see you next week Alex

Alex: I will

Leopold: *leaves*

Alex: Another glorious day for the US army. Now it's time to take a break.

when he gets home

Alex: *takes out keys and unlocks door* *opens door, enters, and shuts it* *walks to couch and sits* *relaxed sigh* Feels good *takes off helmet* Let's watch some TV *turns on TV with remote*

Penny Dreadful plays

Alex: Oh god I hated this show. That bitch who got possessed is so damn awful *changes channel*

Forged in Fire plays

Alex: That's much better

door knocks

Alex: Seriously right now? *gets off seat and opens door*

Traver: Seasons greetings

Alex: *gasp!* Is that really you?

Traver: Sure is

Alex: I can't believe it. You're still alive!

Traver: So are you. We are all alive on this planet.

Alex: *nod* Come inside

Traver: *enters house* *closes door* *sits on chair*

Alex: So why are you here?

Traver: I was thinking about how we could permanently live here as our home. Just think about it: We can build our own fortress, make dozens of cash, and even drink plenty of alcohol.

Alex: We can't do that. We are not 21 yet.

Traver: Germany's policies said that we can drink at the age of 14 or 16

Alex: Really?

Traver: Yeah. Just ask Jack Nicholson

Jack N.: Beer? Ha! Best damn drink in the world. *drinks out of bottle* Ahhh *smashes bottle on head* Well, this has been fun. Good night. *falls to ground*

Traver: What I am trying to say is that we can do whatever we want in this country. We could live together here and play some video games and have our own cafeteria. Would that sound fun to you?

Alex: ....I guess?

Traver: Then let's do this

at a house in the hills

Traver: This is where we will live

Noah: Are you sure? This is already taken

Traver; Not anymore. Alex, do your thing.

Alex: *telepathically sends meteorite down and smashes house*

Cleveland: What the hell! *bathtub slides* No no no no no NO! *bathtub breaks into pieces on fall* I need to move to a new neighborhood

after destroying the house

Traver: Here's how it goes. We will make the door an automatic sliding glass door with a motion detector to show who we are. We will have four stadiums on the top. Mine is the center tallest. We also can put bedrooms on both sides and a kitchen and dining table. And to finish that off, we will put a wind turbine on this tower.

Noah: Don't you mean windmill?

Traver: No. It's like a windmill except it's a turbine. Now let's get this done in 24 hours.

Kevin Macleod - The Builder


Traver: *breathing* I think it's finished

Noah: Good. I'm getting off this *walks*

Traver: Noah. Don't...look down.

Noah: Why? *looks down*

sees ground so low

Noah: *looks at viewer* Uh oh *falls* *goofy scream* *crashes*

Traver: Are you okay?

Noah: I have two ribs and a humerus broken. I'm still fine!

Traver: Oh good then. Let's get back down there Alex. Alex?

Alex: I'm right here 

camera switches to view where Alex is hanging on to the blade

Traver: Keep holding on. Help is on the way.

Alex: Better hurry up. I'm catching millaria.

1 hour later

Traver: We finished all that hard labor to build this. Now we can go inside.

All: *enter at the same time*

Traver: Hey, one at a time!

All: *enter at the same time again*

Traver: You lunkheads! *bonks both on the head* *enters inside*

Both: *enter inside*

Noah: Wow. I got to say. This looks astounding.

Traver: I know, right? Come with me.

Noah: *walks with Traver*

Traver: *opens door* Here is your very own room

Noah: Whoaaaa! It's got everything I want. A computer. A workbench. And even a desk to do chemistry. Thanks master, this is the best.

Traver: Glad you like it *hugs Noah* *leaves* *visits Alex's room* How do you like it?

Alex: It's good. I have my own supplies and computer for anything I want to do, including tracking down stuff.

Traver: Excellent. You might have to come with me again. 

Alex: Okay? *gets off bed*


Traver: Here is our brewery, and here is our test subject. *intercom* Taste the tequila for results

HowToBasic: *grabs glass and takes a sip* *smacking lips* AHHHH! *throws glass at window and an egg* *makes noises* (Your alcoholic drinks are fucking awful! I will egg your whole family!)

Traver: Welp, we failed. *intercom* Releasing Zyklon B gas spray systems

sprinklers spray chemicals

HowToBasic: *scream* *coughing* *coughs blood* *lays on floor*

Noah: What do we do with the corpse?

Traver: We dispose of it by this vent where the body goes in the dumpster *pushes button*

corpse goes down vent and lands in trash bin

HowToBasic: *gets up* *turns to tower* *flips the bird* *runs away*

Traver: Well, how does it feel?

Alex: Very pleasant sir

Traver: Good. We can live here for the rest of our lives with unlimited access to everything. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to a Doctor Who Convention. *walks to a powered off DALEK and crawls inside* *turns on* Exterminate! *goes outside*

Noah: I built that for him so he can survive a nuclear attack

Teenager: Oh cool, a robot!

Traver: Exterminate! *shoots laser*


Alex: Nuclear attacks?

Noah: I did not build it for him to destroy everything


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