Timotunes is an AGK parodist Since 2015. His main inspiration are from big AGK makers such as PVMAGKVIDEOS, Atarster, AGKandvideomaker2000, AngryGermanKid82, and Skiles TV etc, He edit BradTheCoolGuy's AGK page in 2016 by putting more episodes which doesn't make any sense, He also replaces Cansin13 stuff with crappy stuff, But he doesn't do that anymore, He is now inactive in the AGK wikia, And he's now retired.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Leonard Slikk
  • Leonidas Slikk
  • Harold Slikk
  • Mary Slikk
  • Aivin Slikk
  • Sean Turner
  • Jake Randolf
  • Ronald Ramierz
  • Noah Riegel
  • Kaeru Otoko
  • Adolf Hitler


  1. AGK the Movie
  2. AGK the Movie 2


  1. AGK's Halloween special
  2. AGK's Christmas special
  3. AGK's Christmas special 2
  4. AGK's Halloween special 2
  5. AGK's Thanksgiving special
  6. AGK's Christmas special 3
  7. AGK's Halloween special 3
  8. AGK's Thanksgiving special 2
  9. AGK's Christmas special 4

The Angry German Kid Episodes

  1. AGK Records his Father At Work
  2. AGK goes to Dairy Queen
  3. AGK Watches Smile HD
  4. AGK and his Grandfather
  5. AGK watches SuicideMouse.avi
  6. AGK plays Mario Kart Super Circuit
  7. AGK pulls the a Fire Alarm
  8. AGK goes to Dolphin Emulator
  9. AGK goes to School
  10. AGK vs Mr. Wilson
  11. AGK Plays Super Princess Peach
  12. AGK watches Leon Smallwood Misadventures
  13. AGK gets Revenge on his Dad
  14. AGK plays Super Mario Bros X
  15. AGK plays Scary Maze Game
  16. AGK watches Himself on Youtube
  17. AGK goes to Mcdonald's
  18. AGK Goes Camping
  19. AGK plays Hello Neighbor
  20. AGK vs Jeff the Killer
  21. AGK watches Fat Videos
  22. AGK goes to Pakistan
  23. AGK goes to Username 666
  24. AGK Watches K-fee Commercials
  25. AGK's Babysits his Brothers Part 1/4
  26. AGK's Babysits his Brothers Part 2/4
  27. AGK's Babysits his Brothers Part 3/4
  28. AGK's Babysits his Brothers Part 4/4
  29. AGK goes to Disneyland
  30. AGK starts a Foodfight at School
  31. AGK get owned by Winterrowd
  32. AGK takes a Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  33. AGK vs his Dad Again
  34. AGK goes to Church
  35. AGK goes to KFC
  36. AGK Attempts to Kill Himself
  37. AGK's Good Dream
  38. AGK vs Stephen Quire
  39. AGK meets Noah Riegel
  40. AGK goes to Jail
  41. AGK Escaped out of the Jail
  42. AGK watches Cupcakes HD
  43. AGK Finds a Secret Place
  44. AGK goes to Lego Store
  45. AGK watches Smurfs
  46. AGK goes back to School
  47. AGK plays Yoshi.exe
  48. AGK plays Super Mario Sunshine
  49. AGK Annoyed by Potato the Annoying Girl Part 1/2
  50. AGK Annoyed by Potato the Annoying Girl Part 2/2
  51. AGK Tries to Works Bomb at the Park
  52. AGK goes to Internet Cafe
  54. AGK plays Angry German Kid.exe
  55. AGK goes to Six Flags
  56. AGK plays Sally.exe
  57. AGK vs Dark Leopold
  58. AGK Dad's Returns
  59. AGK Lost in Space Part 1/5
  60. AGK Lost in Space Part 2/5
  61. AGK Lost in Space Part 3/5
  62. AGK Lost in Space Part 4/5
  63. AGK Lost in Space Part 5/5
  64. AGK goes to Hell
  65. AGK gets Held Back
  66. AGK's Nightmare
  67. AGK goes to Summer School
  68. AGK goes to Arcade Center
  69. AGK tries to Commit Suicide
  70. AGK gets Stuck in the Old Restroom
  71. AGK plays Sonic exe
  72. AGK plays Fegelin.exe
  73. AGK goes to New School
  74. AGK plays Super Mario All Stars
  75. AGK vs Angry Sims Kid
  76. AGK plays Counter Strike
  77. AGK vs AGK.Unizipped
  78. AGK Watches Angry Video Game Nerd
  79. AGK vs Stephen Quire Again
  80. AGK Rescue his Ronald Ramierz Part 1/3
  81. AGK Rescue his Ronald Ramierz Part 2/3
  82. AGK Rescue his Ronald Ramierz Part 3/3
  83. AGK vs Aivin Slikk
  84. AGK watches Gmod idiot Box Videos
  85. AGK watches 2 Girls 1 Cup
  86. AGK watches Don't me Hug I'm Scared
  87. AGK plays Super Ben 64
  88. AGK vs Gajardo.exe Part 1/3
  89. AGK vs Gajardo.exe Part 2/3
  90. AGK vs Gajardo.exe Part 3/3
  91. AGK goes to Kidzania
  92. AGK goes to Movies
  93. AGK watches Scariest Videos
  94. AGK's New School
  95. AGK's Another Nightmare
  96. AGK plays Tetris
  97. AGK and the Tornado
  98. AGK goes to Taco Bell
  99. AGK watches CD-i Cutscenes
  100. AGK Kills Angry Homo Kid
  101. AGK goes back to School
  102. AGK plays Starfox 64
  103. AGK and his a Consipation
  104. AGK Plays Roblox
  105. AGK's Birthday
  106. AGK watches more Creepy Commercials
  107. AGK visit to a Goanimate Headquaters
  108. AGK babysits Leopard & Leonardo
  109. AGK plays Wario Land 4


Episode 78 Preview

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