Ticha190 is an AGK parodist, graphic designing and video editing hobbyist from Israel. His first AGK video was made 4 years ago. Though, the first episode of AGK on Ticha190, was made 3 years ago on 12th of September.

Episodes (old)

These are old episodes that are no longer relevant and worth of continuation.

  1. AGK Plays Unreal Tournament
  2. AGK Goes To School
  3. AGK Goes To The Restaurants
  4. AGK Goes To Channel 666
  5. AGK Plays Cat Mario
  6. AGK Gets Bored
  7. AGK Gets Tortured By Ran Ran Ru 1/2
  8. AGK Gets Tortured By Ran Ran Ru 2/2
  9. AGK Plays Slenderman's Shadow Chirstmas Special

Old Series

The old series of Ticha190 includes videos of 480p quality, white subtitles, Sony Vegas animation and a decent sense of humor. It also has a few remakes of other AGK episodes created by famous AGK parodists...

New Series: Leopold The Crusher; クラッシャーレオポルド

"Leopold The Crusher" is an anime styled animation of involving AGK. As to highlight the idea of AGK being a parody of a teen losing himself on camera, "Leopold The Crusher" is a parody of many original japanese animations. Such as: JoJo's Bizzare Adventures, Hokuto No Ken, Baki The Grappler, Riki-Oh ect. Leopold The Crusher is a mix of AGK and anime.

The story begins a few years after an event that happened on outer space. Following an anciet tale, it is said Evil will settle on Earth to avenge God. Since then, more and more crime and violence started appearing on mainly Germany. Organizations of two sides: Good and Evil were established. Leopold must find out about the mystery behind the crisis and defeat the most powerful of all. And maybe eat sausage eggs on the way... Because you know, you can't fight on an empty stomach!

Leopold The Crusher: Gaidens (OAVs)

This is a list of Original Adult Videos of Leopold The Crusher. All of them are backstories to the main series. It's also when the saga of Leopold The Crusher will end.

Leopold Gaiden

Leopold Gaiden is where Leopold normally lived and with a normal appearance, like in other parodies. It describes Leopold's way to martial arts.

Ticha Gaiden

Ticha Gaiden is Ninja Ticha's whole bio and history in one.

Fukushu Gaiden

Fukushu Gaiden is the story of one of the fathers of the most powerful martial arts and Leopold's ancestor. It's going to the ancient konran times where law do not exist. Fukushu is to murder all crime.


Kumite is the timeline between Leopold Gaiden to the main series. Leopold and Ninja Ticha are going to Spirit Island's biggest fighting tournament, Kumite, as the final training of Leopold to finally be able to rule the vengeful energy in him. Other parodists appear as fighters in the kumite,

Vengeful Father

Vengeful Father is the dark side of the Leopold The Crusher saga. It includes uncontrolled-demonic Leopold killing everyone. It describes Leopold's first time getting sucked to the vengeful energy of him given by his ancestors.

Criminal Unchained

Criminal Unchained involves all around Kyoki - the black angel of Evil. It's about Kyoki's journals of killing other evil energies like ghosts and monsters.


Jessica is the final tale and part of Leopold The Crusher. It's the part when Leopold finally took care of every crime and Evil in the whole world. After some time, Leopold finds himself lonely and has nothing to do. It tells about Jessica, Leopold's first love which will make Leopold gain his freedom from the thorny power he posses. It's about Leopold's process of inner peace, by love. It all comes to a happy ending, and Leopold continues to play games and eat sausage eggs along with Jessica.

Facts about Ticha190

  • Namtan was born on 2nd October.
  • Namtan's Zodiac sign is Libra.
  • Namtan is mix-raced.
  • Namtan is an expert in memes.