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The Angry German Kid XD (formerly known as YouTubeWare or MilesTheCreator) is an AGK parodist since 20th March 2015. He use Anime Studio Pro to animate Leopold and the others. Sony Vegas Pro 13 to render, add music and bringing clips each other!

His main channel "MilesTheCreator" is not deleted but it won't have Angry German Kid related videos anymore. All his Angry German Kid rigs are powered by 'Fan Ultimate Rig'.



No. Title Watch
1 Meet the Angry German Kid.
2 Leopold's beginning of friendship.
3 If Leopold glasses are lost!
4 Leopold Slikk goes on a school trip.
5 If Leopold tries to stop swear words.
6 Leopold Slikk plays Rayman Legends
7 Angry German Kid clean his room.

Idea by PVMAGKVIDEOS (Previous request)

8 Leopold Slikk fights with Jake.
9 Leopold Slikk meets the Angry Dominican Kid.
10 Ask Angry German Kid #1


SEGA COOL (2008-2011)

He made his first channel, he was Sega fan at that time... His channel had gameplays and music videos! He was using the classic Windows Movie Maker.. And he made games using Scratch.. Most of his videos were awfully made, nobody liked his videos. He then revealed himself but still nobody likes him, so he decided to delete the channel and remove all his videos!

YouTubeWare (2012)

One day, he brought a game called WarioWare D.I.Y for his 3DS! He couldn't stop playing it, probably enjoyed it very much! So he made another YouTube account.. His channel was meant to upload videos about his WaioWare D.I.Y games but he ended up putting some gameplays.. After months, he got a new PC! So he will continue making videos on his PC.

Hardships (2013)

After making some videos.. his PC charger was broken, he was not able to charge his PC. So he still continue to make videos but using iPad 2 this time using iMovie.. But his videos were terribly made! After a while, he made a new Twitter and DeviantArt account but still nobody likes him.. He wasn't very popular until he made a fan video of a series called "An Egg's Guide to Minecraft" made by Element Animation! And surprisingly, he got 400 subscribers. Fortunately, he got a new PC charger.. And again, he will continue make his videos using his PC! Later, he made a series "Mario Advance" using Paint and Camtasia Studio! And people began to like him!

New video editing skills (2014)

This version made big changes to his channel! His PC was damaged for unknown reason.. But he never give up.. He continue to make his videos using his brother's PC.. After some researches on "How to make an animation?" and "How to use Photoshop?", he got improved a lot.. He didn't expect to be improved a lot! Then, there were more subscribers, he was extremely happy with that! However, he got inactive for some months but after he become active again, he made some Rayman animations and again he gained more subscribers! Then, he made his Facebook and Google+ account! This year, he discovered Angry German Kid from PVMAGKVIDEOS! He wanted to make Angry German Kid episodes too but he didn't know how to use Sony Vegas..

Then.. he lied about his real name and country for whole 2 years but he told the truth.. then he announced that he will never show his real name and country on the internet!

More improvements (2015)

This year, he got active a lot! He even made his instagram account.. He got improved a lot and his animations as well.. First, he through his 4th profile picture is the best ever but after studying "Material Design" by Google.. He got a better idea for a new profile picture and banner for his YouTube! And finally this year, he learned Sony Vegas and finally was able to upload Angry German Kid episodes. Angry German Kid makers began to like his series.. He's aiming to do more episodes in order to entertain people! Later, he learned ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 and made 2 creepypasta games. And many people liked his game but they were not as scary as Sonic.exe! As well as Fegelein.exe..

However, he feels painful because of the upcoming games and animations!

MilesTheCreator (2015)

After thinking for a while, he sees that the name YouTubeWare doesn't seem to be a really nice name so he decided to change it! And this time with a green background because it's his favorite color.

The Angry German Kid XD (2015)

MilesTheCreator had to delete all his Angry German Kid videos related including the Five Nights at the Angry German Kid gameplays too for some private reason.. But now, he will start his series over but using his brand new Angry German Kid channel. The graphics of the series will be different than all the Angry German Kid makers!

Legacy logos


  • In 2008, he made a channel called "SEGA COOL" but due to many dislikes and awful videos, he removed his channel!
  • His first Angry German Kid channel watched is PVMAGKVIDEOS.
  • He's probably a Rayman fan.
  • MCMineTube helped MilesTheCreator on some episodes.
  • He uses Sony Vegas Pro 13 to make AGK videos.
  • Unlike other AGK series, his first episode is about Leopold introduce himself for those who are new on watching Angry German Kid parodies.
  • Unlike all the AGK makers, all the characters will be cartoon animated!
  • He got popular after making "Angry German Kid.exe."
  • Unlike other AGK parodist, Mrs. Sukscox will speak German instead of English!
  • AGKandRockman2001 found out he goes on The Spriters Resource. The evidence is in the comment section below.


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