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The Angry German Kid RPG is a role-playing game game centered around Leopold Slikk, made with RPG VX Ace Maker. The game is uploaded on Gamejolt on July 8, 2015.



Bored of his natural life of a repeating cycle day after day: wake up, opens the computer, get scolded to school, goes home, plays a particular game all day then sleep, Leopold Slikk decides to embark on a journey by exiting the house, hang out with Jake and do some crazy sh*t.


Leopold Slikk wakes up and demands a new day of adventure. Leonard, who is begging Leopold to type in his password on his computer, gets enraged when Leopold plays the computer instead of him (which is not shown in the game). After the fight, they asks out Leonidas and Harold to join them, since it's Saturday.

Soon, they engages the killer balloons across the town. After a couple of farming, they help Jake rid of a higher-class balloon. Then they defeats another in Leopold's basement. They set out to recruit Tailsko and inspect the portal. They attempt to enter a new world 4.5 billion years into the future. They fight Red Bloony himself and defeat him and get him to join your party.

He then gives a portal to Leopold to allow him to enter the new world at will. It's revealed to be Sploder, where there are people and it works a bit differently from Earth. They complete the quests, fight Red Bloony's brother and recruit him. When they come back to Leopold's home, they find a camera attacking Mary. They defeat it and the main villain teleports them to his lair.


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