The Angry German Kid Movie is created by TheKewlOne96. There are 2 episodes. The first movie is between episode 25 and 28, and the second movie is between episode 43 and 51.

Movie 1 - Justin's Revenge




Supporting Characters

  • Jodl
  • Günsche
  • Rick Astley
  • Armies of girls
  • Rebecca Black
  • Mr. Trololol (Eduard Khil)
  • Tunak Tunak Tun
  • Numa Numa Guy

Minor Characters

  • Hitler's Generals


  • Leopold's house
  • Harold's office
  • Hitler's bunker
  • The Reich Lab
  • Hitler's armory
  • France
  • Malaysia
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • ARK Music Factory


This story starts when Leopold wanted to play some games. He received a message from Justin.

You thought you had killed me. No, I am still alive. Be prepared Leopold, sometime very soon, I will find you and kill you.”
―Justin Bieber, Head of the BFA (Bieber Fever Army)

He didn't believe it, then ignored it, and started to play UT. Later, the game is interrupted. Leopold and Harold received a video message from Justin.

“Hello world. I am Justin Bieber. You won't just think I am dead. Well, I only just survived, but I have to be ... And because of that, I'm now part android. The news I have heard is disgraceful. Millions ... my death. Well, I will not allow it. All of you shall ... For I have secretly bringing together some of the most annoying and unpopular people on the planet. Like Rebecca Black, Rick Astley, Mr. Trololol, and Tunak Tunak Tun, to form a new army, the BFA, the Bieber Fever Army. We have the tools to take our revenge on this pathetic world. We will begin our takeover in exactly half an hour. Oh, and Leopold and Hitler, you two shall meet ... to me. You cannot ... for ... It is bigger then you can imagine. It is not finished yet. But in half an hour, well you just wait and see. You won't be able to run all eye from me. No one will. Be prepared world, your end is near.”
Justin Bieber

Leopold and Harold were shocked. After that, Leopold's computer got hacked as well. The computer initiated a command, making everyone be part of the BFA. Harold returned home and informed him about this. Leopold then decided to go to Hitler's bunker.

Meanwhile, in Hitler's bunker, he was listening to the message. And then he ranted.

Right before Beiber's assault, Leopold and Harold arrived. They (Here in after called the Allies) then went to the planning room. Leopold planned to make out those leaders (Here in after called the Armies) so that they could take control of the girls. Hitler had some gadgets to track them and fight them, including Jodl's Track-O-Matic.

In America, The news reporting about the invasion of Bieber.

The allies went to the lab and tracked the leaders' locations. First they searched for Rick Astley. Rick was in 2 miles off the west coast of France. They headed to Hitler's top secret armory that only Günsche knew about. Thay equipped themselves with WTF bombs, first aid kits, armored clothing, and guns. When they arrived at the armory, Leopold installed the antihacker program and activated the shield. The United Nations declared that the allies can attack the armies if necessary. Leopold fired up the missiles and destroyed the girls, then used the chaingun to finish Rick.

The allies went back to the lab. Handheld copies of the Track-O-Matic had been made. They split up and each targeted one. Leopold went to Rebecca Black, Hitler for Eduard Khil, and Harold for Tunak Tunak Tun.

After the three leaders were defeated, the allies went back to the lab and found out that the girls were still in control. They tracked Justin and found that he was in the ARK Music Factory. Günsche took them there. During their way, they encountered the Numa Numa Guy, but he was soon finished. Finally, they reached Justin's command base. Harold was brainwashed by Justin's gun, then became a recruit of the BFA, but it is soon freed by Hitler using Justin's commander computer.

Finally, Leopold fought Justin, slamming him out of the window with his keyboard. However, the defeat of Justin made the commander computer to activate the missile, but it was soon destroyed by Leopold. Finally, the allies destroyed the ARK Music Factory. Günsche picked them up and set off home, ending the Movie 1.


Boss Location HP Battler
Justin Bieber ARK Music Factory/Justin's command base 300 Leopold


Movie 2 - Dangers on the Internet




Supporting Characters

  • Gamerno99 (Fawful)
  • cvetipavlov (Link)
  • Trollfaces
  • BETA-One (MohdAKSnake)
  • Demon Leopold
  • Bunchie
  • MrWario3 (Wario)
  • TheShansDawsonFan
  • NXTurbo007 (Turbo)
  • Hikazemitzusucharai (Hika)
  • FireWorldTheRed/MrSuperParty5 (The Cartoon)
  • ComJacker
  • Jake Randolf
  • Goebbels
  • scorpion (Paulo Silva)
  • Heatran
  • Giratina
  • TheKewlOne96


  • A road
  • Fegelein's lab
  • Leopold's home
  • The place where 1Draguno's teleporter was
  • First region of cyber (Fegelein's group)
  • Second region of cyber - the computer desktop
  • Third region of cyber (Hika's group)


The movie starts with Fawful and Link, talking about some ideas of making a video. 1Draguno came and went to Fegelein's lab, made some adjustments on the FegelPorter so that the real world is connected to the cyber world. Fegelein came, saw some trollfaces teleported to the real world. Fawful and Link came and fought the trollfaces. Fegelein knew that 1Draguno wanted to conquer the world by letting the beings in cyber to enter the reality. So he teleported the allies, including Leopold, MohdADSnake, Paulo, Wario, Hika and TheShaneDawsonFan.

Meanwhile, in Leopold's house, with Jake, received the message from Fegelein, and then they teleported to Fegelein'a lab. MohdADSnake could not go, so he sent out his robot BETA-One.

1Draguno made another teleporter copying Fegelein's design. Turbo came. 1Draguno told him to get in. As soon as Turbo teleported to the cyber, he saw a Bunchie, and then was trapped.

The allies teleported to where 1Draguno placed his teleporter. 1Draguno teleported away. Then the allies encountered Heatran and Giratina. Leopold and BETA-One left to fight them, while the others were teleported. After that, TheShaneDawsonFan, ComJacker, and MSP5 came. They then teleported away.

The allies were separated during teleportation.

Fegelein, Wario, TheShaneDawsonFan, and Goebbels arrived at a cyber region. They found that Turbo was trapped. The Bunchie came and then was fought by the allies. Turbo was then released.

Leopold, BETA-One, Jake, MSP5 and ComJacker teleported to a computer desktop. Leopold reveals that the assassin was 1Draguno, and then he was kidnapped.

Hika, Paulo, Fawful, and Link were in another region. Ezio came and sent out Justin, and told the allies to surrender.

After that, Leopold found that he was back home, but actually, he was in a brainwashing bubble made by 1Draguno, and then he was brainwashed into Demon Leopold. The allies from the second region came, found out that Leopold had been brainwashed, and then attacked 1Draguno. Soon TheKewlOne96 made an appearance, and then took 1Draguno away.

Meanwhile, back to the first region. Goebbels was bored and then teleported back to the real world. The allies decided to find the other separated allies. Demon Leopold came and wanted to destroy all Leopold's friends. In this fight, TheShaneDawsonFan, Turbo and Wario were no more. After that, the demon was released. Leopold went back to normal. Leopold and Fegelein went back to the lab, set to heal the dead allies. And then they teleported to the third region.

In the third region, the allies refused to surrender. They tried to attack Justin but failed. Leopold came with his power granted by TheKewlOne96, and then BETA-One came as well. Hika and BETA-One transformed into a giant android, the IMPERIAL-One, fighting Justin with Leopold. Justin was finally defeated and then exploded. Ezio came and wanted to finish them, but resisted by his brother.

“I, have been defeated? No! It's just like you said before episode 38. Maybe if I made more friends, I would have won. My time is finally up. My end is here. Goodbye Leopold, and master.”
Justin Bieber
“Without friends, you cannot win. That is that that is why Justin lost time and time again. Because Leopold had friends to help in times of need, and Justin had no one, save you who rebuilt him. But you were no friend, merely a commander, he was your slave. You will never win against us, even if you try.”

Ezio was finally imprisoned with 1Draguno. All the allies were finally teleported back to the real world, ending Movie 2.


Enemies/Bosses Locations HP Battlers
3 Trollfaces Fegelein's Lab 200 each Fawful and Link
Heatran and Giratina Near 1Draguno's teleporter - Leopold and BETA-One
Bunchie First region of cyber 500 Fegelein, TheShaneDawsonFan, Wario and Goebbels
Demon Leopold First region of cyber 300 Fegelein, TheShaneDawsonFan, Turbo and Wario
Justin Bieber Third region of cyber 1000 Leopold and IMPERIAL-One


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