Hey guys Taylan here and welcome to my page I'm going to start my own AGK Series soon! but don't worry it won't be late here are the episodes

Link to my YouTube Channel


  1. Leopold Slikk (Main Character)
  2. Harold Slikk (AGK's Non-Abusive Father)
  3. Leonard Slikk (AGK's Annoying Brother)
  4. Leonidas Slikk (AGK's oldest brother)
  5. Mary Slikk (AGK's respectful mother)

Other Characters

  1. Noah (Leopold's best friend)
  2. Iris (Pokemon) (Leopold's girlfriend)
  3. Oishi Kawaii (Leopold's Principal)
  4. Deathstroke


Season 1

  1. AGK watches Dr. Phil's clip Hot Sauce Mom
  2. AGK VS. Hot Sauce Mom

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