Suzie Randolf is Jake's annoying sister that appears in BlueNewton's series.

She is bossy to annoy Jake over games, destorying rooms, and she annoys Leopold over his PC.


BlueNewton's series

In episode 28, she came to Leopold's house and she heard Leopold talking about her being annoying and she rages angrily, she yells at Barry Slikk to attack Leopold, his brothers, Jake and Aturo Outer because she want Barry Slikk to attack Leopold. Then Suzie and Barry Slikk found Leopold and the others but then, she got hit by Leopold's keyboard and she apologies from what she did.


  • BlueNewton says that Suzie Randolf belongs to his cousin, The Muby Lord Kid, because he was doing LBP3 randoms and BlueNewton took a snapshot for Jake's annoying sister.
  • Suzie Randolf speaks like AGK in high pitch because she is only in the Randolf family.