Stupid Quiz is one of the elements that appeared in some of the AGK series. Some are extremely easy, even a 1st grade student can answer it, yet Leopold can't. Others appear to have the correct answers present, but actually require you to think in stupid ways to answer the question properly, as the correct answers are actually wrong.


AngryGermanKid82's Angry German Kid Series

Leopold took the Stupid Quiz in episode 53. Leopold answered all questions wrongly. He got zero and was suspended.

He then retook the quiz in episode 55, right after the Christmas holiday. However he answered the same thing, then he doubtlessly got zero again. For the essay, he is punished by writing an 9000 words essay about why Justin Bieber is awesome, instead of suspension. He wrote the essay on the next day; Sukscox played Justin's music while he was writing, and then went to inform Hitler about Leopold's failure in the quizzes.

No. Question Leopold's answer Leopold's retake Correct Answer
1 3+5 35 53 8
2 What is the capital of Washington? Washington D.C. Not Washington D.C. Olympia
10 Who is the president of the United States? - Chuck Norris Barack Obama (since the episode was made before 2013)
14 Who is the worst singer ever? Explain your answer. - justin beeber he is 16 and sounds lik a little girl and hasnt gon throu pyubertee yet and his singing SUX!!!1!!!!11! i dont no y all da girls go gaga over him his song baby maks my eers bleed i wish he dies and tat is y i haet justin buttfuker (Justin Bieber. He is 16 and sounds like a little girl and hasn’t gone through puberty yet and his singing SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why the girls go “gaga” over him. His song, Baby, make my ears bleed! I wish he dies and that is why I hate Justin Buttf___er.) -
15 What do you think about Leopold Slikk? Give your honest opinion. leopold slikk is da best persn in da hole world he is awsom and kicks ass in unreal tornament (Leopold Slikk is the best person in the whole world. He is awesome and kicks ass in Unreal Tournament.) - He is stupid because he is immature, refuses work, and always play games.

TheDrapocalyse's Angry German Kid Series

Leopold answered all questions correctly. However someone hacked into the school server and changed their score.

No. Question Leopold's answer Correct
1 What is 2+2? 4 <-
2 Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Fruit Vegetable
3 What color is the School building? Orange <-
10 Write a short paragraph on mainstream music and TV and how it's impacted our society. I think it mostly sucks. You have trash TV like Jersey Shore and RuPaul's drag race. Jersey Shore is full of assholes and douchebage that influence highschoolers to behave badly and it is moronic. while RuPaul's show is just not relevant to anything. In terms of music, well it kinda does suck as there's crap like One Direction and Justin Bieber which are just plain irritating and playing them would be considered ear rape. Some Rap music like Eminem, Kid Cudl, Yourfavoritemartian, and Whiz Khalifa are great however, same with Heavy Metal and Hard rock like Nightwish and a few other bands I can't mention because this is suppoded to be a short paragraph are badass and I should know because I am Leopold Slikk the Real Gangster. -

PulseStar74's Angry German Kid Series

This is currently the only quiz that has correct answers written when marked.

No. Question Leopold's answer Correct
1 What color is our school building? Brown <-
2 Which id these numbers is an odd number? (2, 5, 4 or 1000000) 1000000 5
3 Which object has the closest chape of the planet Earth? (pizza, balloon, iPod, or teddy bear) Balloon <-
4 How did Sleeping Beauty fall to a deep sleep? Poisoned apple Touching an orb made by Maleficent
5 Who is/are the best student(s) in this class and who is/are the worst student(s) of all? Da best stoodint iz leopold da wurst stoodints ov all r olive dem eevin da teechur (The best student is Leopold. The worst students of all are all of them, even the teacher.) -

MasterStudi0's Angry German Kid Series

Every question are shown on the screen, instead being said out by Leopold.

No. Question Leopold's answer Correct Answer
1 What is 1+1? 11 2
2 Who is responsible for the destruction of the Pearl Harbour? Osama Bin Laden Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
3 Who is the 1st president of the United States of America? George Bush George Washington
4 On April 14, 1865, who was the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln? Connor from Assassin's Creed 3 John Wilkes Booth
5 What company makes Mac computers? Microsoft Apple
6 Who says famous quotes, "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you possibly image"? Chuck Norris Luke Skywalker
Last Who created DC Comic? Stan Lee Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Green ProDuctions's Angry German Kid Series

Although Leopold took it in the 1st Episode and retook it the 40th episode. He doesn't do Well

Question # Question Answer Retake Correct
1 What is 9+10? 21 21 19
2 Who is the God of Earth Leopold Slikk Sausage Eggs Jesus Christ
3 Is Justin Beiber a Boy or Girl? Girl Girl Boy
4 Who is the 1st President of the U.S? Benjanim Franklin Chuck Norris George Washington
5 How do you Say "Pizza-La" inn Japanese? I dont Know Still, I dont know ピザラ (Pizara)
6 How do you Like Sausage eggs MMMMMMMMM- MMMMMMMM- -
7 1X1 11 11 1
8 6x14 614 461 84
Last 9x9 99 18 81

GeneBernardinoLawl's Angry German Kid Series

Leopold moved to the new school and took the stupid quiz during on episode 45 and retook during on episode 46 but he fails.

# Question Answer (First) Answer (Second) Correct
1 What is 8x5? 34 9000 40
2 What is 1x11? 111 111 11
3 Who is the worst singer? Justin Bieber Nicki Minaj -
4 What do you think about Leopold Slikk? Give your honest opinion. Leopold is the best. That's all. Still the best Stupid and immature.
5 Who is the president of the United States of America? Gay Luigi Adolf Hitler(?) Donald Trump
6 What's your opinion of this school? STOOPID! STOOPID! -
Last Which id these numbers is an odd number? (1, 2, 6 or 8000) 8000 8000 1

Others are mostly copying AGK82's styles so it is not included in this article.