StupidWolfie's AGK series is a AGK series created by StupidWolfie.

Main characters

  • Leopold Slikk (born November 15, 1996) - main hero of this show who is often beated up by his dad.
  • Leonard Slikk (born July 4, 1999)- Leopold's younger brother, who always gets an A from the test.
  • Leonidas Slikk (born February 27, 1994)- Leopold's older brother, who is retarded.
  • Magda Slikk (born February 13, 1971)- Leopold's mother. She likes to cook and grounding Leopold.
  • Gordon Slikk (born April 9, 1968)- Leopold's father, who is very abusive.
  • Mr. Bullkrap- Leopold's teacher.
  • Mr. Lixhisas- Principal.
  • Jake Randolf (born September 15, 1996)- Leopold's best friend.
  • Emily Randolf (born June 11, 1962)- Jake's mother, which appears in episode 6.
  • Corey Randolf (born August 21, 1957)- Jake's father, which appears in episode 6.


1. Leopold gets busted- Leopold is supposed to watch Leonard and Leonidas, but instead of it he plays cmoputer games. Done: August 8, 2013

2. Leopold goes to McDonald's- Leopold goes to McDonald's, but he doesn't get his order. Done: August 16, 2013

3. Leopold goes to school- Leopold goes to school, and fails a test. Done: August 24, 2013

4. Leopold makes an essay- In school, Leopold has to make an essay about his family. Done August 27, 2013

5. Leopold gets an A- Leopold finally gets an A- but from Arts. Done August 29, 2013

6. Leopold goes chatting- Leopold is bored at school, so he chattes instead of writing the test. Done: September 27, 2013