1. REDIRECT Template:Agkseries/testStrongproblems is a Canadian AGK Parodist as of 2016 Who is currently makes videos about him, gameplays and Messages to other people. His Rival is Kendarien TV, a kid with who want his account terminated.

He also makes Contributions between the M.U.G.E.N Community, characters Such as Leopold Slikk (Working on it), as well as just, Jake, Harold, and Ronald, and Stephen.

Characters (Some are Hidden)

  • Leopold Slikk - The Main character of AGK
  • Leonard Slikk - AGK's little brother who annoys Leopold
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's old Brother who is a bit dumb
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's Dad who beats Leopold Up and loves My Little Pony
  • Mary Slikk - The oppisite of Harold and Leopold's Mum
  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's Best friend who always Looks out for him
  • Randy Randolf - Jake's Farther he is a friend to Harold
  • Strongproblems - One of Leopold's Friends
  • Kendarien TV - One of Strongproblems' Enemies
  • AGKandvideomaker2000
  • KillerNinja65
  • Stephen Quire - Leopold's Internet Rival
  • Jack Quire
  • Ronald Ramirez - Leopold's Bully, he will become friends with him at the end of AGK's Bully
  • Adolf Hitler - AGK's Worst Enemy
  • Hermann Fegelein
  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Riff
  • Baby Bop
  • Tailsko - Leopold's New Girlfriend
  • Emerald - Tailsko's sister
  • Principal Diknoz - Suspends Leopold, Alot
  • Mrs Suxcox - Leopold's Teacher for 9th Grade


  • Noah
  • Kaer Uotoko (Named as Arata Hachiro)
  • Melanie Martinez
  • Nightcore Girl
  • Sarah Slikk
  • Caillou
  • Leopod Slikk
  • Akuma Hachiro

Episode List

Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic. Episodes in progress are in bold.
  1. TBA
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  4. TBA
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Special Episodes

AGK accidentally Goes to

AGK Gets a new computer


Strongproblems is not a brony, however his brother is a brony.

He hates shows such as Barney, Caillou and other PBS Kids shows.

It turns out that Strongproblems Hates Joey Slikk aswell, due to copying coding and sounds from M.U.G.E.N Characters. He has joined the haters of Josh Geary and is working on a Josh Geary Punching Bag.

Strongproblems Extremely hates goanimate and wishes it gets shutdown.

He hates My Little Pony now, thinking it's for 6 years old, teaching you how to make the good decision and learning about friendship.

All his swear words in his videos will Be Censored

Unlike many AGK parodies, his episode titles won't begin with AGK. For example, "AGK plays PC" will not be used in the episode of there AGK uses his computer, instead it will be titled "Playing the PC".