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SlikkParodyMaker (or FunnyPlayer) is an AGK parodist since 24th January 2016 from Poland.


NOTE: Some characters have appeared in one episode, and it is unknown that some of them could return in the future episodes or not.

Slikk family

  • Leopold Slikk - The Angry German Kid
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's father

Enemies (in this AGK series)

  • cansin13 - AGK series

Episodes (AGK)



Title Watch Released
1 AGK makes YouTube channel 13.02.2016 but published 14.02.2016
2 AGK writes an essay 14.02.2016
3 AGK tries find cansin13’s AGK videos + reaction 04.03.2016
4 AGK vs. cansin13 07.03.2016
5 AGK watches Arthur.exe 07.03.2016
6 AGK jump to PC 12.03.2016
7 AGK goes to 19.03.2016
8 cansin13 returns 20.03.2016
X AGK's suicide (new season) 24.06.2016
10 AGK tries chat with Jack 24.06.2016

Episodes (Leopold Slikk)



Title Watch Released
1 AGK's life. 01.03.2016