This is the script for The Search for Tailsko written and created by Travrinity and referenced to LeopoldXTailsko10120's episode: AGK meets Tailsko. Not going to be used anymore because I am changing my series

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Harold, Leonard, Leonidas, Mary, Tailsko, Hitler, Jodl, Krebs, Keitel, Burgdorf, Fegelein, Jake, Ronald, Travrinity, Angry German Kid Generations, Atarster (Noah), LeopoldXTailsko10120 (Fabrice), Kaeru, Darkiplier, Anti-Leopold, Dark Leopold, Fabrice's Corrupted soul.

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Emily Mason as Tailsko and Emerald Miyamoto
  • Connor Marini as Kaeru
  • Alex Park as himself
  • Noah Riegel as himself and Dark Leopold
  • Fabrice Laroche as himself
  • Traver Vincent as himself, Tom Thompson, and Leopold in some lines
  • Markiplier as Darkiplier
  • EpicLloyd as Hitler
  • ??? as Jodl
  • ??? as Krebs
  • ??? as Keitel
  • ??? as Burgdorf
  • Harold as himself

Now here's the script:

Part 1

Jodl: Mein fuhrer, what is your next mediocre plan?

Hitler: I was informed that Leopold had a girlfriend named Tailsko, so now I'm planning to kill her to ruin Leopold's life

Jodl: Explain the plan, mein fuhrer

Hitler: The girl will be sitting at the park where we will knock her out cold and drag her to these ruins

Krebs: You better be careful when entering that place. We heard rumors of some red creature covered in flesh.

Hitler: Good. I can just shoot the thing with my Mauser.

Jodl: But mein fuhrer, you don't want to know what that thing can possess

Hitler: Damn it Jodl, it's nothing to worry about!

Jodl: This thing kills with it's own blood

Hitler: Ah jeez, that's the most ridiculous thing you could ever say. It's bullshit! It can't control it's blood, so quit your yapping!

Jodl: ......

(The Angry German Kid Show intro)

Leopold: *wakes up* *yawns* Man, all that shooting made me tired. *gets up* *sigh* *gets dressed* Time to go downstairs.

Harold: Mornin' Leopold. There's some pancakes over there if you want.

Leopold: Thanks *serves himself breakfast on his plate* What day is it?

Harold: Sunday

Leopold: Alright

*note slips under front door*

Harold: *looks at it* Could you get that envelope right there?

Leopold: Sure *grabs note and reads it*

"Dear Leopold,

I've been describing about how perfect a man can become, and when I think of that man, I think of him as yourself. You are caring, smart, strong, attentive, and full of valor. You are always so brave enough to stand up. You never back down without a fight because you show how courageous you are. To test our love, I will be waiting for you at Friedrichsplatz.

Sincerely yours,


Leopold: Father

Harold: Yeah?

Leopold: I got to get to the park

Harold: What for?

Leopold: It's complicated *leaves*

Harold: I wonder what that's all about

Leonard and Leonidas: Morning dad!

Harold: Oh hey, didn't knew you two were going to wake up

Leonard: Where's Leopold?

Harold: He went to the park to do something that I can't describe

Leonidas: Is he going on a date?

Harold: .....It could be

Leonard: That is awesome! Let's go th-

Harold: No. This is something he should do alone

Leonidas: But I want to see them kiss

Harold: Tough luck, now get your pancakes before they get cold

Leonard and Leonidas: Yeah!

(At Hitler's bunker)

Keitel: The fuhrer won't even understand this

Jodl: Yet he thinks he's the wisest person. Not even Steiner and I can't get him to snap out of it. If it wasn't for us, we wouldn't be that screwed over

Fegelein: We can leave him to die

Keitel: And you really have to bring that up. Dumb idiot

Fegelein: I heard that

Keitel: Anyway, is there anybody who can replace Hitler?

Fegelein: Yo!

Jodl: What is it? We're trying to find someone

Fegelein: Maybe I can be the fuhrer

Burgdorf: Well you better replace him. If you don't, the whole planet is fucked!

Fegelein: U mad?

Burgdorf: *drinks out of shot glass*

(At the park)

Tailsko: What is taking him so long? It's been 7 minutes and he's still not here. *sigh* Whatever, I'll jus- *chloroform rag goes onto her face*

Hitler: Heheh. This plan is so evil. I'll probably leave a note on this bench.

(When Leopold arrived at the park)

Leopold: *heavy breathing* I have finally made it. Now I should search for her. *as Leopold got to the bench* She doesn't seem to be here. ...? What's this? *reads note* are going to die for this. I will find you, and then, I will stab your fucking heart out!

Traver: Whoa, talk about having issues

Leopold: Huh? The hell are you doing here?

Traver: Oh I was playing with my friends when all of a sudden, you started yelling. Is there a problem?

Leopold: Hitler just kidnapped my girlfriend and I need to enter the ruins in order to rescue her.

Traver: Ugh, that nazi old geezer. He never learns these things. Mind if I go?

Leopold: Sure. You can bring the others with you too.

Traver: Sounds good. Hey everyone, let's join Leopold on some exploring to find his girlfriend!

Alex: Oh good. More scum to kick.

Fabrice: I hope this doesn't take long

Kaeru: Anata wa watashi no ken o motte imasu (You have my sword)

Jake: You have my gun

Noah: Unde non est similis (I don't like where this is going)

All: *joins the party

Part 2

(Angry German Kid intro)

Traver: Okay, so where do you think he kidnapped her?

Leopold: In the ruins of Burg Lichtenburg

Traver: Sounds like a very long journey

Jake: Guess we should get some transportation 

Kaeru: We better make this quick, I do not want to be dishonored

Ronald: It's not like your family raised you with discipline

Kaeru: My people were born to be disciplined. It builds character.

Noah: Whatever, let's just stop this conversation and get to a bus

*at the bus stop*

Traver: Alright, looks like we made it. Let's get there before it's too late.

*everyone steps into the bus one at a time*

Bus driver: Where to?

Traver: Burg Lichtenburg

Bus driver: Okay then. Buckle up because this is going to be a long trip.

*at the ruins*

Hitler: Ha ha ha. Just how I pictured this. Now I'll be able to get rid of Leopold once and for all. By doing this, I shall execute his girlfriend. That way, he will have to commit suicide!

Tailsko: *struggles* You'll never get away with this you monster! My hero will arrive to kick your butt, just you wait!

Hitler: What an insolent bitch you are *slaps Tailsko's face* No one talks to me like that. Any wankstein who go against me will be diminished. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to deal with something else. *closes door*

Tailsko: *in her thoughts* (Leopold. If you're there, please help me)

*in the bus*

Bus driver: We have arrived at your right destination. 

Traver: Took long enough

Kaeru: I am honored for this patience

Alex: *yawms* Nothing like a good old rest to have before kicking some ass

Traver: Here's your tip

*gets off bus*

Noah: So this is what Burg Lichtenburg looks like. I'm surprised

Ronald: I say we get there as fast as we can

Traver: Got it. Leopold and Jake, get on Leopold's keyboards, Alex, use your psychic powers to get on something, Noah, get on your hoverboard, Kaeru, use your body flicker technique, as for myself, I will just teleport, Fabrice, go inside your void, and as for you Ronald...I don't know what you can do.

Ronald: I have this foldable bike that was impossible to make. It can keep going until you stop it by letting down your foot.

Traver: Sounds good, but if you get tired, use this warp crystal to get there.

Ronald: Thanks

Traver: Kay. Let's go *divine teleport*

Alex: *focuses mind and picks up a big dirt chunk and flies on it*

Leopold: Here jake, get on it

Jake: Sure

Kaeru: Teleportation Jutsu! *disappears*

Noah: *gets on hoverboard and soars to the sky*

Ronald: Wait up guys!

*at the ruins*

Traver & Kaeru: *appears next to the entrance*

Traver: Glad you could make it

Kaeru: Eh, it wasn't that easy

Alex: *arrives and breaks the gravel* A real soldier never takes his mind off task

Noah: *arrives and jumps off* hmph, science can be very fun, but there is a theory to constructing these hand-held transportations that can make them even MORE fun: gadgets and stunts.

Leopold & Jake: *arrives and jumps off* *receives back keyboards

Jake: That was so fun!

Leopold: It's good that you liked it

Fabrice: *dark void appears* Hello guys, good that you all could make it

Ronald: *appears next to the entrance* ah, so trippy, so trippy

Fabrice: Except for this one

Traver: Did you get tired back there?

Ronald: No, I just used it anyways

Traver: That's fine, let's go inside

*enters dungeon*

Noah: hmm...this place looks very ancient. I better write down some notes about it

Traver: Uhh, Einstein, now's not the time

Noah: Okay, I'll just do it later

Leopold: *ringtone* Hold on guys *picks up call* Hello?

Harold: *on phone* Where are you Leopold?

Leopold: Long story short, but Adolf Hitler just kidnapped my girlfriend, so now I'm at the Burg Lichtenburg ruins to rescue her.

Harold: He did what? You better make him pay for this!

Leopold: I will. See you later *hangs up*

Traver: It's good that he's not grounding you

Leopold: Ja

Alex: We better act quick because time is wast-

Kaeru: What are those?

*looks forward*

Traver: An old TV set. *walks to it* How did this get here? *sudden flashback* *gasp!* *takes a few steps back* This is-...this was the same TV Noah chucked.


Traver: Oh no

*static* *white flash*

*Darkiplier appears*

Darkiplier: ........ *stands up*

Traver: *battle stance*

Darkiplier: *looks around and looks at his hand* Freedom at last *casts dark blast*

Traver: *nimbly dodges*

All: *ducks*

Traver: *gets up* Leopold, get to the chamber rooms! I'll handle this myself

Leopold: But we can't leave you here!

Traver: Go now! Don't you want to save your girlfriend? You have to save her in order to make it out safe, now go!

All: *runs*

Darkiplier: You are not escaping this time, Leopold *raises arm straight*

Traver: *punches Dark in the face* I'm not gonna let you hurt my friends. Your days are over! *takes out sword*

Darkiplier: *deep chuckle*

Traver: What's so funny?

Darkiplier: *laughing* Your will in saving the ones you care. You don't realize how that is pathetic. You can't save them all. You will never be able to protect your people once I have slain you. Now let me introduce you to my new power. *dark lines wrap around* *floats in the air* *darkness covers him up* *red glows as the darkness expels and becomes a huge flame* *flames goes out and reveals his new form* *floats back down and lands*

Traver: ......

Darkiplier: Thy am Luciplier. Thy shall slayeth thee!</font>

*Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - L'Oscuritá dell'Ignoto plays*

(I don't want to add the lines in battle, so here's the end)

*Final Fantasy X - Victory Fanfare

Traver: *shoots through Luciplier's pink mustache on his chest

Darkiplier: RAAWWWAAARRRRRGGHHH! *reverts back to normal form*

Traver: *walks over to Dark*

Darkiplier: Defeated...again? Impossible. I had enough power to defeat, but I failed. How is it you resist defeat?

Traver: I'll tell you one thing my friend: It's called faith.

emotional music plays

Traver: An inner guardian angel that assists us on the battlefield. It is our godmother who gives us her word of advice before we fight. She created us in this world with hope. This gift was given to us to show how we are reliant enough to defeat our foes and the obstacles that block our path.

Darkiplier: .....Faith. That's how. *scoffs* Worthless. *begins fading into dust starting with his feet* Faith can't always save us. We...we will all die Humans will one another. *disappears*

Traver: God speed you. *walks*

as they got to the next floor, they heard a voice

Tailsko: Help

Leopold: Tailsko? Is that you?

Tailsko: Help me! Get me out of these chains!

Leopold: Don't worry, I'll get you out of there! *pulls out Ke-nesis* *breaks through door*

Tailsko: Leopold!

Leopold: *takes chains off her*

Tailsko: Thank you. Let's get out of here

*black hole appears* *Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Dread of night* *Anti-Leopold drags Leopold inside*

Traver, Jake, & Tailsko: Leopold!

*in an unknown place*

Leopold: Ugh. What is this? Oh my god.

Anti-Leopold: *appears right in front of him*

Leopold: Whaa! What are you doing here?

Anti-Leopold: ......

Leopold: Answer me when I'm talking!

Anti-Leopold: ...... *pulls out black keyboard*

Leopold: (This is thing is not listening. It's like it's just acting mute.) If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!

*battle start* *Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Dread of Night*
*battle end*

Anti-Leopold: *fades away*

Leopold: That will teach you a lesson. Huh? What is this presence I'm feeling?

???: That is the darkness consuming you

Leopold: What? Who said that?

???: You might not know me, but I know you.

Leopold: What are you talking about?

Dark Leopold: Your doom

Leopold: *gets consumed in darkness No! *screams

*as Leopold woke up, he saw something right next to him*

Leopold: Who are you?

Dark Leopold: Hello there Leopold. I am your dark side.

Part 3

(Angry German Kid intro)

Leopold: What the? Where are we?

Dark Leopold: This is the Nil Realm. There is nothing in here. Not even a speck of light. It is all darkness.

Leopold: Why am I here anyways?

Dark Leopold: It's because you failed to protect the one you always loved

Leopold: Wait...are you saying-

Dark Leopold: Yes Leopold. Tailsko

Leopold: How did I fail to protect her?

Dark Leopold: You never made it on time. You were supposed to keep watch of her. Now that you got her in that mess, you will forever be lost in darkness.

Leopold: *tilts head down" No.

Dark Leopold: ?

Leopold: I always loved her. There is no way, I will, get defeated to the likes of you!

Dark Leopold: You dare defy the lord of darkness?

Leopold: As much as I love her, I will win against you!

Dark Leopold: Hmph. Very well then. I guess I should get a bit of exercise. Now then. *opens up portal* Let's fight! *enters portal*

Leopold: *enters portal* Prepare to be owned!

*battle start* *Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - L'Eminenza Oscura I*
*battle end*

Leopold: Give up now. My heart will never die out. So now, you must take me back to the middle earth.

Dark Leopold: Fool. You can never escape. No matter how hard you struggle, you will still forever become a pawn to the darkness! *changes forme*

Leopold: (This guy is never going to give up that easily. I guess I should fight my way through) Diiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!

*battle start* *Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - L'Eminenza Oscura II*
*battle end* *Final Fantasy X - Victory Fanfare*

Dark Leopold: *grunts* I have never expected such a weak mortal to have this kind of power. Very well then. If fighting for your friends is worth risking for, then so be it. Just get out of my sight.

Leopold: *starts rising*

*In the castle*

Tailsko: *crying*

Fabrice: Aw, don't be sad. We all lose our beloved. Sometimes we just have to replace them.

Traver: Fabrice!

Fabrice: Why? What's wrong with that?

Leopold: *rises out of hole* Argh *crouches*

Tailsko: :D Leopold! *grabs Leopold's hand*

Leopold: Thanks

Tailsko: I was so worried that I couldn't see you again. But now. I'm glad you're back

Leopold: Thanks.

Traver: Stop. Before we get out, I should give your girlfriend some weapons in case she needs to fight.

Tailsko: I have my Glock 19, so I should be good

Fabrice: No way! You got the same type I have?

Tailsko: Yep, and it can shoot up to 33 rounds

Fabrice: Mine only shoots 10

Traver: That's because you're using a Glock 37

Fabrice: *looks at gun* Well it doesn't matter anyway, it's still made by the same manufacturer.

Traver: Whatever. Anyway, let's get out of here before that Nazi finds us.

Part 4

Traver: So Leopold. How did it went down there?

Leopold: It was not a very good sight to look at. And I want to keep this information personal.

Traver: Right.

Tailsko: Oh that? Well, while I was sitting on the bench near a lake at the park, I was waiting for my boyfriend to pass by. I knew that he wouldn't make it, so I got up and then someone just knocked me out with a rag that has been dipped in alcohol. And then, I woke up and found myself with my arms and legs restrained in a dungeon. Then, at the very moment, Hitler was there. He said that he was going to kill me just so Leopold would throw his life away.

Traver: That sounds tragic

Tailsko: No shit, Sherlock

Leopold: It's a good thing I have you back

Tailsko: Aw, thank you. You know, I guess this feels like the right time to kiss.

Leopold: You are the right person for my heart

Tailsko: *smiles*

Both: *gets faces closer for a kiss*

???: *blood drips* *shoots black blood at wall*

Both: *turns around*

*Bump in the Night*

Fabrice's Corrupted Soul: *deep breathing*

Leopold: Shit! What the hell is that?

Fabrice: That's my inner demon soul. When it escaped out from Traver's window, it landed on this place to mutate. Maybe this thing is what killed those who have stepped foot in here.

Traver: Well then, you know what's up

Leopold: Be ready for this

Fabrice: No

Traver: What?

Fabrice: It's my fault for this. I must do what is best.

Traver: You can't! That thing will rip you to shreds!

Fabrice: I don't care! *walks forward*

a red and black cube forms and traps the two

Traver: No!

Fabrice: ........ (This has been a good day. I die just to protect my friends and everything I love. I won't let that go to waste) Time to die, foul beast!

Fabrice's Corrupted Soul: *roars*

*battle start* *Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - L'Impeto Oscuro*
*battle end* *Final Fantasy X - Victory Fanfare*

Fabrice: Yyyyah! *slashes*

FLESH: *dodges* *attack*

Fabrice: *dodges* I won't let you! *decapitates the creature's neck*

FLESH: *head comes off* *head falls to ground*

Fabrice: Tombez mort vous le fils de pute laid (Drop dead you ugly son of a bitch)

*as the demon turns to dust, black sparkles began to glitter towards Fabrice and turns into a sword in his hand*

Fabrice: So this is be my inner shadow? The creature has put all it's magic into this weapon. The power that inflicted countless numbers of deaths. *holds it up* Merveilleux.

cube disappears

Traver: ......

Kingdom Hearts BBS - Ventus

Fabrice: *looks at Traver and smiles* Thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have won. You gave me all your courage in this fight.

Traver: That...that was great. I never knew you had that much power in you. When we met, I thought your cowardice made you feared that you wouldn't stick up. But now you proved your point on courage.

Fabrice: It all comes from the heart. We have this special power to rise until the end. We use this as our last resort. Do you see how you and I also put our hearts into our own battles? Like the time you defeated the queen alien back then? You had all your spirit inside.

Traver: ....Heart. *puts hand to chest* I see.

record scratch

music stops

Traver: Wait a minute, I was supposed to be telling you that!

Fabrice: *facepalms* Ah, sacre bleu

Traver: Alright, let's just get back to the city

Hitler: That there you said will be a yes to a no

All: *gasp*

Hitler: *laugh Congratulations Leopold. You have put your effort to save that broad. And for what, just because you love her? Ha! You still don't have any guts in you.

Leopold: *grunts* You're gonna die, old fart!

Hitler: Not until you meet my lovely "broomhandle" *pulls out gun* *aims at Tailsko*. Say goodbye, dog! *pulls trigger*

Leopold: *jumps* *in slow motion* Noooooooooooooooooooo! *gets shot at the abdomen*

Tailsko: Leopold!

Traver: Argh! You bastard. I should have done this a long time ago. Fab, let's do this

Fabrice: *pulls out sword*

Tailsko: No. This is my fight. I'll handle this.

Traver: ....

Fabrice: *sheathes sword back in hilt*

Tailsko: Let's do this!

Hitler: Die!

Tailsko & Hitler: *fighting hand to hand*

Tailsko: Aah!

Hitler: Ha! Do you really think your moves are gonna harm me? Thanks to Krav Maga, I'm unstoppable!

Tailsko: *pulls out gun*

Hitler: *quickly sprints at Tailsko and bursts her gun off her hand*

Tailsko: *falls to ground*

Hitler: Ha ha ha! Fool. You can never beat the fuhrer. You are weaker than Fegelein. Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegel- *gets stabbed from behind* *looks back*

Leopold: .....Hitler. This is your last day you'll live! *pulls keyboard blade out of Hitler's chest*

Hitler: *coughs blood* *in his thoughts* (What. But I cannot ever die. The fuhrer never dies.) *dies*

Leopold: Sieg heil to your funeral, nazi scum

All: *leaves*

*as they arrived*

Traver: That sure was an adventure

Tailsko: Thank you all so much for the help. And Leopold, that was the best.

Ronald: I'm going back to my house now

Kaeru: Same

*at Leopold's house*

Harold: Where were you? We were worried sick

Leopold: It's okay dad, I needed to save someone

Harold: You could have told me this sooner

Leopold: Sorry. Maybe I can remind you next time

Harold: Exactly. Contact me in case of emergency.

Leopold: Will do

Harold: Good. Now head upstairs.

Leopold: *walks upstairs*