This is the script for AGK VS Fabrice written and created by LeopoldXTailsko10120.

This is the script for AGK vs Fabrice written and created by Travrinity.

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Fabrice, Tailsko, Cansin, Noah, Traver, Winckel, Calvin, Newton, and Anna

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Fabrice as himself
  • Emily Mason as Tailsko
  • Alex as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Traver as himself and Principal Winckel
  • Red Bloony as himself
  • BlueNewton as himself
  • ??? as Anna

Enjoy reading it:

(Angry German Kid intro)

school bell rings

Alex: *sigh* Damn. Another day without Leopold's relationship with the yellow kitsune did not make it successfully.

Fabrice: I agree with you. I thought my relationship with here would go great

Alex: You didn't hook up with here didn't you?

Fabrice: Yeah. I did. And those were were this close to becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. And as long as I'm with her, nothing can go wro- *gets punched in the face* *Final Fantasy X - Inflexible Determination/Decision on the Dock

Alex: Whoa! Are you okay?

Fabrice: *groan* Who did that? *vision enhances and sees Leopold* Leopold?! What the hell was that for?

Leopold: Why were you in Tailsko's room?

Fabrice: It's because she didn't even want to see you anymore, so I went to her house to cheer her up and then she became my girlfriend!

Tailsko: That is not true! I kicked you out when I saw him standing in the rain and using romantic music to get me back! 

Fabrice: Ah, shut up. You were the one who was involved with this!

Alex: Hey you can't talk to a girl like that!

Fabrice: I know, but I have to put the shame onto her face!

Leopold: Don't you put all of this on her, crouton!

Fabrice: That is very racist of you to call me that!

Leopold: I don't give a fuck what you say! Oh hey, guess what?

Fabrice: What?

Leopold: I went to your house right when you left

Fabrice: What are you saying? *short gasp* No. You don't mean.

Leopold: Yes. I told your mother

Fabrice: You didn't!

Leopold: I did. I gave her pictures of some people murdering with your face pasted on them.

Fabrice: You bastard!

Leopold: And she decided to ground you

Fabrice: How long?!

Leopold: *music stops* 5...whole...weeks

Fabrice: *emotional shock* Okay. Have it your way. *peels skin off ankles* *Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Enter the Darkness*

Leopold: What are you doing?

Fabrice: *peels skin off wrists*

Leopold: Oh my god! Stop that! You're going to die from that!

Fabrice: *curves mouth into a smile and gouges eyes out* *eyes fall on ground* ....... *shows face*

Leopold: Ahh! *runs to entrance*

Fabrice: *telekinetically pulls giant dirt and concrete projectiles and throws them to entrance*

Leopold: *turns back* (This can't be happening. How the hell does he do that? I have to find a solution to get out of) *looks around*sees building door* (The school building should keep me safe!) *runs to building*

Fabrice: *reaches hand out and grips it like a fist*

Leopold: *struggles to open door* No! How did it get locked? *turns back* Ahhhhh! *slices at the evil Fabrice*

Fabrice: *jaw and nose fall off* *tongue hangs down from mouth*

Leopold: (Holy shit. I guess this really is the end of me. Everything I hoped for will now be lost. *closes eyes* Please God. Help me)

slow motion

Fabrice: *lunges at Leopold, but gets hit by a bottle of holy water and gets splashed by it*falls to ground* *demonic noises sound out then quickly reverts back to normal and groans*

Leopold: What is that? *tastes water* Holy water. This could only mean *turns around and sees Traver next to the bushes*

Traver: Long time no see Andreas

Leopold: Traver! How did you get here?

Traver: I saw what was going on, so I had to come by here to check the crisis. It seems that Fab right there unleashed his inner demon. 

Leopold: Are you saying that he's a hellspawn?

Traver: Most likely. He was born with powers of the devil that makes him do evil magic. Now then, let's talk with your friend who's blowing off steam from that liquid. *wakes up Fabrice*

Fabrice: *groan* What do you want?

Traver: He wants to know how you did that

Fabrice: Well, it's a very special thing that inhabits my whole system from the mind. I was born with an unusual figured tumor in my brain. It was black and somehow, it makes me go completely insane.

Tailsko: *walks to Leopold* Leopold

Leopold: *turns around*

Tailsko: I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. 

Leopold: Oh no worries, I know that you wouldn't date another person. There just isn't one person who can destroy our relationship.

Tailsko: Same here. *kisses on the cheek*

Leopold: *smiles* Thank you

Principal Winckel: *opens door* What's going on here?

Noah: Leopold had a fight with Fabrice, but then Fab turned into a demon, which is why he's wet and that the gate has been blocked.

Principal Winckel: Hmm. I guess we should add a second entrance for this. But for now, there is going to be a small punishment.

Leopold: Are you kidding me?

Fabrice: Why?

Principal Winckel: Don't worry, you're not in trouble, you're just only going to have a three minute detention. I will not notify any of your parents of this. Now go home or else I'll have to reconsider.

Both: Yes, sir *walks home*

Principal Winckel: And as for you mysterious stranger, I would like for you to find a solution to prevent that student from releasing his demon, thing, what-sort-of.

Traver: Sure thing

Principal Winckel: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a muffin in the countertop oven at my office ready to be eaten *goes inside building*

Traver: *looks around* Wow, if Fab kept this going, it would look more devastating like that one time my ancestor shoved a lamb up Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger's ass

Judge: For the assassination of Julius Caesar, you are sentenced to death. You will be given a lamb. Troy Vincent here will plunge the lamb all the way inside your rectum and into the intestines. There, the lamb will rip them apart by it's immense size and it's desire for flesh. You shall begin when you're ready Troy.

Troy: This is what you get for inviting your other 60 senator friends into this massacre. Hua-

camera changes to the outside view of the ancient supreme court while a distant scream from Brutus can be heard

at the sidewalk while walking to Vincent's house

Tailsko: Hey Leopold

Leopold: Yeah?

Tailsko: Sorry for denialing your chance for earning my heart. I'm just really concerned about being in love the first time.

Leopold: No worries, it happens to others

Traver & Alex: Yeah, same.

Leopold: Hey Fab

Fabrice: Oui?

Leopold: Sorry for all of that 

Fabrice: Oh it's fine you know, it's best that we shouldn't homewreck our lives

Leopold: I should also be sorry for calling you crouton

Fabrice: No worries, I'll just probably take that as a compliment. It's a good thing it's not as worse as calling me a frog, perv reluquer, or even a cheese-eating surrender monkey. That last one is what you should not ever say. Ever! If that happened, you would have gotten your ass beat by many of my people, including my family. So you should watch your tongue before you have anything to say.

Leopold: Got it

at Traver's house

Traver: *opens door with key* Here we are. Make yourselves at home

Calvin: Wow, your new house looks so modern that I can sun bathe next to this bay window

Newton: Not to mention that solar energy can also recharge my electrical power to keep me running in case I run low

Traver: Well go ahead and enjoy that as long as none of you break that window by Newton's static electricity and your rubbery body. (Hopefully there's no key next to them. Don't want Ben Franklin to curse me if that happens). So let's head into the attic and we'll start the Kaiho akuma ritual. 

in the attic at night

Fabrice: What happens next?

Traver: First, you need to be purified in this bathtub with 40 gallons of God's purest water. Second, five candles will be put on each triangle on this pentagram and with a cross above it, and lastly, we chant the words and the ritual will be finished and you'll be demon free. You have to be nude for this ritual to work though, so you must have to deal with this.

Fabrice: Sure, I can handle this

Traver: Good. Now hall yourself to that bathroom and purify yourself all over so that we can begin.

Fabrice: See you in a little bit *opens bathroom door*closes door*

10 minutes later

Fabrice: *wraps towel around waist* Here we go. *opens door* Alright. Let's finish this. *stands in center of Pentagram* *removes towel

Traver: Okay. Let the ritual begin. Everyone except Fab, stand back. For this will also release your souls and you won't ever come back.

Everyone: *walks back to wall and sits*

Traver: Let me know if you're ready

Fabrice: I'm ready right now

Traver: Then let's begin *grabs book and opens it*scrolls through pages* Ah, here we are. *clears throat*inhaleCor/corrupti mente habet dominum.

Fabrice: *groaning*

Traver: Satanas expetivit possederunt domini adolescentia

Fabrice: *painful scream*

Traver: Dimittam animae causatur aeterno!

Fabrice: *painful screaming* *stygal sigil appears on back

Traver: Cover yourselves! *covers face with arm*

Everyone: *go behind crates*

Fabrice: *screaming* *white flash*

Traver: *lowers arm down* Is anyone alright?

Leopold: Yes

Noah: Affirmative

Alex: Confirmed

Fabrice: Did it work? Am I totally 100% human?

Traver: You are feeling all better. The tumor is out and you are free from evil.

Fabrice: Finally. I can experience life with peace and serenity now that I am pure. Now let's- *gasp* Eeb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb-eb!

Traver: What's wrong? 

Alex: *looks* Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Traver & Noah: *turns around* What the!

misty red cloud forms into a ghost and screeches

Leopold: *hair raises up* AAAAAAAAAIE!

Noah: *hair raises up* Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Traver: *hat rises and spins while the hair raises* Ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Calvin & Newton: *sleeping*

Calvin: *wraps strings around Blue's invertibrae neck* *floats above ceiling and covers with white curtain*

BlueNewton: *wakes up* What? Where am I? I can't see a thing and I'm claustrophobic! *scream* *producing lightning*

Leopold: What do we do now?

Traver: Just wait

Leopold: What?

Traver: It might not attack

spectre flies out window

Traver: See. I told you that I'm wise.

Cal and Newton: *bashes attic door open* *screaming as electricity continues running through the curtain

Alex, Noah, and Traver: Ahhhhhhhhhh! *pants legs rise above patella tendon

Alex: *looks at window and runs to it* Woob-woob-woob-woob-woob-woob-woob-woob-woob *jumps out of window and falls* I'm okay!

Traver: Quickly, get me that pipe!

Tailsko: *unhinges nearby pipe* *hands it over*

Traver: Hya! *hits at the head but bounces* Hmm. That is odd. Ghosts don't have balloons, maybe I'll hit below the waist. *hits at body and knocks ghost back*

Newton: Ow! 

Calvin: What's going on? Where is every- *accidentally touches a nail and pops*

Traver: ........uh oh

Newton: *pulls curtain off* Analyzing wires and insulation broken but filament and electrical foot contact still running

Traver: What's the big idea with you two?

Newton: I didn't know what was going on, so I panicked and unleashed my fear protocols

Calvin: *inhales and gets pieces put back together into it's shape

Leopold: Whoa! Calvin you're alive!

Calvin: Of course, that's why I'm able to instantly resurrect myself whenever I blow up. You see, as I inhale oxygen, I am able to convert it into helium and my rubber cells are divided to keep me in shape. This process usually takes 5-10 seconds, but atleast it's worth the wait.

Traver: Sounds interesting. Noah, take down some notes about this adaptation.

Noah: On it *scribbles on notepad*

Traver: Now then, since that we're finished for today, you can all go back home

at Fabrice's house

Fabrice: *opens door and steps inside* *closes door*

Anna: There you are! Where have you been?

Fabrice: Had to do a meeting. It took atleast four hours

Olga: Well you could have told me that sooner before

Fabrice: Sorry. I just didn't had enough time. Anyways, now that I'm back home, I should rest.

Anna: Oh no you don't! I just had a talk with one of your friends. He gave me photos of your crimes. I have no choice but to groun-

Fabrice: *swiftly brandishes knife at throat without cutting her* *Undertale - The Fallen Child* I'm sorry, what were you about to say? I think that won't be necessary for now. It's time that you forget about all of this and just live on. Failure to do so will end up with a couple bruises and cuts everywhere from head to toe. And now you are wondering, "Am I human?". I lived my whole life with you on this planet for so long. And to answer that question: Negative. But with you here looking up to me, that makes you a motherly figure, doesn't it. I wasn't even born with parents, I was not even able to be nurtured with since I got here. Do you even believe how manly it feels to walk in a path without someone like you to look upon? I mean you can't just follow me everywhere I go, I can take care of myself with this. Heck, I even have these powers to fight!

Anna: *shaking*

Fabrice: Go ahead and arrest me if you want, you'll soon see that I will always come back. This is your warning. Now sit back down and enjoy your show.

Anna: *heavy breathing and starts to slowly calm down*music fades* Okay son *sits back on couch and resumes on Teen Mom*

Fabrice: *walks upstairs* *opens bedroom door* *yawns* That sure was creepy *changes to pajamas*goes under blanket*sleeps*


A message has been sent...

Leopold's carrying capacity has increased from 150 to 200.

Wait...there's one more...

The Special Episode "Angry German Kid movie" has been unlocked!