This is the script for AGK vs Darkiplier written and created by Travrinity. Not going to be used anymore because I am changing my series.

The characters in this film features: Leopold, Harold, Leonard, Leonidas, Mary, Darkiplier, Bill O'reilly, Shepard Smith, Traver, Jake, Kaeru and Noah.

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Leonard as himself
  • Leonidas as himself
  • Microsoft Mary as Mary
  • Markiplier as Darkiplier
  • Traver Vincent as himself, Leonidas' inner voice inside his head, and Bill O'reilly
  • Connor Marini as Shepard Smith and Kaeru
  • Jake as himself
  • Noah as himself

Enjoy reading the script:

Part 1

Dragon Ball Z Budokai - Edit skills plays

Narrator: Previously on the AGK show. Leopold was reminded that his family will be away from the house to have some fun and leave him in there to clean the attic. As he entered it, he heard a slight sinister cackle coming from the wardrobe. He finds a strange game that had the word MARIO printed. As he kept playing, it got weirder until the end. He sees a person looking like the famous youtuber Markiplier, but this is recognized to be his evil brother, Darkiplier! He stared straight towards him and the screen started to haze and multiple images of him screaming kept appearing and blacked out! Leopold takes out the game and the TV explodes right next to him and the entity appears. Let's find out what happens next, right now!

(Angry German Kid show intro)

Leopold: No. Why does this always happen to me?

Darkiplier: *appears*

Leopold: So...What the hell are you here for?

Darkiplier: ... *dark ambient music plays*

Leopold: Hey! I'm talking to you!

Darkiplier: *kaioken effect*

Leopold: Aooooooooohhh!

Darkiplier: *raises arm* *charges power* *shoots*

Leopold: *dodges* 


Darkiplier: *punches Leopold in the gut* *headbutts him*

Leopold: Aaaaah! *crashes on wall*

Darkiplier: *Instantaneous movement*

Leopold: *slides back*

Darkiplier: *charges eye beams* *shoots*

Leopold: Oh shit! *dodges and runs* *super move sound* *melee flash sound* *fart*

Darkiplier: *chuckles* Pathetic move *charges eye beam*

Leopold: Wait, what the- *gets blasted* *hits wall again* Argh! Ah shit

Darkiplier: *appears next to him*

Leopold: Who are you anyways?

Darkiplier: Darkiplier. I am one of the beings that drive people to insanity and torture. Until I was enclosed inside that cursèd game.

Leopold: So, Darkiplier, what are you here for?

Darkiplier: I am here to do what I wanted to do for decades: ridding the existence of your race. And seeing you fight makes me more likely to toy with you.

Leopold: A toy? I'm not your toy, you sick freak! *punches but missed* *gets blasted from behind*

Darkiplier: The more you move, the less likely I'll kill you, so stay in that exact position *charges*

Leopold: (Fuck. I'm getting my ass handed to me big time. Wait! I'll just evade and run to my room to grab my keyboard. That way I'll have a chance to fight back!)

Darkiplier: Die!

Leopold: ! *gets up and avoids beam* Sure hope he doesn't cause too much trouble here or else my father will flip! *arrives* Here we are. Now to get my keyboard blade out. Time for this prick to know pain! *giggles* 

door breaks down

Leopold: *turns around*

Darkiplier: There's no way for you to run. Wait, what are you doing?

Leopold: I'm gonna wish you never existed! *fight*

window breaks 

Darkiplier: *goes flying out the window*

Leopold: *laughs* *hits Dark's head* *lands*

Darkiplier: *hits on floor* *gets up*

Leopold: Seems like the tide is turning. Now piss off if you want some more wreckage!

Darkiplier: ...

Leopold: Seriously? This again?

Darkiplier: ... *Scp-173 jumpscare sound effect*

Leopold: *keyboard disappears and leaves behind the blade*'s gone *looks at him* (No. This isn't possible. Without my keyboard, I am, totally screwed for the rest of my life. And that means I can no longer fight anyone anymore!

Kingdom Hearts - Disappeared (At 0:35)

Darkiplier: *kick* *punch* *headbutt*

Leopold: *soars to the sky*

Darkiplier: *appears again* Enjoy your stay *charges eye beam*

Leopold: Please don't kill- *gets blasted* Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! *hits wall and lands on lawn* Argh, augh. How could he...oh my god...his powers...they're unbelievable

(To be Continued)

Part 2

(Angry German kid show intro)

Leopold: *wakes up* Okay...where the hell am I? Oh dear, what happens now?

darkness fills in the room

Leopold: I can't see


Leopold: Whaah!

Darkiplier: *appears behind him*

Leopold: Oh crap. 

Darkiplier: *teleports in front of him*

Leopold: ...Please don't do it...don't- *gets sucked into void* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! *wakes up in reality and yelled* *inhales and exhales*

Traver: Glad that you're awake. If I didn't see you, you would have been dead.

Leopold: Traver!

Traver: I gotta say, you surprised me out there

Leopold: Wait, how did you find me?

Traver: Well, you did land on my lawn which is where my house lives. Anyways, as I was pouring myself a cup of coffee, I heard a strange bump coming from outside. I went to go check what happened and saw you on the ground with some heavy injuries. Nobody saw what was going on, so I dragged you here and gave you some medicine to heal the wounds.

Leopold: Well, thank you, man

Traver: Anyways, here's the main question to this: How did you end up like this?

Leopold: This may sound bupkis, but you have to undertand this, okay?

Traver: Go ahead, I'm listening

3 minutes of explanation later...

Traver: Bullshit dude

Leopold: Fuck!

Traver: You know, if I haven't found you laying next to the garage, none of this would have happened!

Leopold: Look, this is actually the truth, I swear! I can't beat him without any help

Traver: Just tell me what actually happened goddammit!

Siren alarm

Traver: Wait right here. *opens door* Hmm, nothing doesn't seem to be happe-


Traver: Holy shit!

Darkiplier: *rises*

Traver: What the...what is that? .......*closes door* Hey Leo-

Leopold: Quiet

O'Reilly Factor theme

Bill: Good afternoon everyone, this is Bill O'reilly of the O'reilly factor on Fox news. We have discovered something abnormal going on in the city of mannheim. 

Leopold: Who the hell would do such a thing?

Bill: Reporting to you is our News Anchor, Shepard Smith. Shepard tell us the story about how all of this began

Shepard: Thank you Bill. Parts of the city surrounding the explosion sight are drowned in total chaos. Experts reported the death of at least hundreds of people and are searching for the cause of the explosion. They said a slight possibility of a 9/11 event or a meteorite strike. Many witnesses claim seeing a man wearing a black t-shirt stained in blood with a red M and a pink moustache floating above the city right before the explosion occurred. Personally I think the people who said that are complete dipshits because there is no such thing as a-


Leopold: Please, stop it!

Shepard: Holy crap! What the hell is that thing?

Darkiplier: *charges beam*

Shepard: We need to get the he- *gets blasted *Howie scream*

screen displays color bars

Bill: Shepard! Do you copy? ....*looks at audience* We'll be right back

Technical difficulties 

Please stand by

Traver: *turns off television* This can't be true

Jake & Noah: *barges through door* Traver! Did you see what was on the news?!

Traver: Shut up you guys! Ugh 

Leopold: This is all my fault...

Traver: How?

Leopold: Everything happening now is my own fault! *inhale* My people, are dying, all because of my fucking acts! If only I hadn't played that game

Traver: Aw Leopold, don't feel bad. We all make mistakes. I once broke my 2DS and cried over it, but what's occuring now couldn't possibly know it would happen, so cheer up for once for now and we'll try to fix this

Leopold: At least a hundred of them died by me. Do you think I would expect to live with it?

Jake: It isn't time for feeling sorry! 

Traver: He's right. You shouldn't be expressing your sorrows in a situation like this. We'll research a solution to this pest and we'll be alright.

Noah: Yeah! If we don't act fast, our city will be wiped out of existence like a quasar

Leopold:'re all probably right. But there isn't anything to do in order to defeat Dark.This was the first time I got beat this hard.

Traver: I never thought this story would be true...

Leopold: See? I could never lie to all of your friends!

Noah: That's not exactly what he's talking about

Leopold: What do you mean?

Traver: You see, Darkiplier is know to be an unholy spirit and alter-ego of the most popular youtubers, Markiplier. He is summoned when the host doesn't behave normally and that it can scare his fan base. My friends fought against him to stop it from destroying the universe. We sealed it inside a Super Mario Brothers cartridge where no one will ever find it. Since you were the first to discover it, we know that this must be taken care of. So let's get there and beat his ass.

Leopold: How? That bastard got rid of my weapon.

Traver: Don't worry, I thought of this idea that will blow your mind: We're going to do our best to make the ultimate weapon that can exterminate all evil. First, we need to see Kaeru to forge another one of these blades that came with your keyboard.

Noah: And then we sneak underground in the sewers that leads us to RadioShack and then you have to grab two keyboards for this process

Leopold: O RLY?

Noah: Yes. Your country has an electronics store. I went there multiple times.

Leopold: Also, I can't go to the sewers

Traver: Why not?

Leopold: Crocodiles

Traver: Seriously dude? There's not going to be any crocs down there. Just only sewer rats. Now let's get to work.

at the Otoko residence

Traver: Kaeru, I would like for you to make a copy of this blade. Leopold's keyboard vanished and we need this finished as soon as possible to defeat that monster.

Kaeru: Kakujitsuna mono (Sure thing) *begins working on it* Here are the results

Noah: *observes it* Perfect. Exactly how we wanted.

Kaeru: Bye, have a good one!

Traver: Okay, we got the supplies and materials for this and we're all ready for this. I even have these strange keys in my pocket that imbues a strange vibration, which is a good thing because they can be very helpful. *opens sewer manhole hatch with crowbar* Now then, let's go save your city. 

(To be continued) 

Part 3

(Angry German Kid intro)

Persona - The Girl in Black

Traver: Okay then. I think we have to keep walking straight that tells us we're heading the right direction.

Leopold: *stops at one moment*

Jake: What is it Leopold?

Leopold: I thought I saw a crocodile

Traver: Are you frickin serious right now? We're in the fucking sewers! It's not like someone shat out what you reminded!

Leopold: I'm very sorry

Traver: *sigh* It's fine. Just try not to have second thoughts.

rats running away

Noah: Whoa! ...What was that all about?

Jake: Look!

enter Tesso

Traver: Huh. It seems to be a giant robot rat. *looks closely* Manufactured by Fegel Productions. It seems the troll of all nazis might have built this to guard this place.

Tesso: *turns on* *attempts to bite hand*

Traver: Whoa!

Tesso: *hiss*

Noah: Look out! It's attacking

battle start 

Persona - Battle with Tesso

battle end

Jake: Shit. That was intense.

Traver: I'm glad that's over with. This thing might have been worked as a guardian to prevent any intruders from passing. Since we're the first people to ever defeat it. 

Noah: Hey look, a ladder!

Traver: Good eye

climbs up

enters shop

Noah: *deep breath* Feels good to have that comfortable room climate

Leopold: So, what happens now?

Traver: Now, we start the synthesization. First, get a pair of keyboards

Leopold: K. Will these ones do?

Traver: Yes. Second, Noah must use his mind to make these strong and durable enough. Third, Jake must make one of their sides have a gun barrel and a small hole on top of it. And lastly, I must use my powers to make these divine enough to destroy every evil as Jake takes these keys out of my hand as it will also make it magical. Any further questions before we begin? No? Good. Let's start working.

A Clockwork Orange - William Tell Overture abridged

Noah: Finally! We finished the models. All that's left are the skills and attributes.

Traver: Okay! You ready Jake?

Jake: I am prepared for whatever this will take

Traver: On my go, you drop three on each board. *channels light on keyboards* Go!

Jake: *drops three keys each* 

finger flash sound

Leopold: Whoa! These are severely rad! 

Traver: Leopold, these are the legendary keyboards in the Bible: Ke-nesis and Exod-board. They are both very holy and they each have a different ability. Ke-nesis focuses on sound, blast, and electricity, while Exod-board uses healing spells, accurate shots, and hacking. They also make you able to fly.

Leopold: This is so cool! Let's punch this bastard in the dick! *pushes door* *flies*

Jake: Wait!

Leopold: *stops* what?

Jake: Good luck

Leopold: Thanks *flies up*

Darkiplier: *shoots*

Citizen: *Wilhelm scream*

Darkiplier: *black electricity*

Citizen: My leg!

Leopold: Hey you

Darkiplier: *turns around* *close up on face* *inhale* I thought I destroyed you

Leopold: Well it seems that just backfired. Now that I'm back in full condition, it's time for a second round.

Darkiplier: Bring it on. Let's see who won't walk another mile again. 

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Battle in the Clock Tower

Both: *charge forward*


Both: *fighting*

Darkiplier: *crashes on building*

Leopold: *flew next to Dark* 

Darkiplier: *gets up* *punches but missed*

Leopold: *charges up* Shockwave! *misses*

Darkiplier: *charges eye beam* *shoots* *flies up*

Leopold: *slashes two times*

Darkiplier: *swoophit sound* *groundhit sound* *gets up*

Leopold: Talk about Deja Vu

Darkiplier: DIE! *charges forward but gets hit* *channels darkness* *fires dark ball*

Leopold: *reflects*

Darkiplier: *gets blasted by own attack*


Leonard: I have beaten your score for the second time brother!

Leonidas: (Don't beat him up Leonidas. It's just a game. Do not act like a sore loser). You are still going to lose one day.

Leonard: Guess that figures

Harold: Alright, I think it's time to go back home. I sure hope Leopold cleaned the attic like I told. 

Leonard & Leonidas: Aww!

Mary: Now don't feel sad. We'll come back here another time if we feel like it.

Leonard: K

Back to the battle

Darkiplier: *falls to ground* *lands on back* *groan*

Traver: Remember me?

Darkiplier: Traver. I should have known. You and your bastards sealed my fate inside a worthless piece of junk to cause humiliation through me. Let's see how you all like it when I do the same thing that you all did to me!

Leopold: You are going to get your ass beat!

battle start 

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Battle in the Clock Tower

battle end

Darkiplier: *groans in pain*

Noah: Give it up Dark. You're more weaker than Sonic.exe

Darkiplier: Do you really think I can be defeated that easily? It's time that I unleash my true form and power! *disappears*

Leopold: Where did he go?

Traver: No. This is not going to go so well!

Leopold: How?

ground shaking

The Mark: *rises from crater*

Traver: That

battle start 

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - The Infinite

battle end

The Mark: *roars* *explodes* *reverts back to normal form*

Darkiplier: *groans* I don't quite feel like...myself. I...can't even move my limbs. My body is undergoing *coughs up blood* paralyzation.

Noah: *looks to the left* Hey Traver

Traver: Yeah?

Noah: There's a television on the sidewalk. We should pick up Dark and ram his ass back inside it and put him where no one can see.

Traver: Sounds good. Everyone, let's pick this devil up and throw him inside the TV screen.

Darkiplier: No! No! No! Noooooooooooooo! *gets absorbed in the screen*

Noah: Allow me. I have a machine that picks up stuff and pushes them with full force using gravity. *uses gravity gun* *blast*

Traver: That will take care of the mess

Leopold: Wait. Noah?

Noah: Yeah?

Leopold: What time is it?

Noah: Let me see *checks watch* 5:50

Leopold: Oh no! My family gets back at 6:00!

Traver: Well we need to hurry before they see what happened

at the Slikk's house

Pokemon OR & AS - Littleroot Town

Traver: When we got to Leopold's house after the fight, we cleaned up all of the mess and redid the house by getting new windows, a new wallpaper, and made the attic look new. When his family got home, they were surprised to see the house so clean and different. They all thanked Leopold and said that they'll go out to Applebee's tomorrow. When Leopold went in his room, he thanked us outside the window for helping him. Everyone was peaceful now. Darkiplier is gone and then they all lived happily ever after. The End


Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I - 2 plays 

*camera slowly moves to three televisions*

Silent Hill - Over plays

???: *meat squish* *raises hand* *casts darkness* *deep laugh*