This is the script for AGK meets Traver. Written and created by Travrinity.

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Traver, Noah, and Harold

Minor characters: Codsworth

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Traver as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Bitter Strike! Cartoons as Codsworth
  • Harold as himself

Enjoy reading it:

(Angry German Kid intro)

Leopold: Let's see here, x to the third power times the fifth power. *thinks* It's got to equal x to the fifteenth. Let's find out *solves math question* And is it right? *uses symbolab calculator* Yes it is. I have finished my homework. Now I'm off for a walk.

as Leopold went outside

Leopold: *walks down the sidewalk* *bumps into someone* Oh, sorry

???: Ah it's fine. I'm usually a bit clumsy when not paying attention. But yeah, that's fine with me *lowers map down* Wait a minute. *examines Leopold* Are you the one who goes by Leopold Slikk?

Leopold: Ja?

???: Oh my god. You are like, that Angry German Kid who smashes his keyboard!

Leopold: I don't know what you are talking about

???: Take a look *shows video on Samsung Galaxy S6*

Leopold: Wow. He must be an internet sensation

???: I know! And you are very popular these days.

Leopold: What do you mean?

???: Look around you. I have some people here doing a video.

Leopold: Well tell them to-...wait. Are you...

???: That's right Andreas, it is me, Travrinity

Leopold: *gasp*

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix - Organization XIII

Traver: I am the one and holy guy who shows a deep respect with people on Youtube. And now that I'm here, I have for you a gift.

Leopold: I bet it's a wonderful one!

Traver: Whoa, calm down. Try to take it easy on this.

Leopold: Alright *takes present and opens it* What are these?

Traver: This right here is your very first gun: a Browning hi-power pistol. This takes 13 rounds and it's muzzle velocity goes at a whopping 335 miles per second. It's a true man's gun. And these right here are metal strips. I got these so you could make some damascus steel for that board-blade of yours that's equipped on you. Finally, a felt hat. *puts hat on Leopold* You'll look classy and handsome with that on.

Leopold: Thank you so much, Mr. Vincent! *hugs Traver*

Traver: Heh, no worries kid. Anyways, I have another friend that I want to see since a long time ago

at Noah's house

Mardek - The Inventor

Traver: *knocks on door*

Codsworth: *opens door* Ah, hello sir. Is there something you need?

Traver: I am here to see a friend

Codsworth: Oh, yes. Master Noah!

Noah: *walks in* What is it Codsworth?

Codsworth: You have a guest by your front porch

Noah: A guest? I have never had one since a long while ag- *short gasp* Wait a second. ......Traver?

Traver: Pleased to meet you Noah J Riegel

Noah: Dude! *hugs Traver*

Traver: I knew you would remember

Noah: *lets go* It's been two years since we've met. How was it?

Traver: It was fine. Learned how to blacksmith, dual-wield, and now I'm trying to learn more about Mixology.

Noah: That sounds up-to-the-minute!

Traver: Yeah. And you know what else is up-to-the-minute?

Noah: What?

Traver: Those new sunglasses that you got! Now you don't look so geeky.

Noah: Heh heh, thanks. Come inside if you want. My robot butler is very friendly to guests.

Both: *sits down in chairs*

Codsworth: Mister Noah. Would you like something to drink?

Noah: I'll have some green tea please

Codsworth: And what about your guest

Traver: I'll take a cup of coffee

Codsworth: Alright then *leaves*

Traver: Make sure you add extra creamer in it. I like my coffee sweet. Oh, and make it a decaf.

Noah: That's quite rude of you to raise that tone

Traver: Why?

Noah: You could have said that right before he left

Traver: Sorry. But hey, after all, you're my colleague and we always work together as a profession.

Noah: That does sound true, considering we don't live in the same state

Codsworth: Here you go

Both: Thanks

Traver: *takes sip of coffee* Mmm. That's good decaf right there. Do you know what would hit the spot?

Noah: What

Traver: This *takes out a bottle of aged Tequila* Let's try some

Noah: Aren't you a bit minor to have that stuff

Traver: Nonsense! We're living in Germany. We can have alcohol without a parent at the age of 16 and older.

Noah: Has your father told you that?

Traver: Over at the beach, yes. *pours into shot glasses* Now on the count of three, we drink the whole glass and we must see how long you can endure it without salt and lime. Ready?

Noah: Ready

Traver: 1...2...3!

Both: *drinks Tequila down*

Traver: Whoo, that's strong stuff

Noah: Oh. That is nasty! *puts salt on tongue and squeezes lime in mouth*

Traver: I told you it would be that bad

Noah: Why would you even get this?!

Traver: I'm sorry dude, but you're in luck because I brought you some root beer

Noah: Oh boy! My favorite drink. Let me have one

Traver: But...

Noah: But what?

Traver: You may choose only one. Here are the choices: A&W, IBC, MUG, and Barq's

Noah: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mug

Traver: Good choice *hands over MUG root beer can*

Noah: Thanks *chugs drink down*

Traver: Slow down bud

Noah: Sorry, I can't control myself under the influence of this soda

Traver: That's fine. We all need to learn to resist our addictions.

Noah: Agreed. Hey, you want to see my other robots that I've made?

Traver: Sure

at the garage

Noah: Here it is. The ones that I have worked on since the past few months. Here is a turret, and right there is a mini loader, and right here is an assaultron.

Traver: What is she anyways?

Assaultron: I'm a woman, baby. Can't you tell?

Traver: Well, yeah. You just look similar to a woman, only you are made of metal.

Assaultron: Designation: Assaultron. Designed to provide a variety of security-related tasks to the modern man.

Traver: So you are called an assaultron

Assaultron: That's what my makers called me. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm a woman.

Traver: Oooookay then. Noah, is there any other robots you have made?

Noah: There is. My worst one is this CL4P-TP unit, but most people just call him Claptrap

Claptrap: Whoo-hoo

Noah: It attempts to do dumb things and it even tampers with the stuff that I make

Claptrap: *types on computer

computer explodes

Noah: See. Now I need to get another computer after that. *points gun at Claptrap and pulls the trigger*

Traver: You are an expert at these technologies that you build. Say, you want to head to the pub?

Noah: Well why not, we could

Traver: Alright

at the pub at 6:00 PM

Traver: Okay, I got a joke for you

Noah: Let's hear it

Traver: So a guy walks into a bar and sits at a table. He tells the waitress,"I'll have a Bloody Mary and a menu." When she returned with his drink, he asks "Still servin' breakfast here?" When she says yes, he replies "Then I'll have two eggs-runny on top and burnt on the bottom, five strips of bacon ON END-well done on one end and still raw on the other, two pieces of burnt toast and a cold cup of coffee." Indignantly the waitress says, "We don't serve that kind of stuff here!" Guy says, "Funny...that's what I had in here yesterday"

Both: *laughs*

Noah: I got another one for you

Traver: Go right ahead

Noah: So a woman and a duck walk into a bar. The bartender says,"Where'd you get the pig?" The woman says, "That's not a pig, that's a duck." He says, "I was talking to the duck."

Traver: Oh god *laughs* That was good. We both got great jokes here. Cheers to reunion

Both: *clings wine glasses and drinks away*

at 8:00 PM

Traver: That felt good

Noah: *drunk and slow* i tell you. that was the first time i have ever beemn tzhis tpisy

Traver: You should probably go home. Being that drunk can harm your body. And hey, someday, we will make our own team and build a fortress for it.

Noah: whatever you say *leaves*

Traver: I wonder how Leopold is doing

at Leopold's house

Leopold: I'm being honest here, I actually met that famous youtuber

Harold: If you did, then you would have went to California

Traver: *rings door bell*

Leopold: That must be him! *opens door*

Traver: Hello

Leopold: It is!

Harold: Woooooooooow! Pleased to meet you Travrinity!

Traver: It's nice to meet you Harold

Harold: He just knew my name! Yaaaaaaaaaa! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. I am your biggest fan. Ja!

Traver: Thank you. You shall be blessed with God's light *shines a brilliant, illuminating light

Leopold: How did you do that?

Traver: It was a gift from God. He chose me to be his acquaintance. 

Leopold: Can you do that to me?

Traver: Why sure *shines on Leopold*

Leopold: Thank you very much

Traver: No problem. I am always here to help. Anyways, that's all I wanted to hear. See you guys in the next episode.

Leopold; Bye!

Traver: *closes door and leaves*

Harold: I guess you were telling the truth. Congratulations son. We'll take you somewhere fun someday.

Leopold: Thank you so much

Harold: But for now, it's late. Time for you to get some sleep.

Leopold: K *goes upstairs and walks to bedroom* *lies on bed*


A message has been sent...

Leopold's carrying capacity has increased from 100 to 150.

And that's not all...

A new material recipe has been unlocked: Damascus

Wait...there's one more...

Leopold received his first gun. Though he's not trained to handle it, it still packs quite a big punch.