This is the script for episode 16 written and created by Travrinity and somewhat similar to AGK meets Joey Slikk made by Josh Geary himself.

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Harold, Fabrice, Traver, and Anna

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Fabrice as himself
  • Traver as himself
  • ??? as Anna

(Angry German Kid intro)

Leopold: Holy Liutgard. That...battle back at Jake's...was harsh! But it's a good thing at least, that those pussy-whipped dinosaurs are gone. And have been blown out of Earth's atmosphere. Now let's take a break outside. *walks out of room* *goes downstairs* Okay Dad, I'm going out for a walk to get some exercise.

Harold: Alright son, but be sure you will be back

Leopold: Thanks *walks out of door*


Leopold: *walking on the sidewalk* This seems rather pleasant. No problems, no violence, and definitely no- *slips on banana peel and hits facefirst on fire hydrant* *Clank!

after he regains his consciousness

Final Fantasy VIII - Blue Fields

Leopold: *vision blurs and regains sight as he talks* Agh. What the? Oh my god. My head really hurts

???: You okay sir? That looked that it hurt. Here, grab my hand

Leopold: *grabs the strange person's hand and gets up* Thank you for helping me up. That fall could have put me in a coma. But anyways, who are you supposed to be?

Fabrice: My name is Fabrice Laroche and I am from France

Leopold: If you are French, then you must tell me something in French

Fabrice: Alright. *clears throat* Ma famille adore écouter les chansons de Chantel Goya et pendant les vacances d'été, nous aimons aller à Nigloland. Quand je suis chez moi, j'aime jouer à beaucoup de jeux et regarder des animes, comme Gurren Laggan, Haganai, High School DxD, et plus. (My family likes to listen to Chantel Goya's songs and on summer break, we like to go to Nigloland. When I'm home, I like to play many games and watch anime like Gurren Laggan, Haganai, High School DxD, and more).

Leopold: That is splendid!

Fabrice: I know!

Leopold: Hey, I have a friend who likes anime.

Fabrice: What does he watch?

Leopold: Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Deadman Wonderland, and Parasyte

Fabrice: Can't wait to meet him

at Traver's house

door knocks

Traver: Coming! *opens door* Oh hey there Andreas. What do you want?

Leopold: I have someone that you should meet

Traver: Well great. Let's see his or her face

Leopold: *introduces Fabrice*

Traver: *gasp!* Fabrice?

Fabrice: Trevor?

Traver: No, not Trevor, Traver. Tra as in travel. Ver as in over. That is Tra (Træ) ver (vər). Now you try

Fabrice: Traver

Traver: Thank you. But my god it's good to finally see you again! *shakes hands with Fab* Thank you Leopold, I appreciate the reunion. Come inside if you want.

Both: *enters Traver's house*

Traver: Now that we are here, what can I get for you Fab: water, juice, soft drink, wine, tequila?

Fabrice: I'll have a glass of Lorina French Berry Prestige with a little bit of coconut rum please

Traver: You got it pal *walks to the kitchen*

Leopold: So Fabrice. Do you actually know Traver?

Fabrice: Positively, yes. We have been separated two years ago and now that I came to Mannheim Germany, I feel so happy to be reunited.

Traver: *walks back to living room* Here you go

Fabrice: Thanks *takes the drink* *takes a sip of his drink* Ooh. That rum sure is a bit strong.

Traver: That's why we're making this country our homeplace. We can drink alcohol with and without a parent. How fun does that sound?

Fabrice: Kind of a bit okay, but I just mostly love drinks that aren't alcoholic

Traver: Which ever one of those are okay with me. So, *turns on Xbox One and takes controller* scoot aside please.

Both: *moves to their side*

Traver: *sits in the middle* Time for some Fallout 4!

Fabrice: But where's the other controllers?

Traver: Ohhhh. I should mention something. Fallout is just a single player game. I'll let you play after 5 minutes of my gameplay. Let's get to the game.

Fallout 4 menu

Leopold: Looks like a fun game

Traver: Definitely agreed. This is my most favorite of them all.

Fabrice: This looks more interesting than Balzac's hologram

Fabrice: Hmm *presses button* *hologram with words pop up* In the sumptuous palace of- wait a minute, this isn't the Balzac I wanted *presses button again* *hologram of BALZAC plays Wall* Now that's more like it

Traver: Alright, my time is up. Here's the controller Fab. You know what to do. I'll just check upstairs on how Noah is doing *gets up from couch and walks upstairs*

Fabrice: Heh, this game looks pretty easy. I wonder how this siren works. *pulls the circuit breaker* *siren goes off* Did I do something? Is something bad going to happen?

Leopold: Doesn't really look like much

Fabrice: Well yeah, there's just no point to- holy shit. What the hell is that? Deathclaw? That sounds scary

Leopold: You are out of ammo 

Fabrice: Let me switch to this gun *shoots* Whoa, this thing shoots laser. Oh shit! There's two of them now!

Leopold: It's getting away, shoot it!

Fabrice: I'm trying my best just hold on, you know what fuck it, I'll just turn this damn foghorn off and I will kick that lizard's ass

Leopold: Why did you go back up when you were going down?

Fabrice: I just have second thoughts on these! *sees DeathClaw* There you are, ya bitch! *shoots at the enemy* Why is it so hard to kill this thing?

Leopold: Probably because it's the most dangerous wasteland creature

Fabrice: Maybe. Oh don't you get away you piece of shit *shots at the enemy* Damn it! He's nowhere to be seen

Traver: Alright, I'm back *sits back down*

Fabrice: How was he doing?

Traver: I don't want to talk about it. But anyhow, how's the progress?

Fabrice: We just encountered two deathclaws at Lynn Woods. One is the alpha, the other is just a regular

Traver: Did you kill them?

Fabrice: They both got away, so no

Traver: That's fine. Hand me the controller now

Fabrice: Why?

Traver: Your time's up

Fabrice: Okay *hands controller to Traver*

door knocks

Traver: Be right there *gets off couch and opens door*

???: Oh hello sir. 

Traver: Hi. Is there something you need?

???: Yes. I am looking for my son. His name is Fabrice.

Traver: Oh yes, he's in here. But why?

???: I'm just checking up

Traver: And who exactly are you?

???: Oh yeah, forgot to mention myself. My name is Annabelle Moreau, but you could just call me Anna

Traver: Okay then Anna. Are you his mother?

Anna: Like I said, yes. Now then. Sweetie dear!

Fabrice: Yes?

Anna: You ready to come back home?

Fabrice: I've just visited here, so fine. Let me finish this drink of mine first *Chugs down the whole thing* Ahh. Here's the cup *gives cup to Traver*. See you at school Leopold

Leopold: Same to you *leaves house* Bye Trav

Traver: Have a nice day

Leopold: *closes door* I'll see you later Fab

Fabrice: Bye *walks away*

Leopold: *waves goodbye and walks back home*

back at Leopold's house

Leopold: *opens door* I'm back

Harold: Hello again son. How was it?

Leopold: It was good. Along the way, I met a new friend

Harold: Oh that's good. Did you do anything with that friend?

Leopold: I did. We played games together and he also knew one of my friends.

Harold: That's wonderful. Well I hope you had fun with him.

Leopold: Sure did *walks upstairs*

Harold: What a good kid


This is the script for Episode 10 written and created by AGKandRockman2001 and somewhat similar to AGK (Leon Smallwood) meets Joey Slikk made by Joey Slikk. Special thanks to Travrinity for helping me for the writing of this script.

The characters in this episode will be: Leopold, Harold, Fabrice, Michelle, Leorich, Troy, Traver & Tina-Chan.

Minor characters: Asia

The voice actors will be:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Fabrice as himself & Troy the Dog
  • Emily Mason as Michelle the Dingo Dog
  • Leorich as himself
  • MS Mike as Guenther Jauch
  • Traver as himself
  • ShelbySparkle Star 28 as Kirby Loopsy
  • Jay Levi as Asia Argento

Enjoy the script:

AGKandRockman2001 Productions logo

The Angry German Kid Show intro

Title Card

Leopold: Holy crap! Windows 9 was so messed up! Damn! I guess that's why they decided to move on to Windows 10! JA!!! Anyway, I just need to get some fresh air. *goes downstairs*

(In the living room) Leopold: Dad, does it bother you if I go for a walk for a few hours?

Harold: Alright son, but be sure you will be back.

Leopold: Thanks. *walks out of door*


Leopold: *walking on the sidewalk* *Passport.mid (Sega Genesis Remix)* This seems rather pleasant. No problems, no violence, and definitely no- *trips on rock* *falls down the road* OW!!!

Scene fades to black

???: (in a dark voice) Hey kid. Are you OK?

Leopold: *vision blurs and regains sight as he talks* Agh. What the? Oh my god. My head really hurts.

???: Oh shit, you must have been hurt really bad! Don't worry, let me help you up.

Leopold: *grabs the strange person's hand and gets up* Thank you for helping me up. That fall could have put me in a coma.

???: You're welcome, Leopold.

Leopold: But anyways, who are you?

Fabrice: My name is Fabrice Laroche and I am from France.

Leopold: If you are French, then talk to me in French.

Fabrice: Alright. *clears throat* *La Marseillaise (Instrumentale)* Ma famille adore écouter les chansons de Chantel Goya et pendant les vacances d'été, nous aimons aller à Nigloland. Quand je suis chez moi, j'aime jouer à beaucoup de jeux et regarder des animes, comme Gurren Laggan, Haganai, High School DxD, et plus. (My family likes to listen to Chantel Goya's songs and on summer break, we like to go to Nigloland. When I'm home, I like to play many games and watch anime like Gurren Laggan, Haganai, High School DxD, and more).

Leopold: Wow, you speak french like a boss!

Fabrice: Merci. J'ai vécu en France depuis que j'étais né. (Thanks. I lived in France since I was born.)

Leopold: Then, why did you move here?

Fabrice: Well, my father has being suing me & my family. So we had to move away to Mannheim, Germany.

Leopold: Oh my god, your father is even worst than mine!

Fabrice: Even worst, he doesn't give a shit about me. Sometimes.

Leopold: Mein gott. Wait, what's that on your neck?

Fabrice: Oh, this? Well, I've been confirmed a few months.

Leopold: Confirmed, for what? *thinks* *laughs* I knew you were talking about the confirmation. Ja. Glückwunsch, Fabrice. (Congratulations, Fabrice.)

Fabrice: Thanks, Leopold. So, wanna visit my house?

Leopold: OK.

At Fabrice's house

door knocks

Michelle: I'm coming! *opens door* Oh hey son!

Fabrice: Hi mom!

Michelle: *looks at Leopold* Aren't you that german kid that my kids like to watch on YouTube?

Leopold: Ja?

Leorich: What's going on, guys?

Troy: Hey, that must be the german kid Leopold, right?

Leopold: Who is this guy that looks like my brother Leonard?

Leorich: I'm Leorich Laroche.

Troy: And I'm Troy Laroche. Nice to meet you, Leopold.

Michelle: The boys did a drawing for you.

Fabrice, Leorich & Troy: *give drawing to Leopold*

Leopold: *looks at drawing* Thanks for the drawing.

Michelle: Well, you see, I went back home after a rough day until I noticed the TV turned itself on. So I went to see what was going on.

Guenther: Gunther Jauch here! We just got informed about something tragic that just happened last night! A german boy named Leopold Slikk has been murdered in the park of Mannheim!

Michelle: When I heard about it, I was shocked to death. I called my children to watch the news. Fabrice was even more shocked than me because he watches videos of you on YouTube, and Leorich & Troy like watching those. Personnally, your bratty behaviour doesn't bother me. It's just that, well, I don't understand why you keep smashing your keyboard. After that, my son has been busy trying to draw something for you, since he has loved art class during middle school.

Leopold: If he's 15, shouldn't he be in my class?

Fabrice: Actually, I skipped 1st grade. This can explain why I'm already in 10th grade.

Leopold: Say what?

Michelle: It'll be hard to explain how he did that. Why don't you three go upstairs?

Leopold: OK.

Fabrice: So, do you like my room?

Leopold: Ja.

Fabrice: Most of the time, I share it with Leorich. Also, I saw you beating up those bullies. It was great, let me tell you.

Leopold: Ja! Those bullies better not mess up with me!

Fabrice: I know. I also had to deal with a bully. But he didn't want to talk to me, he just yelled and punched me. But, let's not talk about it. Wanna see my computer?

Leopold: Alright. Is that your computer? Damn, why is it still Windows 7?

Fabrice: Well, this PC keeps asking me to upgrade my PC to Windows 10. But the problem is that if I do so, then I'll lose all the apps. Not to mention my grandma has a Windows XP laptop.

Leopold: Still, it's like a piece of museum.

Leorich: Like that VSmile console we still have.

Door knocks

Fabrice: Hold on a second.

Fabrice, Leorich & Troy: *go downstairs*

Leopold: Let's see what he has.

Fabrice: *opens door*

Fabrice: Yo Trav!

Traver: Hey Rockman! How are you doing?

Fabrice: I'm doing fine. Merci beaucoup.

Leorich: We just met a new friend, wanna see him upstairs?

Traver: Sure, why not?

Leopold: Man, what a happy family they are. I wish my family was as happy as his.

Fabrice: *opens door* Oh, hey Leopold! Didn't notice you were looking at my stuff.

Leopold: About time you came! I felt so bored I checked your photos.

Traver: Why hello, Leopold. Nice to see you.

Leopold: Sup?

Fabrice: Leopold, this is my best friend, Traver.

Leopold: So, where do you come from, Trav?

Traver: I'm from California, with the beach and the ladies. Yeah.

Leopold: You know, you have a lot of luck to live in California. The chicks like to chase you around, because they find you sexy.

Traver: Well, before I was Fabrice's best friend, there was Bruno.

Leopold: Who is Bruno?

Troy: Bruno was Fabrice's best friend since they were in 6th grade. He first met him at school when Fab showed him the school building.

Traver: One day, Bruno asked Fab to come to his house, and he became excited. After the party, he showed me these videos.

Leorich: He often visited Big Bro, mainly when they have to work on projects.

Leopold: He must have been a cool dude.

Fabrice: He sure was. But it's sad he couldn't be with us.

Traver: Don't worry, Fabrice. At least, you still have me.

Fabrice: Mouais.

Leopold: Aooooooooohhh! Oh mein gott, is that an Xbox One? I always wanted this console!

Troy: Well, I included a CD where you can play retro games.

Fabrice: Hey Leopold, wanna play Street Fighter 2?

Leopold: Ja! I totally love this game!

Leorich: Alright. Let's play this game.

A few minutes later

Leorich: Wow! You're great at this game, Leopold!

Leopold: I played this game for a long time, and I'm still playing it.

Fabrice: Je vois. (I see.)

Traver: Hey Andreas, can I ask you something?

Leopold: Was ist es, Traver? (What is it, Traver?)

Traver: Remember David Near?

Leopold: Ja. (X2)


Traver: Well, I was the one who sent you his videos.

Leopold: Say what? Oh ja, your profile picture said so. Möge Gott mit dir sein. (May God be with you.)

Traver: Thanks, Leopold.

Michelle: *opens door* Is everything alright, boys?

Fabrice: Tout va bien, m'man. (Everything's fine, mom.) We were just playing video games.

Michelle: That's good to know. Anyway, why don't you go outside? The sun is shining, the birds are singing.

Fabrice: Sure, why not?

Leorich: Last one to go outside lost! *goes outside*

Fabrice: Hey bro! Wait for us!

Michelle: *giggles* Silly Leorich.


Sonic: After the Sequel - Foliage Furnace Act 1

Leopold: Ah, what a lovely day outside. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. So Fabrice, how does it feel for you to be confirmed?

Fabrice: It feels like I'm moving on in my life. I'll become Leorich's godfather someday.

Leorich: It was the best day of our lives, especially for Big Brother.

Traver: I understand how you feel, Fabrice.

Leorich: I'm starting to get hungry. How about we go to Subway?

Leopold: Okay.

(At Subway) So Fabrice, how was your meatball sub?

Fabrice: That meatball sub is so delicous.

Leorich: I love to eat meatball subs, guys.

Traver: I love this sandwich because this is the best one I ever ate at Subway.

Troy: I'm not gonna lie to you guys, this is the best sandwich.


Harold: *knocks at door*

Michelle: I'm coming! *opens door* Why hello, Harold.

Harold: Oh hello, ma'am.

Michelle: Hi. Is there something you need?

Harold: Yes. I am looking for my son. His name is Leopold.

Annabelle: Uh, no, he's not there. But why?

Harold: I'm just checking up.

Annabelle: He's at the park with my son, his brother, and his friends.

Harold: Thanks. *closes door*

Back at the park

???: *sprinting*

Leopold: What the hell was that?

Fabrice: I don't know who just-

All: *Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts - Castle of the Emperor* *scream*

Traver: It's Kirby Loopsy!

Tina: Well, look who's here. That's the french brat who decided to make fun of me!

Fabrice: So what? Does it bother or something?

Tina: Yes, it bothers me! Because I hate that german bastard, that fatass child molester, and most importantly, that ugly face!

Troy: *shoots Tina in the arm* Don't you ever talk to Leopold like that!

Leopold: Learn to respect people's opinions on Haruhi Suzumiya, you bitch!

Tina: Shut up, Leopold! As for you, Fabrice, since you told Red Bloony to make fun of me, I will kick your ass so hard until you cry!

Fabrice: Ah oui ? Eh ben, c'est ce qu'on va voir, salope ! Je vais te briser les os en mille morceaux avec mes poings rocheux ! (Oh yeah? Well, we'll see about that, you slut! I'll break your bones into thousands of pieces with my rock fists!)

Leopold: I'll make you regret your actions once you suffer from my wrath!

Tina: Fine! Bring it on, you morons!

Battle start

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop – Untamable

Battle end

Tina: You... monsters. I'm gonna finish you!

Harold: Not today! *attacks Tina with sledgehammer* Don't you ever try to harm Leopold again, you ugly bitch!

Police car arrives

Tina: What do you guys want for me?

Police man: Tina-chan, you're under arrest for trying to agress some teens. And also, you're under arrest for arresting people who like Haruhi Suzumiya online.

Tina: Wait! This isn't fair!

Police man: It is fair! Now stop complaining and come with me!

Tina: Leopold! Fabrice! I'll get you someday!

Leopold, Fabrice, Harold & Leorich: *laugh*

Police car leaves

Sonic Overture - Act Complete (skip to 0:24)

Sonic Generations - S Rank

Leopold: Thanks for helping us finish that jackass, dad.

Harold: No problem, son. So, ready to go back home?

Leopold: Fine. See you at school, guys! *leaves*

Fabrice: A bientôt, mon cher ami. On se reverra à l'école. (See you later, my friend. We will see you at school.)

Leorich: Jeez, that was dramatic.

Fabrice: Agreed. Thank god she's gone.

Back at home

Harold: You know, son. I'm so proud to know you met this french guy.

Leopold: Thanks dad.

Harold: Plus, he speaks french like a pro. I guess he was born there.

Leopold: Ja.

Harold: Well, I hope you had fun with him & his friends.

Leopold: Sure did. *walks upstairs*

Harold: What a good kid.


Traver: Ah, what a lovely day outside. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Tina-chan is gone, what can go wrong?

Asia: Um, excuse me? Are you that Travrinity guy?

Traver: Oh, yes I am. You can call me Traver if you want.

Asia: Tell me, you're a christian, am I right?

Traver: Yeeeeah. Yes I am. I'm kinda more catholic, but I gotta believe in Jesus even more.

Asia: Well, um, you may not believe me, but I'm catholic too. Even if I joined Rias, I'm still able to read the Bible.

Traver: A devil who still practices religion? Fascinating.

Asia: Yeah, I know it's hard to believe it, but I got a spell that allows me to read the Bible even if I'm a Devil. Leopold got the same spell.

Traver: Interesting. Hey Asia!

Asia: Yes, Traver?

Traver: Well... Uh... You look adorable for a devil like you. You're as cute as Emily Mason.

Asia: *chuckles* Thank you, Traver.

Traver: Say, you wanna hang out with me?

Asia: Of course, I don't see why not. *grabs Traver's hand* Tell me, do you know what Fallen Angels are?

Traver: Yeah, I learned about them in religious education at school. They're kinda creepy, if you ask me.