This is the script for Travrinity's second episode of AGK.

The characters will feature: Leopold, Diknoz, Kaeru, Harold, Akuma, Akako, a bully, and Noah

The voice actors are:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Microsoft Mike as Diknoz
  • Connor Marini as Kaeru
  • Harold as himself
  • Akuma as himself
  • Akako as herself
  • Noah as himself and bully (could possibly be the Falcon Punch Guy)

Here's the script:

(Angry German Kid intro)

school bell rings

Diknoz: Okay class, today we have a new student that will be joining

everyone claps

Diknoz: Greet yourself please

Kaeru: *bows* Konichiwa, my name is Kaeru Arata Otoko, and I am pleased to visit your beautiful country of Germany. Me and my family moved from Japan to live in Mannheim.

Diknoz: Thank you. You may select a seat.

Kaeru: *sits next to Leopold*

Diknoz: Now then, let's talk about Oedipus Rex. *teaching*

Kaeru: *whispers* Psst, what is your name?

Leopold: Leopold Slikk

Kaeru: Leopold, my family and I moved to your neighborhood

Leopold: That sounds good

Kaeru: You can pay a visit if you want

Leopold: Why thank you

Kaeru: You're welcome

school ends

Leopold: This is cool. My first asian friend. This is going to be so great!

as Leopold got home

Leopold: Hey father

Harold: Yeah?

Leopold: I met this new friend at school. He said that he's from Japan

Harold: That's nice

Leopold: He said that I can visit. Is it okay if I can go please?

Harold: Sure. But be back until 5:00

Leopold: Alright

as Leopold got to Kaeru's residence

Leopold: *knocks on door*

Kaeru: *opens door* Oh hello, glad you could make it. Come on in

Leopold: *enters house

Kaeru: *closes door* Leopold, these are my parents. This is my father Akuma

Akuma: Hello there foreign one

Kaeru: And this is my mother Akako

Akako: Hōmon-sha o motte iru yorokobidesu (It is a pleasure to have visitors)

Leopold: Your home looks traditional and your family seems very nice. Do you have any siblings?

Kaeru: I don't have any. I'm the only one in this family. 

Leopold: OK. My siblings sometimes tease me a lot. ........So. I think I'll go back home

Kaeru: You're leaving already?

Leopold: Ja. My dad said I have to be back before 5.

Kaeru: Well okay then

Leopold: It's nice knowing you

Kaeru: Bye, come back another time

Leopold: I will *leaves house*

as Leopold got back home again

Harold: How was the visit?

Leopold: It was good. He lived in a wooden house and had a small family. 

Harold: Were they good?

Leopold: Definetely!

Harold: Wonderful. I made you some steak. It's on the kitchen counter.

Leopold: Thanks *enters kitchen and grabs his plate*eats dinner*

6 hours later...

Leopold: That was a very good day. Hopefully the next one will be better. *goes to sleep*

at school...

Leopold: (This kid must be very cool. Though he looks 23, he has a lot of reputation and wisdom inside. I think me and him will get along just as fine. Oh, there he is. I hope he-)

Kaeru: *gets bumped into*

Leopold: (huh?)

Bully: Watch where you're going, nerd!

Kaeru: I'm sorry sir, but I really need to get back to class

Bully: You ain't going anywhere. I think your family is just a couple of stupid numbnuts, like you!

Kaeru: Please don't talk about my family

Bully: Oh don't worry, I bet you'll be living in the dumps after they die and you get hated

Kaeru: I'm warning you

Bully: And what are you going to do about it? You are a worthless banana who just squints at people knowing that they want to beat your ass so that you'll never be-

Kaeru: *grips handle* *slashes horizontally at torso*

Bully: *halves drop on floor*

Kaeru: Anata guchi kesshite damare (You bitches never shut up) *flicks blood off blade* Anata no unmei niwa tochaku shimashita (Your fate has arrived) *sheathes sword* (Though it doesn't translate like that, atleast it will still be fine)

Crowd: (Oh my god) (Did you guys see that?) (He just sliced the bully in half clean) (Holy crap, that's messed up) (Let's get out of here)

Leopold: Kaeru?

Kaeru: Oh hi Leopold

Leopold: I see that you murdered that asshole

Kaeru: Yeah, I just needed to blow off some steam *looks at Leopold's keyboard* Nice keyboard you got there

Leopold: Oh this? It's my primary weapon of choice. Fairly weak, but extremely durable.

Kaeru: Meet me in my house. I have something important to show you

Leopold: K

5 hours later...

Leopold: So you wanted me for something?

Kaeru: Yeah, this is what I want for you to see. *takes off incombustible blanket* Leopold, this is my father's forge. My dad used to work as a blacksmith since 1978 before he got engaged with my mother. Right now, he is an expert at forging. He spreaded this ability to me, so now I think I'm eligible enough to make you a blade. So what would it be? A sword? Dagger? Shield?

Leopold: That's great and all, but I have something else in mind

Kaeru: And what would that be?

Leopold: I was thinking of making a sword out of this keyboard. The blade should go right here. And we can put the handle bar grip right below here.

Kaeru: Hmm...that does sound interesting, but I don't think I could make that happen. If only there was a genius who can create inventions

Leopold: *thinking*ding!* I'll be right back

Minutes later...

Kaeru: Greetings wise one. State your name please.

Noah: My name is Noah Riegel. I am a super genius at almost, anything. If there is something that needs to exist, then I will make that happen.

Kaeru: Well then Noah, do you think you could use your blueprints to design your works?

Noah: Got the instructions and building materials, alllll in here

Kaeru: Great, let's get started

30 minutes later...

Kaeru: There you go. A keyboard with a blade on top.

Noah: To release it out, press this button right here to unsheathe. If you want to get it back inside, press this button. 

Kaeru: You happy with this?

Leopold: Yeah! This is the coolest weapon I can ever obtain!

Kaeru: Good, now let's put it to the test *Naruto - Turn over* *unsheates Ninjato* *slashes at training dummy* *fighting stance* I want you... to prove to me... that you are worthy enough to fight all that is evil. To prove how strong your soul fights for. So give me all you got. *music stops

battle start

OFF - Pepper Steak

Kaeru: Welcome to your first battle. This is just a tutorial, so let's learn the basics. On the bottom left side is your health bar. This shows how much health you have. If it ever reaches 0, you will be knocked out.  To regain health, you must use healing abilities or items. On the top right is the opponent's health. If you ever get your enemy's health to 0, victory is yours. Underneath your health is your rage meter. With this, you can do many abilities that require rage points, or RP for short. Every time you deal damage, you will gain 1 RP. The maximum capacity you can carry is 10. Other allies will have a different meter depending on characteristics. Now then, on the left is your battle menu. There are 6 options to choose from: Attack, tactics, skills, ranged, special, and items. Select the first one to attack.

Leopold: *clicks attack*runs to Kaeru* Huaagh! *slashes*

Kaeru: *deals 28 damage* Good. With that option, you can manually defeat your foes while using a weapon. Now I will make my move on you *runs to Leopold* Ungh! *slashes*

Leopold: Argh! *deals 61 damage*

Kaeru: You seem to be injured very badly. Here, take this potion Noah just concocted. Use it by selecting items

Leopold: *clicks items* *selects potion* *uses potion* *healed 50 health*

Kaeru: *runs to Leopold* *slashes*

Leopold: *Miss* *scrolls down and selects Skills* *clicks Pencil* *runs to Kaeru and stabs with pencil*

Kaeru: *deals 54 damage* Excellent. Now that we've learned the basics, our training is over.

battle end

Kaeru: *bows* Thank you for your patronage. Be sure to visit some other time here to learn more about battle

Leopold & Noah: Great, we'll see you later

Kaeru: Sayonara!

Somewhere at the airport...

Planes and cars sound effects

???: *walks out door* This must be it. Germany. ....Well, time to search for the one *camera shows a picture of Leopold Slikk*