This is the script for AGK Lost in Space written and created by AGKandRockman2001

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Rosalina, Tailsko, Emerald, Vanessa, Dohnaseek, Kalawarnar, Mittelt, Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic

Minor characters: Alien Wily, Chipper's Revenge

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Nicky Loveadove as Rosalina
  • Daneiels Surinao as Tailsko, Emerald & Vanessa
  • ??? as Dohnaseek
  • ??? as Kalawarnar
  • ??? as Mittelt
  • Mickwhitefire28 as Dr. Eggman
  • Stefannofornari as Metal Sonic
Enjoy the script:

This is the script for episodes 87-90 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by GeneBernardinoLawl, JamaLamp95 and Adrenaline21, created by GeneBernardinoLawl. This is the inspiration of Atarster's and Cansin13's "AGK Lost In Space".

The characters appeared on this special are:

  • Leopold Slikk
  • 40T10
  • Hoppus (from Mighty Magiswords)
  • Angry Sulu Kid
  • Adrenaline21
  • Jake Randolf
  • The alien
  • Max Headroom (SECOND BOSS OF THIS SPECIAL, voiced by Adrenaline21)

Entire script

Part 1

Cue: Sonic Generations-Sky Sanctuary~Modern ver.~

*Note: This is similar to Adrenaline21's next project, "Rocketman" series.

Leopold: *sleeping*

tractor beam sound

Leopold: *screams* Oh my god (Oh mein Gott) What the hell is that? *screams* *gets pulled out of roof* *screams*

*cuts to 40T10's house*

Hoppus: Kervin, Give the Carrot Magisword back to me!

Kervin: Ah ah ah, I'm not giving it back to you, It's mine now!

Hoppus: I'm dead serious, You know that it's my personal weapon, GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW!

Kervin: Well, If you want me to give it to you, You have to say the names of the characters from Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs.

Hoppus: WHAT?! NO! I don't want to do that, Besides, This show is a rip-off of the Land Before Time anyway!

Kervin: Fine then, I'm not giving it to yo-

40T10: That's enough Kervin! The weapon that isn't yours isn't yours!

Adrenaline21: Yeah, Doing that is just dumb, You stupid cunt

Kervin: At least I'm not a rip-off of my friend Leopold! Who's stupid now, huh?

Adrenaline21: Ugh! I give up. 40T10, Can you talk to him?...........................40T10?...What's wrong?.......

40T10: I'm sensing a spaceship.

Hoppus, Kervin, and Adrenaline21: What?.

Hoppus: Are you serious?

40T10: Yes, And it's right on top of our house now.

Hoppus, Kervin, and Adrenaline21: WHAT?!


More will be written soon...

Part 2


Kyle: I have been sent here for 9 months. Nine fuckin' months!

More will be written soon...

Part 3

Max Headroom: Leopold and that Lame O' guy have sent me into the space!

Adrenaline21: Hey, asshole.

Leopold: Here's your present, Max. *transform into Powerful Wind Form* *strikes him harder*

Coming soon...

Part 4


Andy: Bang!

Hoppus (as female): *scream*

Andy: *laughing*

Hoppus (as female): What the?

Coming soon...