This is the script for AGK Lost in Space written and created by Travrinity. Credit goes to the owner of the original idea. Not going to be used anymore because I am changing my series

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Kaeru, Jake, Traver, Alex, Noah, BJ, Riff, Baby Bop, and Lunar

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Connor as Kaeru
  • Jake as himself
  • Traver as himself and BJ
  • Alex as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Emily as Riff and Baby Bop
  • Lunar (First form) with T&J bull roar
  • Lunar (Second form) with T&J bull roar (low pitched)

Enjoy the story:

Part 1

(Angry German Kid intro)

Leopold: Then you put the wind-up key here. Annnnnnd there. My mouse bombs are complete. One that runs and one that is tossed. And all that is left is the test. Got to light the fuse for this and wind up this explosive and it will finally work.

tractor beam sound

Leopold: Huh?! *gets pulled out of roof* Ahhh! Help me!!

Kaeru: Huh? Oh no! Don't worry Leopold-san, help is on the rescue! *takes out Type 100 Shiki Kikan-tanju* *rapidly shoots in the air* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

shots miss the target and flies into space

Kaeru: *looks up* ....... *inhale* *throws gun on the ground* Chikuso! (Damn it!)

Akuma: *slams door open* Kaeru, get your f#cking ass in here!

Kaeru: *tilts head down* Tawagoto (Crap)

Leopold: *screaming as he ascends into outer space*

Galagan Commander tosses Leopold on a medium round asteroid

Leopold: *gasping* (I can't breathe out in this atmosphere. There needs to be a solution to this). *looks around* *sees an Oz kit* (There!) *runs towards kit* *puts it on* *exhale* Positive thinking, that's smart positive thinking. .....I'll take these oxygen canisters just in case *grabs five canisters of 02* Let's find a way out of this astronomical hellhole *jumps off*


Borderlands: The Pre Sequel - Helios Station

Leopold: *walks on colorful asteroid*

Galagan enemies appear

Leopold: (Oh god, there's more of these creeps! I guess I should fight my way out of this) *pulls out gun and shoots* Well that was easy. Let's see more down there *leaps off*gravity slams on a small moon* *runs*

enemy encounter!  PhrozenFlame 2 - Defraction Unbound

foes defeated!  Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - Victory Fanfare

obtained circuitry x 4, fiber optics x 2, crystal x 2, nuclear material x 1, plastic x 6, aluminum x 2, screw x 3, and 70 euros

Leopold: *continues on* *jumps on another moon and finds a treasure chest* *opens it

found two Institute pistols

Leopold: *jumps on a third moon* *walks out of level*


Leopold: *stops* ......This background feels peculiar. It's like that one dream all over again. But anyways, let's get back to the mission. *walks forward*

???: *cat sound*

Leopold: Huh? *turns around* There's no one there

???: *touches Leopold's leg*

Leopold: *turns back* *gasp!*

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Dream Eaters

Meow-Wow: *hybrid mix of a bark and meow*

Leopold: *smiles* *pets the creature*

Meow-Wow: *bounces up and down* *jumps on Leopold and licks his face*

Leopold: *laughing* Okay okay, that is enough. Man, you are the cutest.

Meow-Wow: *turns around and senses another presence* *repeats sound*

Leopold: What's that? Timmy stuck in the well? Nah, that's crazy. There's no wells in Outer Space, but let's go check what's up. *runs to a crater* Hello?

Jake: Eh? *looks up* Leopold!

Leopold: Jake! I'm coming down there. *drops down safely*

Meow-Wow: *jumps and bounces on ground*

Jake: Dude, did you also got sent out here by Galagans?

Leopold: Ja. Have you?

Jake: Yeah. I was experimenting about these new guns called lasers. And I was hoping I could make my best one. But then all is lost when a commander swooped by and held me still like I was being caught by a UFO. It then dropped me in a strange cavern and I was suffocating from this atmosphere. So I found an oz kit from Borderlands: The Pre Sequel and I felt lucky. I even found some canisters in case I run low. 

Leopold: Speaking of which, I managed to find two laser pistols for you

Jake: Really? Then show me

Leopold: *hands over pistols*

Jake: These are so rare! They were made by the Institute. Those bastards who develop synths to look like humans. I disgust them!

Leopold: I'm glad you like them

Oz kit voice: Warning! Oxygen level at 50%. Gauge dropping.

Leopold: Give me a moment *inserts oxygen canister into oz kit and refills the meter* *throws away canister* There we go

Jake: I also notice you made a new friend

Leopold: He seems to be an overly-attached little pet. I think I'll keep him.

Jake: Great. Now then, let's get the heck out of this place.

Leopold: Okay 

Both: *walks out of area*

obtained a new summon: Meow-Wow


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix - Cavern of Remembrance

Leopold: Anything interesting you found?

Jake: Since I got here, I saw a trio of Synths that came by. I defeated them and they dropped some weapons. I only scrapped them so I could make my own.

Leopold: How much?

Jake: Just a couple of plastic, circuitry, screws, glass, and more

Leopold: That's brilliant. I think that-

Jake: Shit!

Protectron: Warning: Hostiles in area! 

Leopold: Shit! Now we got two Terraria space soldiers and a Protectron. Let's beat em!

Jake: On it!

Both: *battle cry*

enemy encounter!  Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix - Deep Anxiety

foes defeated!  Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - Victory Fanfare

obtained circuitry x 7, screw x 8, copper x 4, fiber optics x 3, asbestos x 1, nuclear material x 3, steel x 3, aluminum x 4, glass x 3, plastic x 3, and 120 euros

Leopold: That sure was tough

Jake: Look! An exit.

Both: *escapes out of cave*

Leopold: Oh my god

Jake: This part is not going to be so easy

Leopold: This is all, bullshit. I just need to go back home without any trouble!

Jake: Look!

Leopold: The Caro-Legion! They'll help us. *floats next to them* Hello guys.

Traver: Oh hey there Andreas. How did you get here?

Leopold: Abducted by Galagans. Have you?

Traver: Nah. We just used our spacecraft to get here. We're experimenting about these rare and unusual rocks called Moonstones. These must be very important to study and they are worth a fortune. To get them, we use this drill Noah invented.

Alex: That way we can dig another hole to a different China. Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Traver: You see this? *smacks fist down and brings it up in a circular motion and bonks Alex's head*

Alex: Oh!

Traver: Anyways, we could use some of your help. And I wish I could just drink my tequila out here, but low gravity just makes it fly and if I drank it, my oz kit would have malfunctioned. I'll just go inside and that way it will feel safe. I'll be right back.

drill digs up something strange

Noah: We got something! But wait, rocks can't bleed like this. Therefore, I conclude that-

Giant Shuggarath of Ice pops up

Alex: Shit! We must exterminate this entity on ice. Heh, ice. You see what I did there?

Traver: *gets out of vehicle* We heard you. You guys better prepare yourselves.

battle start  Phrozenflame 2 - Defraction Unbound

battle end Final Fantasy X - Victory Fanfare

obtained Shuggarath eye x 1, and 200 euros

Traver: What a toughy. We need to get out of this mess before anymore tracks us down.

Noah: Hold on, I got to get to my workbench to make some new work. *goes inside spacecraft*

7 minutes later...

Noah: I'm back. I upgraded my freeze ray using that Shuggarath's eye and adding more liquid nitrogen. Now those nasties will be frozen for 3 turns. I even invented the Euphoria-ray. It will leave then in a happy state for 2 turns and leave them unarmed and weak. And this right here is my best one: The Destroyer Cannon. We killed a medium-sized Destroyer and obtained it's eye. This will have to charge though. As it's ready, it will induce a large devastating laser that will attack anything on sight. Now let's get out.

To be Continued

Part 2

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel - Triton Flats

Traver: Shh. Try to remain quiet. There is a pair of those Terraria goons and we need something that will attack both at the same time.

Leopold: I got this *takes out mouse bomb and winds it up* *releases bomb and runs to the enemies


Traver: Now! Let's move!

Everyone: *sprints forward* *stops*

Traver: Oh no. Five soldiers, an engineer with an electric tesla something, and an eyebot. All attack at the same time!

Noah: *sets down turret*

Alex: *slashes eyebot in half*

Eyebot: *explodes*

Jake: *shoots tesla coil and the engineer*

Traver: *slices through enemies* There. All annihilated. Aww I'm sorry Leopold, we didn't save one for you.

Leopold: I never missed one *lights fuse* *tosses Mouse bomb in the air and blows enemy up* Now I got one

Traver: Swell. Now let's move on.

Everyone: *continues forward and stops at a saving spot*

everyone's health has been healed

Traver: Let me work this out. There. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd...there! Let's continue

Everyone: *walks forward and stops*

Cryo Chamber - Space Ambient

Traver: Well, there's no where left to go. It's time we get back to our ship.

three shadows sprinting from far away

Noah: I am sensing a presence. And we're not alone. There's exactly three of them.

Traver: *closes eyes and feels something behind* *unsheathes sword and points it* It is you

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories - Face it

BJ: Eh look here sis, it's these five humans

Baby Bop: I know that

Riff: Long time no see you chodes

Traver: Why are you bastards here and how are you not asphyxiating from this kind of atmosphere?

BJ: We have been sent here for 9 months. Nine flippin months!

Baby Bop: Actually I have been here for 3 months

BJ: Shut up! Anyways, we're going to take this the hard way and you'll see how you feel as you go crying back to your parents

Alex: We have no guardian by us. Duty will protect our identity from crisis.

Riff: Very well then. We will cannibalize your corpses and show you real fright.

Leopold: Prepare for domination, fucktards!

battle start  Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - The Tumbling

battle end  Final Fantasy X - Victory Fanfare

obtained Shurikens x 5, Meowmere x 1, Stealth Boy x 2, baseball x 2, nuclear material x 1, Rainbow Gun x 1, and obtained 300 euros

BJ: How could this be? Defeated a third time. Even with our powers combined, we still can't win.

Riff: You guys must have been more powerful after all

Baby Bop: We give up. No more evil things anymore. All we wanted was to have a nice, simple life.

Traver: It's up to you. Maybe become less kid like for teens such as Jersey Shore and Supernatural.

BJ: Yeah. We'll start becoming teens. And we will stop being dumb Barney characters.

Traver: That's good. Now let's-

Tom and Jerry bull roar

Noah: What the hell is that?!!

Jake: Oh shit

Part 3

Traver: A radioactive moon?

BJ: It's so huge. I don't think we're strong enough to defeat it.

Traver: You three. Get to the spacecraft. It's not far away from here but you can find it. Now go!

BJ, Riff, and Baby Bop: *flees*

Noah: Traver! That's our way back home!

Traver: I know, but trust me, there is one way.

Noah: And what is that?

Traver: You'll soon see

Leopold: Just what is that?

Jake: This thing is called Lunar. It's a boss from Terraria.

Traver: But that thing doesn't exist in the game. It's only a fanmade character.

Jake: I know, but Alex told me all about it

C: It's true. Lunar was probably a scrabbed boss and crumbled down. Few years later it reconstructed itself with the moonrocks and space rads.

Traver: What a fascinating story. Anyways let's defeat it before it reaches Earth!

Tom and Jerry bull roar

battle start  Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Majestic Wings

battle end  Final Fantasy X - Victory Fanfare

obtained nuclear material x 5, moonstones x 10, and 500 euros

Lunar: *shines green and explodes*

Everyone: *gets blown away and falls to the sky of Earth, screaming*

Noah: We're all going to die!!

C: I'm too honorable to die!

Traver: Guys, stop screaming! Hey, all that stuff we did back there was brilliant. If we die here, then we'll die as heroes.

Leopold: *smiles*

Everyone: *holds hands*

R. Kelly - I believe I can fly plays

Leopold and Jake: *releases hands* *bounces on Trampoline* Well that was easy

Traver: *teleport*

Noah: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! *lands roughly* Ow. least I'm still al-

Alex: *lands on Noah's back*

Noah: Ohhhhhhhhh! That hurts!

Alex: God. My ass hurts from that fall. But thanks for the cushion.

Noah: Whatever. I'll just lay right here until I feel better

Traver: *sigh* You baby *casts heal*

Noah: Thanks

Traver: Well, that came out to a great start. And look, we just made 22 moonstones

Alex: Mission accomplished. Let's go make some cash!

Traver: Now is not the time for today. We need to get some sleep for tomorrow.

Alex: Confirm

Noah: k. See you all tomorrow. *leaves*

Jake: What an adventure we had today

Leopold: I better get back inside for sleep.

Jake: See you later then

Leopold: Yes

Jake: Bye *leaves*

Leopold: I feel very tired *goes inside house*


Leopold obtained a new dual keyboard weapon: Time and Space

This is the script for AGK Lost in Space written and created by AGKandRockman2001

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Rosalina, Tailsko, Emerald, Vanessa, Dohnaseek, Kalawarnar, Mittelt, Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic

Minor characters: Alien Wily, Chipper's Revenge

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Nicky Loveadove as Rosalina
  • Daneiels Surinao as Tailsko, Emerald & Vanessa
  • ??? as Dohnaseek
  • ??? as Kalawarnar
  • ??? as Mittelt
  • Mickwhitefire28 as Dr. Eggman
  • Stefannofornari as Metal Sonic
Enjoy the script:

This is the script for episodes 87-90 of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series written by GeneBernardinoLawl and Adrenaline21, created by GeneBernardinoLawl. This is the inspiration of the Atarster version of this special.

The characters appeared on this special are:

  • Leopold Slikk
  • 40T10
  • Hoppus (from Mighty Magiswords)
  • Angry Sulu Kid
  • Adrenaline21
  • Jake Randolf
  • The alien
  • Max Headroom (SECOND BOSS OF THIS SPECIAL, voiced by Adrenaline21)

Entire script

Part 1

Cue: Sonic Generations-Sky Sanctuary~Modern ver.~

*Note: This is similar to Adrenaline21's next project, "Rocketman" series.

Leopold: *sleeping*

tractor beam sound

Leopold: What's going on here? *screams* *gets pulled out of roof* *screams*

*cuts to 40T10's house*

Hoppus: Now look what you're done? You stole my Carrot Magisword and you going to pay for this.

Kervin: You're such an idiot, man.

40T10: Stop that. You make it too much worse.

Adrenaline21: Yeah, you're rabbit-slut hater... Kervin.


40T10: *looking into Leopold's house by telescope* Oh, no. Leopold has been missing from his house.

Adrenaline21: Hey, Purple Plumber. Let's go into the outside.

40T10: I agree with you, Al.

Adrenaline21: Yeah. *goes to outside of the house with 40T10* *enters into Leopold's house* You're right, Purple Plumber. He's nowhere and we must using spaceship from your house.

40T10: Let's do it.

*entering into the spaceship*

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 2-Battleship Bravery~HD 2.5 ver.~

40T10: Hey, Al. We need "Rabbit-Slut", Jake and "Angry Sulu Kid" into our spaceship before late.

Adrenaline21: Sorry, Purple Plumber. You'll just call them to join into ours.

40T10: OK. *calls Jake, Hoppus and Kervin*

*Jake, Hoppus and Kervin entering the spaceship*

Adrenaline21: Are you ready to go into unique planet!?

Jake, Hoppus, 40T10 and Kervin: YEAH!

*Spaceship noise can be heard*

*Spaceship lands into other planet*

Adrenaline21: *sees Leopold* There it is, Leopold's here.

Jake: Leopold, watch out!

Outside of the spaceship...

The alien: You're never going any-

Leopold: Shut up!! *Screams during transformation into Fiery Dragon Form* Take this, Alien fucker! *Strikes with his keyboard*.

Hoppus: What about the UFO?

Leopold: Forget the UFO, Hoppus.


Kervin: The earth is far away from here.


Hoppus: We should've use the UFO.

Kervin: We cannot use the UFO.


More will be written soon...

Part 2


Kyle: I have been sent here for 9 months. Nine fuckin' months!

More will be written soon...

Part 3

Max Headroom: Leopold and that Lame O' guy have sent me into the space!

Adrenaline21: Hey, asshole.

Leopold: Here's your present, Max. *transform into Powerful Wind Form* *strikes him harder*

Coming soon...

Part 4


Andy: Bang!

Hoppus (as female): *scream*

Andy: *laughing*

Hoppus (as female): What the?

Coming soon...