school is an institution designed for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of teachers. Leopold hates school in many AGK parodies. Schools are just like prisons (or hell) in Leopold's eyes.


AngryGermanKid82's series

There are 3 schools in appearance, with other 4 mentioned.

In the first school, there was Sukscox and Principal Diknoz. It was destroyed in episode 54 by Leopold's Escape Key Bomb. In the second school, there was Stevenson and Principal Lixadik.

TheKewlOne96's series

There are 2 schools. In the first school, there was Kameltoe and Principal Douschbagg. In 10th grade, there was Sukscox. Throughout 10th grade, Leopold tried to blow up the school but failed. Only the school itself is damaged, no deaths. It was soon rebuilt. In episode 32, Leopold used Hitler's Mass of Destruction service to blow his school up.

In the second school, there was Fuxkidz and Principal Dikshitt. Dikshitt is a slave of Justin. After Dikshitt's death, Hitler became Leopold's principal. This school had been closed by the superintendent once. After that, Justin replaced Fuxkidz. After Justin's flee, Fuxkidz returned.


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