Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino (Serena in English) (or Sailor Moon) (born June 30th) (Age 14) is the main character of all continuations of the Sailor Moon series. In all of these continuations, she is the civilian form of the title character Sailor Moon and the present day reincarnation of Princess Serenity.


She appears in Episode 65. While Leopold & Vinny were going for a walk, Sailor Moon appeared. Vinny said her show was awful and her face is weird. After the battle, she got sent to space. She makes a cameo in Episode 74 where she got hit in the head by Harold's sledgehammer, crying along with Caillou. She also appeared in Episode 94: AGK's Another Nightmare, and she walks up to Leopold, and she has heart eyes, so she is about to hug Leopold. But until then, he ran off from Sailor Moon. She also appeared in Episode 111: AGK Lost in Space Part 2/4. She got bigger by the aliens, and she teams up with the space rats to fight against Leopold and his gang. After the fight, Leopold uses his keyboard to hit Sailor Moon, and she flew away. She is voiced by Emily Mason. In Noah Movie: Sailor Moon's Revenge, she's the main antagonist here as the evil queen that conquer the world.


Sailor Moon doesn't appear in this series, but is mentioned in Episode 18 and made a cameo appearance in Episode 94.


She appears in episode 73 where Leopold and his friends give the presents to Noah. After that, they decided to go in the kitchen to sing the Happy Birthday song and serve the cake and ice cream, but was interrupted when someone knocked on the door. When Noah checked to see who it was, he saw Sailor Moon standing next to the door. She wanted to ask him if she could celebrate his birthday too, but Noah rudely closed the door. When she knocked again, she said that she also had a gift for him. When Noah opened it, he got a plutonium rod which can make something that won't be invented yet in the future, so he grabbed his tongs, grabbed the rod, then inserted it in a capsule for use later on. After that, he eagerly invited Serena for his birthday. When everyone was united, they all sang the song and Noah blew out the candles. Then they ate the cake with the ice cream and went home happily.

Like always, in this series, she will be voiced by Emily Mason. Noah will still be neutral because she's strange and cries a lot but she celebrated Noah's birthday.

Damien Tran

She appears in episode 13 when Leopold is playing the Sailor Moon video game on the Super Famicom. It is revealed that she is the one that sent the game to Leopold. After his character died again, she urges him to keep playing the game. She gives a tip to Leopold after he got hit by the train in the game. Sailor Moon said to Leopold about he liked the game and leaves.

In this version, she is voiced by the mentioned creator of this AGK series.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

In this series, Sailor Moon appears when she annoys Sailor Josuke and Johnny Joestar at their coffee time then Sailor Josuke finishes her while he says "Sailor CCTV Fucker Girly-Slut" with his "Soft and Wet" Stand.


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