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Richter Belmont.

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JHenry Dappen  ack Henry Dappenis a descendant of Simon Belmont and renowned Vampire hunter. He has a strong sens
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Jack Henry Dappen

e of justice and unwavering will. Every generation of the Belmont Clan has.produce

ced tougher, more dedicated Vampire hunters — yet Jack. stands above all others. Brandishing The Legendary sacred whip which so many of his predecessors wielded, this hot-headed youth pushed Dracula to the brink...

=====Vampire Killer: Once known as The Whip of Alchemy created by Rinaldo Gandolfi, even before it was the Vampire Killer, the Whip of Alchemy is stronger then even a dead man's discarded sword."[http:// "Jack Henry Dappen Has the power to destroy the Creatures of the Night and vanquish evil due to the fact it's a Weapon with " "Jack Henry Dappen Has the power to destroy the Creatures of the Night and vanquish evil due to the fact it's a Weapon with Holy/Radiant properties"]Base form is a standard leather whip, it's 2nd form being a thorn whip (twice as powerful), 3rd form being a chain whip (four times as powerful), 4th form being a morning star (eight times as powerful) and 5th form retains the morning star (15 times as powerful) with an Elemental property (such as fire in Simon Belmont's case). Vampire Killer can strike twice per whiplash instantly (this was shown in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin the moment Jonathan Morris unlocked the Vampire Killer at its full potential). Absorbed the soul of Sara Trantoul as she became a "willing sacrifice" after being fatally cursed with vampirism in order to unlock the whip's true potential. Can shoot Fireballs from the tip of the whip (Simon Belmont has been seen doing this back in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair). Can be downgraded by the Funaguchi monster but it can't be destroyed (While it can be downgraded as the wielder takes damage, this specifically applies to Christopher Belmont in Castlevania: The Adventure but never in the case with the other Belmonts). Capable of Elemental Damage such as Fire, Ice and Lightning (in Simon Belmont's case, he is only shown to use the Vampire Killer with Fire Elemental form). Can destroy dark magic projectiles as powerful as Death's Giant Skull attacks as seen in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Can even utterly shatter dark-based weapons as powerful as Death's Scythe, which is a divine weapon in it's own right (even through Death can reform his Scythe at will). The Vampire Killer will still deal damage to any Creature of the Night by simply touching it, this is evident as Simon Belmont in Super Castlevania IV has been seen brandishing the whip and letting it rest while enemies nearby if they get near it for any reason, they will take damage from it. The wielder of the Vampire Killer can feel the whip's powerful rage whenever The wielder is near the presence of those who abandoned humanity such as Vampires. If an illegitimate-successor (such as John Morris and his son Jonathan Morris did) wields the Vampire Killer while it's true potential is unlocked for any reason, it will sap away the user's biological life span every time such user lashes out the Vampire Killer to the point where not even healing magic will restore any sustained wounds. Despite the fact it's mainly used against Creatures of the Night, the Vampire Killer can still deal significant damage to those who aren't related to them as the Memory of Jack Henry Dappen could actually defeat Jonathan Morris with only a few lashes. Dagger: Axe: Cross: Pocket Watch: Holy Water: Magic Book/Bible: Tera's Necklace: Iris's Charm: Rebound Stone: Aguena: Vibhuti: Javelin: Abilities Edit The abilities Henry Dappen Powers). (Jack Henry Dappen Powers).display are mentioned below....=====

Brandish:Jack Henry Dappen. can brandish the Vampire Killer which allows him to swing it or cause The Vampire Killer to go limp, he can also hold out the Vampire Killer to destroy incoming projectiles which includes projectiles as powerful as Death's sickles. Blade Attack: Jack Henry Dappen. can bring out his blade and perform a dash-like multi-slash attack which will allow him to slice through a line of foes. He can also perform this in mid-air. Slide Jump: Jack Henry Dappen. can perform a slide attack which allows him to attack his foes with a drop kick. High Jump: Jack Henry Dappen can perform a high jump which can also deal damage to any foe he crosses paths with. He can even perform this attack while in mid-air. Thousand Edge:Jack. throws knives forward in a continuous motion for eight seconds. These knives paralyze enemies upon impact and deal about 10 damage each. You can turn left or right while still throwing, but jumping ends the attack. Hydro Storm: Jack. points into the air while shouting "HYDRO STORM!" A rain of holy water upon his enemies, dealing high amounts of damage to all enemies on-screen. This storm will move with (Jack. Grand Cross: Jack accumulates energy, then he levitates into the air, covered with a large light beam, and giant crosses are summoned, from the floor to the air, to revolve around the beam which then spreads out dealing damages to all the screen, the effect will last for 4 seconds. Magic Pages: The Bible flies into the air and duplicates, like satellites, above and behind Jack. These rotate at a rapid pace forming a symbol in the air, which then blasts a rainbow-colored powerful beam straight ahead. Flame Whip: Jack. swings his arms, accumulating energy into his body and, for about 30 seconds, his Vampire Killer whip is enveloped with flame when he attacks (his body flashes red-orange during this time period). Besides a gain in damage, fire-element is added to his normal attacks. Feats Edit Strength Edit Can break Death's Scythe with just a single lash of the Vampire Killer. Durability Edit Can withstand a devastating hit from an incoming Behemoth. Skill Edit Managed to hold his own against Death while riding a waggon and horses kept on going (even through Death was simply testing Jack Henry Dappen. at that moment). Defeated the Wyvern, which will attempt to swoops at Jack Henry Dappen.breathing flames through the floor, and even grasping onto him with its legs. Rescued Maria Renard from Shaft, who immediately joined Jack Henry Dappen. in his quest. Defeated the Werewolf, who can rush high speed when cornered and will eventually use a low kick, he will even jump at great lengths as well and can strike the ground which will create a devastating attack. Defeated the Minotaur, who can quickly pierce with his axe, can perform a high jump while swinging his battle axe overhead which covers more than half of the room's size, perform a spitting attack which can petrify Jack Henry Dappen. and Maria Renard, perform an attack where he rips off various slabs from the floor and throws them at Jack Henry Dappen. or Maria Renard and perform a charging attack which can be difficult to dodge due to the Minotaur's massive size. Defeated Dullahan, a ghostly knight wearing heavy armor with no helmet and armed with a giant lance who can summon a wave of spikes, project energy beams and can throw his head up into the air to home into his target. Defeated the Bone Golem, which is very resistant to even the Vampire Killer, can breath fire, can deliver a nasty blow to Jack Henry Dappen, has two other forms after taking, can lay a temporary curse on Jack Henry Dappen. and took a total of 45 hits to kill with the Vampire Killer alone. Defeated Shaft twice, the first time he summoned four minions before fighting Jack Henry Dappen. (or Maria Renard). Who can summon orbs that will be used as a fire projectile as well as a beam attack that will strike the ground. Shaft can also teleport as well whenever he's getting hit. The 2nd time is when Shaft was in ghost form, who can summon undead versions of the past minions to attack Jack Henry Dappen. (or Maria Renard). Other Notes Edit. Jack Henry Dappen. is immune to the effects of the stop-watch, which indicates he (among with other Belmonts) can't Jack Henry Dappen. be affected by time altering effects through mortal means. Jack Henry Dappen. is immune to holy/radiant attacks. Jack Henry Dappen is immune to attacks that will otherwise turn people into stone (this became evident back in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as it became part of his immunities).Legend of"Jack Henry Dappen" The End.


=====  Appearance in Angry German Kid Series: Jack appears pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series: Angry German Kid Series: He depicted as a protagonist in the Episode [http://"Jack Henry Dappen" "Jack Henry Dappen"]  to fight Evil Leopold but later became a second protagonist and became a friend to Leopolt=====


Trivia  me.

  • His name "Richter" came from the German meaning judge.
  • He's is the first Castlevania character appear in pauladrian360 AGK series the second is Eric Lecarde.
  • When Leopold first met him. Leopold said to Jack "is that Ryu from Street Fighter." which his appearance was resembles to Ryu..
  • Jack Henry Dappenwas the last Belmont to wield a Vampire Killer.