Red Bloony is an AGK parodist since October 2015. He's a fan of drama, horror and comedy, which is the inspiration for his AGK series. He creates his own ideas and does not make remakes. He has a very eccentric mind and tends to have conflicting opinions on his AGK's plot.

The series is currently postponed due to: lack of motivation in animating. It is uncertain whether he will return.


The numbers in brackets marks the character's debut in a "Season-Episode" format (lifted from Ivan's page). Important characters are marked in bold. Traits unique to a character in this series are marked below their entry.

  • Leopold Slikk - The titular keyboard-smashing computer-yelling Angry German Kid. He starts going on adventures and embarks a journey to save the world and his existence later on. Balanced stats help stabilize his strengths and weaknesses. (Episode 1)
  • Leonard Slikk - Leopold's little brother, whose voice is identical to his brother, but with higher pitch. He's a complete nuisance to Leopold's life. (Episode 1)
  • Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's dimwitted older brother, and is prone to accidents. (Episode 4)
  • Harold Slikk - Leopold's father, whose voice is identical to his son, but with lower pitch. He's a lot nicer than in other parodies and even helps his sons out. (Episode 2)

  • Jake Randolf - One of Leopold's best friends, who's actually one of the few people who cares for Leopold. (Episode 5)
  • Mr. Richard - Leopold's 9th grade teacher. He's bothered by his co-workers' and principal's crazy names. (Episode 5)
  • Principal Diknoz - Leopold's principal who doesn't take lightly to having his name being insulted. (Episode 6)

  • Living Mushrooms - Hails from EarthBound. Appears during Leopold's walk to Starbucks. (Episode 7)
  • Bullies - Bullies that make fun of Leopold for not being able to win The Impossible Quiz. Receives a pretty brutal beatdown from Harold during their debut. (Episode 9)
  • Bloons - A designation denoting the species of violent and sapient balloons. The first case of a bloon is the Berserk Red Bloon, as the boss of the Season 2 finale. (Episode 10)
  • Possessed MLP DVDs - Discs of the My Little Pony movie possessed by some unholy ethereal spirit. Referred to as "My Little Shit" during battle for comedy purposes. (Episode 16)
  • Sans - Picks a fight with Leopold after he's transported out of his desolate and barren world with a portal from the artifact. (Episode 20)


Red Bloony use a rather creative thumbnail system, though it was thought of long before he met Ivan. Just analyzing the thumbnail can show you what to expect in the episode and what it's all about. They are located on the bottom left of the thumbnail (formerly on the top left with the AGK banner), though it doesn't apply to Season 3. The top-right feature numbers in a "Season-Episode" order, like the characters above.

  • A plus (+) means new characters debut in the episode.
    • A green one means the character is a protagonist, this applies only to major ones.
    • A orange one means the character is a minor villain. A major one or a season antagonist is marked with red.
    • A blue one means the character is an anti-hero or an anti-villain.
  • A minus (-) means the episode will have an event affecting a character's alignment.
    • A green one means a good character will leave the show, be it through death or otherwise.
    • A blue one means either a good or bad character will switch sides, be it permanent or otherwise.
  • An asterisk (*) in yellow means the episode will have a battle (from 1 to 20, all are first person RPGs, from 21 onwards, all are onscreen fights with RPG elements).
    • A dark red one means the enemy is a boss which have a different encounter jingle and is (obviously) significantly harder than normal enemies. As of now, it's only used for the Season Finales.
  • A purple exclamation mark (!) means the episode contains an important plot point, and may affect the story drastically. As of now, it's only used for Episode 18.

AGK Episodes

  • Note: Upcoming episodes are marked in italic. Episodes in progress are marked in bold. He may work on two or more episodes at once. A (WIP) on an episode means he is working on that one.


  • Runtime: 4 hours, 6 minutes, 18 seconds (lifted from Ivan's page)
  • Size: 1.73 gigabytes (1,865,347,072 bytes)

Season 1 - Prologue/Pilot

This season has no intro whatsoever, and the credits is extremely easy to make. It has only one episode (Episode 1AGK plays Unreal Tournament, first video with dislikes) and the font used is Arial. The episode can be considered as Red Bloony's first try on both Camtasia 8 and making an AGK parody.

Season 2 - The Beginning

This season has an intro with this song and a better credits akin to Atarster's. This season has 9 episodes, and has no main antagonists. The font has been changed to Consolas.

Season 3 - Let's Play

This season's name shows it all: it's about Leopold playing games. The credits is the same as Season 2, the intro is different but still uses Bothersome Guys. They are all played on his computer, while Sonic 3 is a unique case (it's played on an emulator and has only 360p).

Episode List

Lifted from Ivan's page.


RPG Battles

Unlike others, Red Bloony's RPG battles are different. RPG battles has a first-person view from the perspective of Leopold, like many RPG games. It introduces the following:

  • Damage based on user's attack and target's defense, instead doing a flat damage (except the Keyboard attacks) (Season 2 - Episode 3)
  • A Battle Memory located in the enemy's episode's description (Season 2 - Episode 3)
  • Equipment, a menu will be shown from time to time showing the current team's current equips (Season 2 - Episode 10)
  • Enemies that attacks the team with an exclusive attack once they die as a last resort (Season 2 - Episode 10)
  • Status effects (Season 2 - Episode 10)
  • Skill points, they will be used for something else, revealed to be PP used for PSI (Season 3 - Episode 16)
  • Losing (Season 3 - Episode 20)

There are a total of 6 RPG fights (5 unique enemies) with this format, which includes:

  1. Leonard Slikk (Episode 3, "boss")
  2. Living Mushroom (Episode 7)
  3. Living Mushroom x2 (Episode 7)
  4. Berserk Red Bloon (Episode 10, boss)
  5. My Little Shit/Possessed MLP DVDs (Episode 16)
  6. Sans (Episode 20, boss)


  • Red Bloony has created an RPG with AGK as the protagonists and Red Bloony himself as the one of the antagonists. The game is based on his beta AGK ideas and take place in an alternate universe. A remake is planned to recreate the entire game with better mechanics, bug fixes and changes to game-breakers. As of now however, the entire game, plot and all, is being changed, like a new game from scratch. Its current development status is halted.
  • Red Bloony avoids Clichés like Ivan, in order to make his series stand out.
  • Red Bloony suffers through multiple parodist blocks (where a parodist loses interest for a while on making AGK episodes) on Episodes 6, 9, 14, 16, 17 (Undertale, before it was changed to Trollface Quest) and 21.
    • In addition, he also has a lot of problems regarding the plot and the order of episodes.
    • Episode 17 is made two months after the episode prior to it, making it the longest time gap between two episodes. However Episode 21, upon release, will break that record.
  • Red Bloony goes on TVTropes and has his own section on the Funny page for AGK's entry.
  • Despite having more vulgarity than other series, Leopold gets treated rather nicely by others.