Raynare is a Fallen Angel and one of the main antagonists of AGKandRockman2001's AGK series.


According to sources, she was banished from Heaven for an offense of some sort. She later was sent by Azazel to keep a close eye on Issei, but she disobeyed his orders and killed him on her own accord. She later took Asia's Twilight Healing, killing her in the process, before proceeding to fight Issei in a one-on-one duel with Asia's life on the line. After the battle, she tried to beg mercy, but Issei refused and let Rias kill her. After a while, she was brought back to the church, where a group of 4 individuals and a koala was investigating. After a tough fight against Weegee, she got strangled and brought to the Shadaloo base. She has been informed about a german boy with a powerful keyboard.



  • Raynare is the main antagonist instead of Hitler because of Downfall parodies losing popularity. Another reason is that if a president (or a mayor) tries to kill one of his citizens, he will no longer be the president (or mayor).
  • Her full alias, in traditional order (Amano Yuuma), can be translated as "Heaven's Evening Daze", or phonetically Ama no Yuuma.
  • Raynare wants to kill Leopold over one cliché.
  • Strangely, Raynare doesn't have her wings in front and back views.