PVMAGKVIDEOS is a Dutch AGK parodist, who created several channels that ended up getting closed, he then later becomes highly terrorized with his naked mind.

His previous channel was closed on February 19, 2015, shortly after planning to make several seasons off of his remade AGK series. A few days later he reopened his channel with the same name, but his series had to be started over. He also has now officially declared to stop making FNATAS and just killed if off the next day.


V1.0: Pasqualegamergta (2008-2009)


Oldest Profile Picture of PVMAGKVIDEOS.

Back in 2008, he made his first channel on YouTube (Pasqualegamergta; Pasquale Gamer GTA). The only thing he did back in those days where making YouTube Poops. After he shortly had in mind to do something else. It shortly began to grow until he saw a suspicious Youtube poop of an Angry German Kid footage. However it made him looking more into this so-called Angry German Kid. He found a video called: AGK Episode #1:Angry German Kid Sees Himself on YouTube by AngryGermanKid82. His very first profile picture was a Gold looking "P" on a black background.

But nothing made him so great because he used movie maker back then..

In a while Little Jaiden thought to try and make his own Angry German Kid Series. They where made in Live Movie Maker First off. Many people complained there were a lot of Spelling errors. Like: Stoopid or Feetures. So it wasn't really good looking. And many videos where disliked. Even AGK Makers said he sucked.

That's why he decided to close his channel and never return again.

V2.0: Pasqualevideomaker55 (2010-2012)


Older Pasqualevideomaker55 profile

In 2010, Jaiden tried to return again. But this time, he started already with his new AGK Series featuring in Sony Vegas Pro 8. His new profile picture was Leopold masked on a slight blue background. Many people began liking him this time and it grew very easy.

There's no more information about this channel, other than it had a very different profile picture after 2011.

“I experienced a lot in sony vegas! Commented on someone saying that how do you make these so cool?”

After a while Jaiden got hacked by someone. But nobody knew who it was.

The hacker also closed the account leaving a message: Go and cry! on his rejected email.

V3.0: PVM55AGKVIDEOS (2013)


The Adrenalini Logo.

Jaiden took his last breath after this one. He was glad he had a backup channel for Angry German Kid Videos. It was called: PVM55AGKVIDEOS.

He changed the layout and the profile picture Into the Adrenalini Brothers Logo. This time he began making his last hope. To get some more subscribers back. Because he was very serious after that happen. His videos where more AGK New Gen style with smooth intros and production lines.

Sadly, this one also got hacked after a while and it was the same hacker. This time he changed another Email so the hacker can't hack his new account.

V3.1: PVMAGKVIDEOS (2014-)

“Fuck Google+ !”
―Jaiden, after discovering Youtube's best "invention".

When Jaiden returned to YouTube finding out the comments have changed and the channel. He went so mad at Google this time. But he had to live with it. Slowly he began working on a more lower process of AGK this time. Luckily his subscribers where still there. But will the hacker still be on his way one day? Also Google+ Forced him to leave the numbers away which he didn't like at all.


By this year Jaiden is now 16 years old, originally planning to continue his AGK series with new several seasons, but he ended up closing his account on February 19, 2015, after confessing to his subscribers that FNAF was ruining his life and not because of his rivalry with Cansin13, who started an competition on him over his planned 'Five Nights at the AGK Studio' video game, which Cansin13 hated the idea of due to being based off 'Five Nights at Freddy's', which he has a hatred for.

Therefore all of Jaiden's AGK episodes are no longer available for public viewing since they have been deleted along with the account.

V3.1.1: The Return of PVMAGKVIDEOS

A few days later Jaiden opened a new account of the same name, but unfortunately almost all of the episodes that were in the previous account were claimed to have been corrupted and could not be reuploaded (only a few episodes were available for reuploading as those were not corrupted). Therefore it was announced that he would restart his AGK series, starting with a remake of AGK plays Five Nights at Freddy's, however the remake gained negative ratings with a large chunk of its ratings being disliked.

Jaiden closed his channel again sometime on March 1, only a week after the account's creation. This occurred shortly after making apology videos to Cansin13 and PVMAGKVIDEOS' original viewers on being hated for Jaiden's FNAF-AGK video game spin-off and not taking requests until he chose to do so, respectively.

V3.2: The Third Return

Jaiden then made another account on March 2, 2015, with the series that was started on the previous account (Which was opened a few weeks earlier) being moved to this account. He has uploaded a few new episodes including some old references from previous AGK makers like: AGK82, however, people predict he was going to retire forever, nobody knows what really caused him to return AGAIN..


Some thin peoples predicts are:

  • The release date of FNaF3.
  • He can't leave this easy..He always comes back.
  • It was a Fake Jaiden who just want some subs to stay great on YouTube.
  • Just to let AGK live and never die out.

He made a reference upon Five Nights At Freddy's 3 trailer, and even he had a scary version of himself looking like Springtrap.

But he changed it a bit more cuter to get the spooks out of the way and live like an AGK maker again.


Another Avatar 2

Profile Picture Since 2015

Jaiden still has a good process on his AGK Series. But he thinks he might have to do something one point for the requests.

He still uses Sony Vegas. But went to Pro 10. Rather than 9. Also he might think the disliker is the hacker, maybe?

His list has a variation of Episodes. Some of them are New, older, creative or scary. It gives him also a good feel to it, rather being bored. He gets that AGK feel one day again.


“My History belongs to my email where everything has never been read on my Inbox.”

His profile picture changed a few times but he has a standard one he always will use. He might make a few mistakes but that's OK. even though the troll war is still going on somewhere. But he stays safe.


Jaiden has 2 Mascot's: A girl and a Boy.

The boy's name is: Jaiden or PVM55

The girl's name is: Mallie. (Many say that Mallie looks familiar to Frida form the cartoon: El Tigre. )

“Heck if I know...”

Puberty and Anime CHANGED EVERYTHING!!! (MID 2016)

During the mid of 2016, there's a lot of things that Jaiden has changed on both cyber and personal life. His behaviour has changed very fast from being (Childish) to straight (Im)mature. This lets the show from Volume 1 to take a massive change completely that nobody even wanted but Jaiden didn't cared, and soon he knew he fucked up and left season 8 and fell into a depression break. Because his fans where disappointed what Jaiden has been doing to himself.

One thing can always be true that since Jaiden had gone from silly cartoons to kinda anime it up. He literally confesses his statement: It all began for looking at a damn shit girl looking with an evil grin at a PC before I knew I felt a bit more "touched" on the damn gif and soon I knew her name was Haruhi Suzumiya and the horror expands.

From a stupid gif of a shit girl, to the name..Then the anime..Then my show..And now...She fucking waifu zoned me.

Another thing Jaiden has changed is the art style. It was no big deal until he began explaining that these childish drawings make me so horrible everytime I look at them, I just find them so awkward nowadays. So Jaiden you need to grow up as Jaiden said. But nobody knows whar happened to Mallie, his secondary mascot.

"She's just out of order, nothing matters anymore."

After a depression Jaiden decided to put his first movie on the channel calling it: Two Hours.

The movie featured Jaiden, Leopold and Haruhi. However Jaiden really pushed Haruhi TOO FAR this time, not only has she an annoying personality but also it was too sexual, and the reason for that was simple. She finds "Funny" and she's "Addicted" to it. Fans tried to decline as much of it leading Jaiden at almost his final stage before completely retiring.

Jaiden was so upset with what he has done this year and still decided to do Two hours but this time a positive remake and just the ending scene.

After that, Jaiden hit on Volume 2 which would've been the events after 2H but that was too hard and instead.

He gave them the old member berries and some twists around.

2017 (My) Satire Goodness(!)

The start of 2017 has let Jaiden create not only a normal AGK series again but also it has been twisted around with satire comedy. Jaiden and Haruhi have still been featured but as now. Haruhi suddenly died in the show at the end of the first season ( Pilot Season ) of volume 2 and nobody knows why he did.

The ending focus has been around what Jaiden mostly has been doing which is AGK playing and focussing on this year's upcoming game Hello Neighbor.

Jaiden took the satire inspiration from South Park and let his imagination flow to make the Neighbor live in this new volume. For the satire aspect.

" You expected me to do a full happily fresh normal relaxed series? That's so 2008! I can so better than that. This isn't about a happy and fun series well yeah it is but its also focussing on this world they live in! "

2017 May - June Haruhiism takes massive impact

Jaiden became massively obsessed with Haruhi, I've never seen this much Haruhiism in my LIFE!

Overy minute there has to be Haruhi, every scenery must have Haruhi, the channel, the avatar!

This is atrocious!


2017 (Juli / August) The end is numbred...

Jaiden is now mature on his channel, however he knows what to avoid at most part but Haruhi Suzumiya will now remain as his main iconic symbole.

''She's just gotten more iconic because I keep bragging her more attention.''

-Jaiden (Idk how to make quotes on a wiki...)

As far as his series go it's more on a slow feature. Sometimes he tries to create episode but most of the time he feels like its given him a long burn out.

"I've had many anxious moments after being so exhausted for working more and more..."

Haruhi-suzumiya 00318229

Jaiden may have also been anxious about losing dedicated followers and mostly his career.

Fans commit:

Haruhi is the killer diseasse of your channel!

You are the Haruhi of Youtube, onlyAfro is the Haruhi of Twitch!

Nobody knows What Jaiden is currently planning to do...

But many are losing hope..

December 21st 2017, (Doomsday is numbred?)

Jaiden has estimated that if the channel's success "This year" has massively decreased

He has planned to launch a virtual comet that could wipe off his entire channel with a big "Fuck you"

with other words, deleting it and blaming all his fans for ruining his life! "YOU DID IT YOURSELF JAIDEN!"


Series I: AGK Game Over

Season 0

# Title Aired Watch
1 AGK Plays Five Nights At Freddy's March 11, 2015 ▶️
2 AGK Plays Castlevania II Simon's Quest March 12, 2015 ▶️
3 AGK Goes to School March 14, 2015 ▶️
4 AGK Steals a car March 14, 2015 ▶️
5 AGK Plays Lose-Lose March 14, 2015 ▶️
6 AGK Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Part I March 15, 2015 ▶️
7 AGK Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Part: II March 16, 2015 ▶️
8 AGK Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Part: III March 19, 2015 ▶️
9 AGK Watches How to make Five Nights at Freddy's 3 not scary March 21, 2015 ▶️
10 AGK Plays HEDGEHOG.exe March 21, 2015 ▶️

Season 1

# Title Aired Watch
11 AGK Plays Angry German Kid.exe March 29, 2015 ▶️
12 AGK Plays Fegelein.exe April 4, 2015 ▶️
13 AGK Plays Sonic.exe April 13, 2015 ▶️
14 AGK Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Part IV April 19, 2015 ▶️
15 AGK Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Part V May 5, 2015 ▶️

Series II: AGK Volume 1

Season 0

# Title Aired Watch
1 AGK Plays Unreal Tournament May 7, 2015 ▶️
2 AGK Downloads A Fake N64 Emulator May 8, 2015 ▶️
3 AGK Goes to School May 10, 2015 ▶️
4 AGK Goes To Burger King May 31, 2015 ▶️
5 AGK Escapes Out Of Jail / Plays Splatoon June 7, 2015 ▶️
6 AGK Watches Funny Fat Kid Videos June 20, 2015 ▶️
7 AGK Gets a Virus June 21, 2015 ▶️
8 Leopold Applies A Job July 19, 2015 ▶️
9 AGK Attempts to Kill Himself July 21, 2015 ▶️
10 AGK and The Power Outlet Repair July 23, 2015 ▶️

Season 1

# Title Aired Watch
11 AGK Plays Five Nights at Freddy's 4 July 30, 2015 ▶️
12 AGK VS Dark Leopold August 17, 2015
August 20, 2015 (60FPS)
▶️ (60FPS)
13 AGK Plays Sonic.exe August 22, 2015 ▶️
14 AGK's Steam Account Gets Hacked August 23, 2015 ▶️
15 AGK Vs Stephen Quirre August 30, 2015 ▶️
16 AGK Goes To Jail Again September 27, 2015 ▶️
17 AGK Escapes out of jail again September 27, 2015 ▶️
18 AGK Plays The Stanley Parable November 7, 2015 ▶️
19 AGK Watches Microsoft Windows Commercials November 14, 2015 ▶️
20 AGK Plays Portal November 21, 2015 ▶️

Season 2

# Title Aired Watch
21a AGK Watches Scary Videos December 6, 2015 ▶️
21b AGK Vs Dark Leopold Round 2 December 11, 2015 ▶️
22 AGK And The Storm December 12, 2015 ▶️
23 AGK Plays Sally.exe December 12, 2015 ▶️
24 AGK's Nightmare December 24, 2015 ▶️
25 AGK vs AGK Makers January 10, 2016 ▶️
26 AGK Plays Crack-Life January 17, 2016 ▶️
27a AGK And The Windows 10 Institution Part 1 February 23, 2016 ▶️
27b AGK And The Windows 10 Institution Part 2 February 24, 2016 ▶️
28 AGK Get's An Iphone February 25, 2016 ▶️
29 AGK Plays Cat Mario February 28, 2016 ▶️
30 AGK Goes to Graceland March 1, 2016 ▶️

Season 3

# Title Aired Watch
31 AGK Plays Five Nights At Freddy's March 20, 2016 ▶️
32 AGK Plays Yoshi.exe March 21, 2016 ▶️
33 AGK Plays The Luna Games 1,2,3 and 4 March 27, 2016 ▶️
34 AGK Plays Haunted Majora's Mask April 2, 2016 ▶️
35 AGK Watches The Wyoming Incident April 9, 2016 ▶️
36 AGK And The Stupid Quiz April 9, 2016 ▶️
37 AGK Plays Papers, Please April 11, 2016 ▶️
38 AGK Gets Revenge On His Dad April 26, 2016 ▶️
39 AGK Retakes The Stupid Quiz April 30, 2016 ▶️
40 AGK Plays Atmosphir May 6, 2016 ▶️

Season 4

# Title Aired Watch
41 AGK Plays Outlast May 6, 2016 ▶️
42 AGK Plays Swamp Simulator May 10, 2016 ▶️
43 AGK Plays GTA V May 16, 2016 ▶️
44 AGK Watches SammyClassicSonicFan May 18, 2016 ▶️
45 AGK Watches DRILLING MYSELF CHALLENGE May 20, 2016 ▶️
46 AGK Watches Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life May 20, 2016 ▶️
47 AGK Watches Suicide Mouse May 21, 2016 ▶️
48 AGK Downloads Bonzi Buddy May 21, 2016 ▶️
49 AGK Watches Red Mist May 21, 2016 ▶️
50 AGK Gets Scammed On The Internet May 22, 2016 ▶️

Season 5

# Title Aired Watch
51 AGK Plays All Happy Mouse Games May 31, 2016 ▶️
52 AGK Plays Action52 June 3, 2016 ▶️
53 AGK Watches Carlos.avi June 4, 2016 ▶️
54 AGK Plays Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg June 5, 2016 ▶️
55 AGK Watches Internet People June 8, 2016 ▶️
56 AGK Plays Touhou June 10, 2016 ▶️
57 AGK Visits a Lego Store June 23, 2016 ▶️
58 AGK Tries To Commit Suicide June 24, 2016 ▶️
59 AGK Plays Roblox June 29, 2016 ▶️
60 AGK Plays Super Man 64 June 30, 2016 ▶️

Season 6

# Title Aired Watch
61 AGK Plays The Impossible Quiz July 2, 2016 ▶️
62 AGK Watches Don't Hug Me I'm Scared July 4, 2016 ▶️
63 AGK Plays Five Nights At The AGK Studio July 5, 2016 ▶️
64 AGK Prank Calls True Capitalist Radio July 7, 2016 ▶️
65 AGK Streams Live On Twitch July 8, 2016 ▶️
66 AGK Rescues His Brother Part I July 8, 2016 ▶️
67 AGK Rescues His Brother Part II July 9, 2016 ▶️
68 AGK Rescues His Brother Part III July 10, 2016 ▶️
69 AGK Vs Sim? July 13, 2016 ▶️
70 AGK Vs SIM July 15, 2016 ▶️

Season 7

# Title Aired Watch
71 AGK Gets Another Virus July 17, 2016 ▶️
72 AGK Watches Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2: TIME July 20, 2016 ▶️
73 AGK Goes Away From Home July 27, 2016 ▶️
74 AGK and The Haunted Park July 31, 2016 ▶️
75 AGK Gets Trained On Fighting August 5, 2016 ▶️
76 AGK And The Final Round of Dark Leopold August 7, 2016 ▶️
77 AGK VS Hermann Fegelein August 11, 2016 ▶️
78 AGK And The Return Of Harold Slikk August 28, 2016 ▶️
79 One BAD Girl Part 1 / 2 September 2, 2016 ▶️
80 Seriously, what the shit has this show turned into!? (A.K.A The Finale) (A.K.A One BAD Girl Part 2 / 2) September 11, 2016 ▶️

Season 8

# Title Aired Watch
81 The Misappearance of Leopold Slikk Part 1 September 17, 2016 ▶️
82 The Misappearance of Leopold Slikk Part 2 September 23, 2016 ▶️
83 The Misappearance of Leopold Slikk Part 3 September 29, 2016 ▶️
84 The Misappearance of Leopold Slikk Part 4 October 2, 2016 ▶️
85 The Misappearance of Leopold Slikk Part 5 October 5, 2016
October 8, 2016 (Improved Ending)
▶️ (Improved Ending)
86 2 Hours (+) (Ending Scene Only November 20, 2016 ▶️

Series III: AGK Volume 2

Season 0

# Title Aired Watch
2 AGK PLAYS...HELLO NEIGHBOR ALPHA 1 December 6, 2016 ▶️
3 AGK PLAYS...HELLO NEIGHBOR ALPHA 2 December 20, 2016 ▶️
4 AGK PLAYS...HELLO NEIGHBOR ALPHA 3 December 25, 2016 ▶️
5 AGK PLAYS...FIVE NIGHTS AT THE AGK STUDIO 2 December 26, 2016 ▶️
6 AGK PLAYS...HELLO NEIGHBOR ALPHA 3 AGAIN... December 28, 2016 ▶️
8 AGK Gets ROASTED! January 1, 2017 ▶️
10 AGK RETIRES FROM HIS SHOW January 5, 2017 ▶️

Season 1

# Title Aired Watch
11 AGK MEETS THE NEIGHBOR January 9, 2017 ▶️
12 LEONIDAS TAKES OVER THE SHOW! January 10, 2017 ▶️
13 AGK PLAYS TATTLETAIL! January 13, 2017 ▶️
16 THE ROAD TO RESCUE LEOPOLD SLIKK Part 1/3 February 21, 2017 ▶️
February 28, 2017
February 27, 2017 (Outdated)
▶️ (Outdated)
19 AGK GOES TO SCHOOL March 7, 2017 ▶️

Series IV: AGK Volume Parallel Universe - Seasons 6-8 Rework)

Season 6

# Title Aired Watch
61 AGK bootleg madness! Part 1 April 11, 2017 ▶️
62 AGK bootleg madness! Part 2 April 24, 2017 ▶️
63 The Breaking Dad May 1, 2017 ▶️
64 AGK VS HAROLD! May 7, 2017 ▶️
65 AGK Gets DRUNK! May 8, 2017 ▶️
66 AGK and the return of the Starfist! May 9, 2017 ▶️
67 Library not found.. May 9, 2017 ▶️
69 AGK and The Library May 14, 2017 ▶️
70 Run and Escape! May 26, 2017 ▶️

Season 7

# Title Aired Watch
71 AGK and the slowmotion problem June 9, 2017 ▶️
72 AGK Downloads Bonzi Buddy AGAIN! June 21, 2017 ▶️
73 AGK Plays RuneScape June 24, 2017 ▶️
74 AGK And The Spider! June 29, 2017 ▶️
75 AGK has a social anti-climax July 3, 2017 ▶️
76 AGK Plays Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 July 26, 2017 ▶️
77 AGK Plays more Atmosphir July 27, 2017 ▶️
78 ??? August 4, 2017 ▶️


  • Mostly his Ideas come from either watching TV or school.
  • Jaiden has a total of four AGK series (including the Volume 1 rework) on his channel.
  • He has been playing Runescape on his early life on YouTube.
  • PVM55 was just a joke name at first.
  • Jaiden has been a brony since he was working as Pasqualevideomaker55's channel.
  • Jaiden doesn't know how he suddenly didn't have any more interests in My Little Pony anymore.
  • Sometimes Jaiden misspells his name as "Jiaden"
  • He types really fast!
  • He had to use Nintendo's Creators Program to save AGK Episode #5. (Until he thought he had to pay for it but Nintendo was paying HIM! )
  • His AGK Series and Game Development has been on break since his new school did.
  • Jaiden has backed up every FNATAS game in order to make fans shut up being a big pussy.
  • Jaiden Isn't in fond of Undertale anymore.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya is doomed to be FOREVER in Jayden's brain for the REST OF HIS LIFE.
  • He's becoming an Otaku and he doesn't feel bad about it.
  • Haruhi is the most hated person on the AGK community.
  • He has a body pillow of Haruhi as his reward for volume 1's hard work.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya is Jaiden's "Waifu"
  • Jaiden also owns a dakimakura "Body pillow" of Haruhi ( To end his depression )
  • Jaiden still plays RuneScape till this day and is very close achieving 120 mining!
  • Jaiden owns a Nintendo Switch but doesnt talk about it
  • Jaiden has graduated his first diploma but is forced to study further!
  • Jaiden has a twitter account but won't share it for no reason
  • Jaiden's twitter page mostly contains artworks.
  • Jaiden's steam account was been hacked which let him to make episode 14
  • Dark Leopold's aditude is inspired by a RuneScape character named: Sliske but can also be Discord from MLP
  • For the first time ever, you see Jaiden killing is own Haruhi in AGK Volume 2. (Mindblown!)
  • He still hasn't left youtube for being entirely broken he always pushed on. And still, he is active on youtube.
    • Explanation: My brother wants privacy so he isn't mentioned anywhere!

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