Noah Origins is a part of Atarster's New Series (before he'll finish his AGK Series) that starts at 14th May 2017 by the name "Pilot" episode. This series has exactly the same animation as his AGK Series but the characters from AGK Series has been replaced by his favorite characters.


Noah Riegel: The main protagonist of this series instead of Leopold Slikk. Noah is the part of heroes that lives in the unknown village.

Miles "Tails" Prower: Sonic's old pal from Sonic 2 after he beats Eggman in Sonic 1. In this series, he's usually the brain part of the heroes.

Lincoln Loud: The main protagonist from Loud House series. In this series, he's an ally to Noah Riegel that help him along with other heroes to defeat Dr. Philistine. In the 2nd episode of this series, he has his grandfather named "Albert" that being kidnapped by Philistine's robot in prison.

Bart Simpson: The 1st son of 3 children from Simpson family in the Simpsons series. In this series, he's an ally to Noah

Homer Simpson: The father of Simpson family in the Simpsons series. In this series, he's an ally to Noah like Tails, Lincoln, Bart and Batman to help him.

Batman: The main protagonist of his own series. In this series, he's an ally to Noah along with other heroes to fight Dr. Philistine.

Hermann Philistine: The henchman of Dr. Philistine, he usually does Dr. Philistine's plans but failed due to the heroes failing him up that makes Dr. Philistine going mad.

Dr. Philistine: The main antagonist of this series. He conquers this world from Noah and co. to interrupting his plans also he has his henchman named "Hermann" Philistine in Philistine Lair.

Princess Emerald: The princess of Noah Origins. Her debut is in the 1st episode that occurs after Dr. Philistine's defeat by Noah and co.

Kratos: He's the champion of gladiators and challenges Tails to train him at night for tomorrow's colosseum to fight with Kratos at morning.


  • This is the 3rd series that Atarster made after AGK Original and AGK Remakes.
  • This is the 1st series that doesn't include Leopold, Dante and Ratchet.
  • This is the 1st series that having the original villains instead using the other series' villain that Atarster inputs.

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