This is the script for episode 73 of written and created by Travrinity

The characters in this film will be: Leopold, Noah, Jake, Traver, Alex, Harold, and Sailor Moon

The voice actors will feature:

  • Leopold as himself
  • Noah as himself
  • Jake as himself
  • Traver as himself
  • Alex as himself
  • Harold as himself
  • Emily as Sailor Moon

Enjoy reading it:

(Angry German Kid intro)

school bell rings

Leopold: Whoo! Another week off to celebrate! 

Jake: What are you planning for this weekend?

Leopold: Probably play more First Person Shooters

Jake: I think you need to take a break from all of your games. It rots your brain.

Leopold: Okay

at home

Leopold: *opens door*

Harold: What's up buddy!

Leopold: Hey dad *closes door

Harold: How was school?

Leopold: Just normal that's all

Harold: Good. Also some anonymous person slipped a note under the door, so I picked it up. I think it's one of your friends.

Leopold: Let me see *takes note* Dear Leopold, today is my birthday. I am inviting everyone and you to Knott's Berry Farm where we will have a great time. Sincerely, Noah J. Riegel. This is amazing! I got an invitation from Noah saying that he wants me to celebrate his birthday at Knott's! Dad, can I?

Harold: Sure

Leopold: Thank you! This is going to be fun!

at Knott's

Harold: *parks car* Be sure to be back

Leopold: I will *gets out of car*

Harold: *drives car*

Leopold: *walks to theme park*

Traver: Hello Andreas

Leopold: Hi. Did you also receive the invitation?

Traver: I sure did. Even L. Alex got one too

Alex: Did 5 hours of police patrol and we have decided to take a short and sweet vacation

at the entrance

Noah: Welcome everyone, glad you could make it. Let's enter this theme park and enjoy some fun

everyone passes money for tickets and passes through gate

Noah: So Leopold, what roller coaster do you want to pick?

Leopold: The Jaguar. This will be the first to start with because it doesn't have any loops.

Noah: Good choice. How about you Traver, what would you like to ride?

Traver: I'm thinking we should go on the Xcelerator because it goes at a speed of 82 miles per hour

Noah: Ooh, the Xcelerator. I've been dying to go on it. And what about you Alex?

Alex: Ghostrider! It is classic and a true type of thrill.

Noah: Ghostrider? No thank you. I remember the first time going on that. It was rough and steep. I even got a cut on my finger while I was on it.

Alex: Aww

Traver: My sister got a cut once during her twenty second birthday on that coaster

Noah: I guess she might have the same fate too. Anyways, let's go on Jaguar first, then Xcelerator, and then we'll grab some lunch

Traver: *looks at Supreme Scream* Heh heh (We should also go on that one!)

first photo of Noah and Leopold on the Jaguar. Noah and Leopold: (Whooooooooooo!) (JAAAAAAA!)

second photo of Noah and Traver on the Xcelerator. Noah and Traver: (Whoooooooaa!) (Whooooooaaa!)

third photo of Noah and friends on the Supreme Scream. Everyone: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

fourth photo of everyone having brunch

Traver: *points at photo booth

pictures being taken of Traver and others being cool, Noah and Alex having a good time, Alex hallucinates of a very pretty lady and mistakenly kissed Noah as he opened his eyes, Alex shrugs at the angry Noah, and Noah punches Alex

as they left the entrance

Noah: *laugh* Holy crap, that was amazing! 

Leopold: I agree you you there!

Traver: I tell ya, it was such a fun time

Alex: And I thought that woman was actually for real

Noah: Hey, maybe the next time we visit, we can go on the Silver Bullet

Traver: Sounds like a plan. Yo Leopold, are you coming over to Noah's house?

Leopold: Why?

Traver: Because we are going to set up the candles on the cake, eat it, and then we are about to give him our gifts. Do you have yours?

Leopold: Uhhhhhhhhh. Ja. I think I have to get it at home.

Traver: Alright then, then let's go. You can either go with me and others in my Prius Hybrid or you can cruise with Alex in the Ferrari 458 because you know, speed is key.

Leopold: I'll go with you guys

Traver: Alright. Then let's head there. *everyone gets in their cars and drive*

Traver: *driving van* Hey Noah, since it's your birthday, I will give you three coupons that say that you will have a pain free day from my slaps, bonks, honks, clangs, pokes, bites, and other types of crap Moe would do to his two members in The Three Stooges. 

Noah: Sounds good '*'takes coupons from hand*

Traver: *parks next to Leopold's house* 'kay Leopold, get the present and we'll be off

Leopold: *gets out of car and rushes to door*unlocks it and opens*

Harold: Hello son

Leopold: *runs upstairs to his room*

Harold: Where are you going?

Leopold: *grabs wrapped present and gets downstairs*

Harold: Is that his present?

Leopold: Yes. And I'll see you when I get home.

Harold: Bye

Leopold: *closes door and gets in car*

Traver: *drives*

at Noah's house

Noah: *takes keys out and unlocks door* Here we are

Codsworth: Welcome back home young master and happy birthday!

Noah: Thank you Codsworth. Now then, let's head into the kitchen.

Traver: Alright. We got the cake ready, the presents are on the side of the wall and we are ready to begin *lights candles*

Noah: Okay, the candles are lit, now let's sing

door knocks

Noah: Hold on, I'll get that *walks to door* *opens*

Sailor Moon: *waves hello*

Noah: Ugh, it's you Serena. The hell do you want anyway? I was trying to enjoy my birthday until you had to barge in

Sailor Moon: I am sorry about that, but I am here to say that I hope you will have the best birthday ever. For starters, I have-

Noah: *rudely slams door in front of Serena's face*

Sailor Moon: *pouts* *knocks on door*

Noah: *opens door* What now?!

Sailor Moon: Hmph. Well that was very rude of you to do to a girl. And just when I was about to give you this *shows present*. Are you going to open this?

Noah: Hmm, okay then. *takes present and tears wrapping off* *box mechanically opens* *looks inside* Plutonium. Thank you so much! I'll make something useful out of this someday, but thank you very much for this gift. *grabs capsule, grabs tongs, carefully grabs plutonium with tongs and puts it in capsule, and air tightens it* Come inside if you want

Both: *walks into the kitchen and sits down in their chair*

Traver: Good evening private Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon: Good evening to you as well

Noah: Now let it start *counts down with fingers*

Everyone except Noah: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Noah! Happy Birthday to you!

Traver: And forever more. Blow your candles for extended fame.

Noah: *blows candles out*

Everyone: *clapping*

Traver: Here's you knife 

Noah: *takes knife and cuts the cake* *serves cake slices on each plate along with some ice cream*

Traver: *takes a bite on the cake* Mmmmm. Very tasty cake. You did a great job.

Alex: My pleasure. A real cook is always better as a baker.

Sailor Moon: This is a very delicious cake. And it's a good thing this is a Tres Leche.

Traver: Usually I don't like that kind, but atleast the condensation of this tastes unique. Now then. Are you ready to open your gifts Noah?

Noah: Sure, I'm ready

Traver: Then let's start off with mine *sets presents on counter*

Noah: *unwraps them* *gasp* Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball microphones! Now I can make better voicing with these. Thank you so much dude, you're the best master I can have 

Traver: Heh *pats Noah's head* I knew you would like it. Your voice was kind of a little quiet, so with these, it might improve. Enjoy

Leopold: Here's another

Noah: I hope this present is what I wanted *unwraps it* Yes! An Apple 27 inch iMac with *looks closely* Retina 5k display. Thank you Leopold, this is what I've always dreamed of getting.

Alex: If you think that's something, then you got to open thise huge present. I should warn you, it's pretty heavy.

Noah: *takes present* Let's see what this one contains *cuts clear tape with knife and opens it* *gasp* Alex Parker. My god, this is far the best gift I could have: An Xbox One and a PlayStation 4. And this box also contains Pokemon plushies and... *holds up a peculiar plushie that is not Pokemon* whatever this is

Traver: It's a Sup Guy. You know, one of Cryaotic's mascots and a persona. I bought one in the Maker Shop and decided to give that to you. *tear flows down* I'll sure miss it. Get back inside little tear *sucks tear back inside eye*

Noah: A sup guy? It's beautiful. You're all the best people to ever have by my side. I give my gratitude to all of you

Traver: Aww that's sweet

Everyone: *gathers around and hugs Noah*

after the party

Noah: Bye, thank you for celebrating. I hope you all have a good night

Alex: *yawns* Time to hit the sack

Traver: So Leopold, how was it?

Leopold: It was the most amazing thing ever!

Traver: Shh! There's people that are trying to sleep.

Leopold: Sorry

Traver: It's okay. Just don't let it happen. Now. The amusement park there, that went astounding. Though we didn't go on many rides, it's a good thing that we are having fun. Maybe someday we'll go to Disneyland. Alright then, I think it's time we part ways. I'll see you again real soon

Leopold: See you later

Traver: Bye


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