Noah is Leopold Slikk's best friend in Atarster's AGK Series, and he appears in some of the episodes from this series. He is Atarster's mascot.


Slender adult with brown hair, six-pack, green T-Shirt, Glasses that look like Bentley's from Sly Cooper (later, sunglasses), Brown Gloves, Denim Blue Jeans, and Brown Shoes


Sonic, Leopold, Ratchet, Dante, Lara Croft, LEGO, Captain America, Street Fighter, Tekken, Ren & Stimpy, eating tacos, swimming, hanging out with his friends, ice cream, Batman, Pokémon, Mario.


Tron Bonne, Barry Slikk, nightmares, FNAF, Bubsy, Billy Mays, Caillou, Barney, Sailor Moon, Adolf Hitler.


He first appears in Episode 19. He is one of Leopold & Fabrice's best friends.

Noah is a tough man, both physically and mentally. Some people call him a geek or nerd due to his passion for science fiction and his high IQ. He spends his time working on an animated series based on Sonic SatAM called "Noah Origins". He also worked on a movie called "The Noah Movie: Sailor Moon Strikes".

He hates Caillou & Barney so much. He is a huge fan of Ren & Stimpy. He hates Sailor Moon, but respects Leopold's opinions on it.


He appears in episode 2 where he tells Leopold that Mary is coming to our house. after that, Josh Geary gets sent to Leopold's room because he screamed like Homer


He first appears in episode 1 where he's standing in front of the classroom door smoking a cigarette and lights it out on his desk and throws it in the trash. The narrator introduces him about his lifestyle.

In this series, he is a very intelligent person and member of Traver's holy legion who comes up with plans by using science and mathematics. Some people at school call him a geek or nerd due to his passion for science fiction and his high IQ.

He likes building robots, but they keep failing, so he made smaller ones. He also invented sci-fi weapons that he did before the new school year.

Sprites for Noah (current)

Sprites for Noah (former)


  • Noah is voiced by Atarster, and he is the only character that Atarster uses his natural speaking voice.
  • In SpongeHULK SquareBeast, Noah meets Chell from her visit. He tells her a mission to kill SpongeHULK.
  • The sunglasses is the trademark of Noah, and his signature color is green.
  • Noah's new design bears some slight similarities to Rash from Battletoads.
  • Originally, he will appeared on GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series. But due to this post, he will never appeared on the series. But Warriors for Hire (from Mighty Magiswords) instead (maybe).

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