The National United Republic of America, abbreviated as NURA, is a fictional independent American organization composed of at least 7.7M troops that defend the US and fight for world peace. This group is only mentioned in Travrinity's AGK series.


NURA was founded after the third World War where North Korea nuked the west side of the US, which triggered a devastating onslaught as the US fought North Korea with South Korea, Russia, and Japan on their side. During the war, North Korean physicist and defector Min Yeong-Suk escaped his country to warn the US about Kim Jong Un planning to construct a deadly nuclear missile holding a blast yield of 79 megatons of TNT, twice as big as the Soviet Union's Tsar Bomba. Yeong-Suk helped scientists all around University schools to learn about it's nuclear fuel and the ability to shrink a warhead. This is almost like building an atomic bomb but much difficult. August 4th 2017, America is prepared to use their bombs after many years of development and successfully dropped the bomb straight onto the government of P'yongyang where Kim Jong Un and government officials were located. Thus, North Korea reunites with the South and a new US organization has been created.

Timeline 2017 (Pre and Post)

  • North Korea has developed a guidance and long range missile system
  • North Korea launched their 6th nuclear test towards the Pacific timezone of the US, starting WWIII
  • Male North Korean defector escapes North Korea to help the US win the fight after realizing North Korea has always been ruthless to it's citizens
  • Kim Jong Un plans to launch Taepodong-4 at the end of 2017
  • The US begins the Kaesong Project
  • Yeong-Suk teaches how to minimize a nuclear warhead
  • Officials tested their first ballistic missile, armed with a mini warhead, in a desert in Oklahoma
  • America works on Operation White Truffle
  • America drops an anti-gravity H-Bomb on the N. Korean government, killing Kim Jong Un and liberating North Korea. Retired North Korean news anchor Ri Chun-Hee announces Kim Jong Un's death without lamenting.
  • North Korea surrenders and reunites with South Korea as a whole. Statues, posters, paintings, and coffins of the supreme leaders were burnt.
  • Marijuana is now illegalized, borders and death camps have been torn down, and executions and propaganda were banned
    • The DMZ and death camps also became museums
  • South Korea bans citizens and workers from raising an over-enthusiastic voice. Children were also banned from playing instruments and singing perfectly, which disturbs many viewers.
  • Students in North Korea were now taught how Kim il-Sung became malicious and hateful in the first place
  • The rest of the North Korean soldiers were put on trial, along with North Korean hackers and those who helped them hack


  • The National United Republic of America has been founded
  • Half of Canada supports NURA
  • A new car company named Pauldron has been founded
  • Traver and his team joins NURA as secret agents
  • Donald Trump has been assassinated by an Al-Qaeda extremist, which starts the National Islamic War
  • America, Russia, India, Korea, France, Germany, and others attack Islam on all fronts
  • The Taliban and Al-Qaeda try to work with ISIS but failed


  • Hillary Clinton has been declared the first female president
  • Protestors turn aggressive
  • Pauldron creates it's very first car to have twin miniguns
  • The Police use the Pauldron 1 to make crime fighting easier
  • Noah works with Google X to make self-driving cars more safe


  • ISIS has declared defeat as the US killed it's leaders
  • The 2020 massacre started when all the american citizens protested about 2020's biggest economy as they mauled themselves and got shot to death by SWAT forces and rarely, NURA fighters
  • Hillary Clinton decides to settle down the economy wages to make spending cheaper
  • Traver and crew were tasked to kill Felix Garcia Manuel and Cartel drug dealers after being heard of a thermonuclear bomb stuffed in cocaine going under development; they destroy the blueprints and the bomb
  • Citizens start to panic as murders have been going on across Korea. NURA flies there to investigate and finds that the murders were caused by former North Korean soldiers who worked with Kim Jong Un.
  • US launches their last missile to the moon where NASA officials say that they should have the moon habitable and safe from any danger


  • Scientists discovered how to make an instant laser gun
  • Every gun manufacturer develops their own laser weapons, such as the H&K CL-15 and the P-16
  • Leopold buys a laser pistol from a NURA weapons dealer since they were easier to reload
  • Noah and Jerry became very upset after hearing the government say about their laser weapons being the first to be developed
  • Medellin Cartel smugglers stole 500 laser guns in order to build a giant laser ray that can locate any target location
    • Which began the Mexican Laser Crisis
  • NURA goes to war with Mexico to find the death ray before it destroys the US
  • Mexico surrenders and abandons the weapon. After the Mexican Laser Crisis, Mexico lost all of their crops and their property and were forced to live in South America.
  • NURA now controls all of Mexico and Cuba
  • South Canada helps North Canada with politics but a Canadian Civil War broke out


  • Noah used his plutonium rod to invent the Gamma Gun, a nuclear portable device as deadly as nuclear bombs. Though useful, they were banned in most states.


  • NURA has invented the first US cyberpod prototype
  • Ronald Mcdonald comes back to life and invents a clone machine to clone himself and destroy the entire world
  • The Mcdonald army has defeated NURA and only 750,000 fighters remain
  • Leopold, his family, and his friends (except Tailsko, Kaeru, Traver, and the Caro-Legion members) were executed by the Mcdonald army. It is unknown what happened to his brothers.
  • Traver and others built a caravanette armed with gatling lasers and rocket launchers
  • During the war, NURA created a MK 1 & 2 variation of the prototype


  • The Mcdonalds brainwash citizens to join Mcdonald
  • Traver and group tried defeating it's leader but failed. Until episode 99 where Leopold from the past traveled to this year and helped defeat the Mcdonalds.
  • All the Mcdonalds have been defeated and everything is at peace
  • Civilization will be hard to re-build

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