Mr. Fuxface is Leopold´s 8th grade teacher on AGKandvideomaker2000´s (new) series, his first cameo has been in AGK ep 1.


This character is really calm down and tries to be a good teacher but can´t due to Leopold´s actions trought out the series. Fuxface also has the voice of Microsoft Sam.


Ep 1: Angry german kid gets suspended

Ep 11: Angry german kid plays Einhander

Ep 15: Angry german kid takes the stupid quiz

Ep 18: Angry german kid cuts school

Ep 22: Angry german kid has a lockdown drill

Ep 28: Angry german kid stays late at school

Ep 30: Angry german kid goes to detention

Ep 33: Angry german kid pulls the fire alarm

Ep 34: Angry german kid falls on love 

Ep 38: Angry german kid vs stephen quire

Ep 48: Angry german kid´s essay

Ep 57: Angry german kid vs Angry sims kid

Ep 58: Angry german kid skips school

Ep 63: Angry german kid plays Happy wheels

Ep 65: Angry german kid goes to omegle

Ep 69: Angry german kid´s new teacher

Ep 71: Angry german kid starts a foodfight at school

Ep 73: Angry german kid starts a fight on school

Ep 74: Angry german kid takes the stupid quiz...again

Ep 81: Angry german kid does a spelling test

About his appeareances

Sometimes this character will be an antagonist on the school episodes and sometimes he will be a support character to help the plot to move out or just for the shake of a joke


AGKandvideomaker2000 said to a friend on skype the future of Fuxface and he said that he won´t be an antagonist anymore and less of a support character due to Leopold passing to 9th grade, this character might appear on future school episodes but not that much

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