MechaGodzilla 2 is a powerful robot built by man to defend against serious threats such as Godzilla. It appears in some AGK Parodies and fulfils roughly the same aim.


MechaGodzilla 2 is effectively a walking weapons platform, capable of deploying a variety of beam weapons and missiles to attack. MechaGodzilla 2 also boasts extreme strength, being able to take many attacks with little damage, if any at all.


RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

MechaGodzilla 2 first appears at the end of Episode 5, Leopold meets a strange person!, where he is being worked on by Doctor Aufbau. Aufbau finishes working on the mecha, and powers it on. What he is going to do with it is not yet known, but he will probably use it to attack Leopold Slikk. In Episode 6, Doctor Aufbau pilots the Mecha and makes Leopold fight him. Leopold defeats MechaGodzilla 2, and Doctor Aufbau dies after MechaGodzilla 2 explodes.


  • Technically, MechaGodzilla 2 is a robot who is allied with the humans. This is because he is normally used to defend countries against other monsters.

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