This article is about Leopold's mother in most Angry German Kid Series. For Leopold's classmate from Margaretka4356's series, see Mary Slikk (Leopold's classmate).
Mary Slikk (born 19 November 1963) (December 30, 1970 in Margaretka4356's series) is the mother of Leopold Slikk and the wife of Harold Slikk.


AngryGermanKid82's series

Mary is seen in episode 70 at the house in episodes 71 and 72. She is seen at Red Lobster's and at a hotel w/ Harold Slikk.

Angela Mark's series

Mary is named Yelena Slikk and she hates when her husband Julian watches My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.

SBPTSAngryGermanKid's series

Mary is usually calm around her children, but hates Harold's guts, as she gets abused by him. She is seen in Episode 8 and Episode 9. She is voiced by Microsoft Mary.

Thomas Cartoon's series

Mary Slikk came here to visit the Slikk house. Leopold got so scared, he hides from her or she'll eat his brain but he decides to fight with her. After the fight, she got arrested for being a zombie

Atarster's series

Mary Slikk has her same appearance, and she first appeared as the voice in Episode 17: AGK Cheats on his test, she ground Leopold when he cheats on his test, and she also first appeared as an actual appearance in Episode 58: AGK's Sore Throat, she gave Leopold some chicken soup to cure his sore throat.

NintendoWizard456's series

Mary Slikk has her same appearance, and she first appeared in Episode 2, AGK vs. Sonic.exe.

AGKandRockman2001's series

In this series, she also appears rarely. She is calmer than Harold. She made her actual appearance in Episode 14 when Leopold and his family went on town to see the fireworks.

Unlike other AGK series, she has friends: Akako Otoko (Kaeru's mom), Michelle (Fabrice's mom), Rosemary Prower (Tailsko's mom), Linda Smallwood (Leon's mom) & Marge Simpson.

Also, instead of AGK high-pitched or MS Mary, she will be voiced by Millie Chicago (one of Fabrice's american cousins).

Tanzim K's series

In this series, she was called "Marie Slikk," which is a French and Czech variant of Mary. It is confirmed that in AGK EP20, she will be of Swiss descent.

TheKeyboardsmasher100 aka shiyamasaleem's series

In this series, she was called "Mary Aka Suzy Slikk/Hachito," which is a English and Japan variant of Mary. It is confirmed that in The AGK Show, she will be of Swiss descent.


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