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Mark Slikk (or Markus Slikk) is character that appears in Silver Panther 2000's AGK series.

In Silver Panther 2000's AGK series, he</span> is Leopold, Leonard, Leorich, Leo, and Stefan's older brother, and Leonidas's younger brother. He is planned to appear in episode 5, 6, 9, 14, 19, 20, and more. Mark is also planned to get a origin story, sometime before episode 5.


Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series

Mark is the 2nd oldest son of Harold, and Mary Slikk.


What Mark likes

  • Guns
  • Blades
  • His brothers (Leopold, Leorich, Leo, and Stefan)
  • Movies with blood, and gore.
  • Mortal Kombat
  • GTA 5

What Mark hates

  • His Parents
  • When he is insulted
  • Justin Bieber
  • Leonard, and Leonidas
  • Adolf Hitler
  • When his PC is slow
  • Stephen Quire


  • He acts almost like Leopold.
  • His favorite color is orange, which explains why he wears orange.
  • Unlike his brothers, he throws his keyboards out the window, then throws a rock at it.
  • He owns two stock pistols, two katanas, a shotgun, and a box of ammo.
  • He sometimes has acts similar to Deadpool.
  • Mark is one of Silver Panther 2000's oldest OCs he has ever made.
  • Mark's name originally was "Ronald Slikk." His name was changed since Ronald Ramirez is in Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series, and people would confuse him to Ronald Ramirez.
  • He was raised by gangsters.