Madrice is known to be an evil soul inside Fabrice Laroche's body created by one of Raynare's demons in AGKandRockman2001's AGK series, by a black and deformed meteorite in Travrinity's AGK series and A corrupted version of Fabrice by Nova in Adrenaline21's AGK Series


He appears in Episode 95. While Fabrice was going to school, he got touched by a demon and Raynare tells him to terminate Leopold. His eyes turn violet with blood tears, and went back home. While Leopold was going to school, Michelle told him that Fabrice has been acting strange. As Leopold enters Fab's room, the door closed itself and Fab started tearing himself apart and started attacking Leopold. Leopold tried to get away, but Mad blocked the exit with debris. Leopold burned the debris and went away. made his intestines pop out of his belly and grabbed Leopold, but got attacked by his Escape Button Bomb. As Leopold was about to enter his school, appeared, undamaged. An epic battle started between the Reincarnated Devil and the corrupted soul. At one moment, Mad was no where to be seen, but appeared behind Leopold and was about to finish Leoold until he got shot by Tailsko. However, he still got undamaged. Leopold turned into his Devil form and teams up with Tailsko to finish Mad. Rias appeared and finished Mad with her Power of Destruction as he was about to finish Leopold & Tailsko. After Fabrice reverted back to normal, he ran away back home and commited suicide as he knew his world is falling apart after what he did.

He makes his return in Episode 102, when the team finds him in the castle. Jade tries to offer him a rose, but he keeps rejecting her. After Leopold convinced him to come back, Mad decides to fight against him once more. After a harsh battle, Fabrice fell to his demise. He can be heard at the end of Episode 103 when he promises to get revenge on Raynare.

He returns in Episode 153. He helps Leopold to deal with Raynare. At the end of the episode, Leopold lets him deal with Yuuma for the last time. He activates a scooper that was inside of his body and uses it to take out Yuuma/Raynare's innards. It was revealed that Rias modified the dark soul so that he won't cause harm to his friends.

He mostly masters Satsui no Hado, but has been able of controlling Wisps.


He appears in episode 23 at school where Leopold fights with Fabrice. Leopold said that he talked with Fab's mother and that she'll ground him for 5 weeks. Fabrice was very shocked and upset about this, so he ripped parts of his flesh on his ankles, wrists, and mouth and removed his eyeballs off his sockets and shows his face towards Leopold. Leopold then started running, but Mad blocked the exit with debris. He tried to get into the school, but was locked shut. Mad used his power to pulverize him, but was interrupted with a bottle of holy water. Traver was standing next to the bushes. After that, Fabrice reverted back to normal. Traver told him what happened and Fab briefly explained to them. At midnight, everyone was gathered into Traver's attic at home to start the demon releasing ritual. When the ritual finished, the evil soul went out the window to a far away destination.

He returns again on episode 130, but this time, his appearance was different. Leopold and his friends fought him once more. After the battle, Traver used solar flare to burn the corrupted soul.


He appears in comic series only by Adrenaline21, this used for AGK&Rockman2001's evil counterpart instead of demons for evil counterpart while in the animated series, Adrenaline21 uses the demon version of AGK&Rockman2001 instead of in comic series to differentiate.

In AGK: Finale, Fabrice was kidnapped by Robot God Nova to transform him into his evil counterpart. When Team Girls are arriving at the point where he has been, he attacks Vanessa first but being counter-attacked by Alisa, then he knocks Alisa and Vanessa into the ground until the end of battle. Before the end of battle, Both Alisa and Vanessa finish him off by their own ultimate attacks. After the battle ends, he vanishes himself into ashes and the soul of him reverts into his normal form that being sent into 2017 World.


1. Get Audacity

2. Record your voice

3. Duplicate Voice

4. Change Pitch to 15.000 for both duplicates

5. Change Pitch to -25.000 for the other one

6. Select both and Mix And Render

7. Set echo to .1 and leave the decay factor to 0.5

Battle Music




AGK vs Fabrice

Angry German Kid: Halloween Special




  • He was originally named Fabrice.exe on July 31, 2015, but since October 10, 2015 at 6:26, Traver renamed him to because .exe was getting pretty old and the name would rhyme Fabrice's name and that he's completely insane.
  • His curved smile and his burned eyelids are similar to Jeff the Killer since Fabrice heard that some of his classmates like Jeff the Killer.
  • His missing ear is a reference to Vincent Van Gogh.
  • His voice is similar to Fliqpy.exe.