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This character is not popular in the parody universe, didn't appear frequently in other series, or didn't have an actual appearance in the Angry German Kid parody universe. These type of characters are considered unpopular.

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NOTE: Keep in mind that characters that were introduced in the meme but didn't appear on a popular series yet aren't well known by the majority of community, should count as unpopular characters.

Reason: Unknown.

Logan (Or Plumber Logan in some SM64 vids) is a 13 year old samurai who appears in "Portal and AGK". He was friends with Noah, Leopold. Eric and Jason


Slender, white skin, green eyes, brown hair, brown/grey shoes, red shirt, blue jeans, chibi-like appearance (Robloxian appearance in old episodes), light blue taped diaper

Sprites (Old)

Sprites (New)


  • Logan doesn't fight like a samurai until the age of 13
  • The bases the new sprites used belongs to AdoptablesSu and PartyBases