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This article lists all the 'Angry Kids' by name, and lists the characters which are portrayed by them. This article is being constantly updated.

Angry Kid Characters played
Angry German Kid Leopold Slikk
Leonard Slikk
Alien Leopold Slikk
Leopold Zilla
Leopold Tribe
Blue Orb Leopold (RCT3C100)
Demon AGK
Future Leopold
Harold Slikk
Leonidas Slikk (Internet People Parody)
Leorich Slikk
Angry English Kid Jack Aufbau (RCT3C100)

Sean Turner (PSF)

Fergie Larson

Sean Slikk (GBL)

Shawn Thompson

Spencer Grave (A21)

Angry Ukranian Kid Sasha (
Angry Japanese Kid Kaeru Otoko

Satowa Otoko (Kaeru's Dad in PrinceStickFigure's Series)

Angry Sims Kid Sim

Jack Randolf (A21)

Angry Dominican Kid Ronald Ramirez

Donald Ramirez
Pablo Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez's Father

Ronald Suez

Angry Sulu Kid Kervin Neintarrson (GBL)

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