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Leorich is one of Leopold's siblings. He usually likes to prank Leonard but sometimes, he is acting nice with him. He is also nice to Leopold and even on his side, unlike Leopold's brothers.


UsefulAGKHelper's AGK Series

In this series, Leorich is Leonidas's replacement.

Leorich Slikk is first seen is Episode 1 when he is annoying Leonard resulting on Leonard beating up him. Leopold then protects Leorich. Later, Leonard fights with Sonic.exe and wins. Leopold and Leorich listens to some music which annoys Leonard as well, forcing him to try and turn it off. In Episode 2, Leorich was screaming with Leopold and got beaten up by Leonard again, rendering him unconscious. Leorich woke up and called Leonard a dick. Leorich then decided to play with Leonard on Leopold's PS1.

AGKandRockman2001's AGK Series

In this series, he is named Leorich Laroche. He first appears in Episode 10. He sometimes joins Leopold & Fabrice in their adventures.

In Episode 53, it is revealed that he isn't a coward like Pigglet and he is as brave as Roo.

BlueNewton's AGK Series

Leorich makes an apperence in BlueNewton's episode 45's comic edition where he was in the PVMAGKVIDEOS's AGK universe with Sim as his slave being forced to work. But Leorich recognized Leonard when he was his new brother since Sim captured him though their original universe. Leorich was Leonard's twin which they remember those good old days and helped themselves out.

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

Leorich appears in Episode 55 as the brother which being babysat by Leopold and Leorich from Harold because of his work at office. In Episode 56, Leorich fights Leonard with Leopold to stop revenge from Leonard, who prank him.

In Episode 57 & 58, Leorich appears along with his elder brothers.



If you want Leorich Slikk's voice here is the voice:



  • TBA

What Leorich Likes:

  • To prank Leonard (Sometimes)
  • To be Nice to Leonard (Sometimes)
  • To make pranks to people.
  • Playing with Leopold
  • Baby Shows
  • Disney Land
  • Screwing up Leonard's PC.
  • To rickroll people (Sometimes)
  • To send prank messages to people. (Sometimes)

What Leorich Dislikes:

  • Being beaten up by Leonard
  • Being insulted.
  • Bullies.